Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Blessed Day with Much Rob Yumminess!

This has been a fabulous couple of days of Rob pics!
As if Rob holding a baby wasn't enough to send us into #OvaryExplosion as @Amanda1104 says

Then we got hot, dirty, roughed up and raw Rob as WFE Jacob...

Oh God!! The pants, the boots, the SEXPENDERS, the shirt, the jaw, the whole damn shabang!
RAWR! I have to admit, I squeeled like a twelve year old fangirl when I saw these pics today!

When I saw this pic, I immediately thought it looked like Rob was being arrested. If Dean was in a cop uniform or if that shirt said DEA or ATF across the front, it would really look like Rob was hanfcuffed and being taken downtown. Is it wrong that I got a little (or A LOT) excited at the though of this. #LoveTheBadBoyDammit

THEN... as if that wasn't enough these little gems popped up in my feed! HolyRobPicSpam!!!

I suddenly can't breathe! I think I'm hyperventillating!

And then this...

I swear this smirk could melt butter!

an one more for good measure...

And don't forget this little piece of "perfection" as @Bostongirl1212 described it!

A perfect description bestie!

I don't know about you, but days like today remind me why I stalk this poor boy like I do!

Hope you enjoyed all these yummy pics as much as I did!

I stole these pics from RPLIFE so go check out the rest of the gallery if you haven't seen them all!
You won't be sorry!

OH WAIT... before you go, let's all bow your head's in prayer...

Dear Lord,
Thank you for your beautiful creation that is Robert Pattinson.
Forgive us for the naughty thoughts and wanting to fornicate with him.
Thank you for letting him be at the Golden Globes tomorrow.
Please prevent anyone from convincing him to wear any ugly, funky colored suit.
Classic black would be much appreciated.
Please let him walk the red carpet and stop and do many interviews and take many pictures.

...oh one more thing... Lord, if you have time and REALLY wanted to be nice to me for all the volunteer work I do for all those bratty, smelly,  teenage football players, you could make him look into the ENews camera and say "I love Krystih" (yes, as a matter of fact, I do believe in MIRACLES)!

Amen and Amen!!

 Special thanks to Robmusement for the awesome new banner! I love it!! If you aren't follwowing her on twitter you should be! She tweets the BEST ROBPORN!! Thanks again bb!