Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rob Porn & A Festive New Banner

This post was originally supposed to be posted two weeks ago but then my laptop crashed and it never made it to post. So without further ado... a very belated thank you to @Robmusement for the awesome banner.... and on to the original post...

I needed to post something so I could show off the awesome new banner @Robmusement made for me! I really didn't have anything to blog about at the moment so you know my motto...

When all else fails...

How about some flash back Holiday RobPorn Manips
from last Christmas to ring in the holiday!
by Unknown

by Unknown

by HungryVampire

by Unknown

Mmmm! I love me some Santa RobPorn! And let the holiday Season begin...
And remember

If you can tell me who made these PLEASE so so I can give credit where credit is do!!