Wednesday, October 6, 2010

World Smile Day

In honor of World Smile Day....
My favorite Rob smiling pics!

When Rome Rob smiles all is happy in my world!

A beanie and smile... has anyone seen this man?!
Someone please put out an APB!

Shades and a smile...
that's ALL I really care to ever see him dressed in...ever!

Ahh yes, the Tyler Hawkins smile... it lives in my DVD player.
One click of the remote and all is right with the world.

Now go smile at everyone you see because

And just because I feel like it...
Here's a cheesy, old school, love ballad
that I'm sure you all secretly sang to some loser with wanna' be
80's CockRock hair back in the day... yeah me too! *sigh*

Happy World Smile Day!!!!!

Thanks to Robmusement for inviting me to participate in World Smile Day
with so many awesome bloggers!

Check out all the other awesome blogs that participated in World Smile Day as well... can't get enough Rob smiles!