Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Confessional: DOUBLE FEATURE Part 1 Reader's Addition

"Bless me Father for I have sinned. It's been a week since my last confession
but I've been a naughty girl this week!"

This weeks Sunday Confessional is all about lust and fornication. The following question was posed to our readers to see what extremes they would go to in order to fulfill their lusty, fornicative Rob desires.

You're in a crowd of 5000 people.
Rob is going to pick one person to take up to his hotel room.
What  do YOU do get his attention?

Our readers said.............

Eclipseisbest said:
"I'd give him my "You don't know what your missing" look then reel him in with my eyes."

legacy62 said:
"I would do ANYTHING, lolz! I would yell really loud that I really liked him in the Haunted Airman and love his music. Flashing is an option too. I would also say that I wished I was the nurse in the movie, the one that gets to bathe him. hooorah!!!"

Brina said:
The "NICE" ANSWER: "Well, I would get as close to him as possible and then I would smile and make eye contact. Then since he loves music, I would sing " Your just to good to be true. Can't take my eyes off of you."
THE REAL ANSWER: "I'm gonna get close to him as possible, unzip his pants and gave him a blowjob!"

"I'd borrow my friend's really cute twins and scream at Rob that they were HIS babies. I'd dress them in plaid flannel to prove it"

"Well, I forget who it was, but someone from LJ posted a vid of when they met [Rob] in SF on the Hot Topic tour. They had this t-shirt with something about Rob's friend "TomStu" as they call him, so I would probably wear a t-shirt that says "TomStu has my phone #, you want it too? XXX-XXX-XXX" then write my number on the shirt. At least he'd see I was mentioning his friend, that would catch his attention but Rob's a shy kinda guy, doesn't seem like he's into flashy stuff so dressing up and mounting him won't do any good haha, well maybe not entirely haha--I'd at least get joy from that"

Alison4828 said:

"I wouldn't do anything. Rob hates people screaming at he would be attracted to the person not screaming or being a fool. I would just make eye contact and smile...that is the best I can do to win him over"

yoganinjamama said:
"Well, I'm a naturally, I'd strip naked and start swinging my nun-chucks around. Sort of like a mating call. What man could resist that?"

I think it's safe to say that our readers are nothing but a bunch of nun-chuck swinging, eye fucking, singing, baby mama drama slinging, FREAKS...and that's why I LOVE YOU ALL! Thank yo to everyone that bared there sins to An Unhealthy Addiction for this week's Sunday Confessional. Leave me a comment telling me what YOU would do to get Rob's attention.

The Unhealthy Moral of the Story: I would get Rob's attention by holding up a neon sign that said, "Pick me and you can bring Kristen...I'll do her too!" Haha! Now, you're asking yourself why you read this blog, right?



wants-an-edward86 said...

YAY!! i love it :) i loved everyone's answers too!

melissa said...

OMG This just gets funnier and funnier! LOVED it LMAO!!!

Mrs. Robward said...

I mean to respond to this w/this answer,
"What would I do? I would find K'Stew & be all over her like stank on shite. Whether she is boning him or not, I'm pretty sure she can get me up close & personal!"

Mrs. Robward

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