Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Bostongirl!!!

This special blog post is dedicated to Bostongirl aka B~Girl!

Video by: @Rayneattwilight

A few friends wanted to send you some birthday love!

Happy Birthday Jax!! Here is my little ode to Bostongirl1212.
Hope you like it
B- "Bless your heart" something you always say
O- Obsession with the HHH
S- Smuttress you know why
T- Tom Bradey your 1st love hahaha
O- Opinionated cause you are
N- Naughty cause your write some naughty things ;-)
G- Girlie cause you are so girlie compare to me LOL
I- Improved cause your writing has improved]
    bawhahahahaha (sorry couldn't help myself with that one)
R- Rob Muthafucking Pattinson
L- Loud Laugh cause you have one of the best laughs ever
1- 1 of a kind
2- 2 much is never enough of you
1- 1 badass bitch
2- 2 sweet for words
I love you Jax!! I can't wait to do shots with you again.
Be sure to have too many AMF's on your birthday. ((((hugs))))
Your crazy ass Bestie, PurpleBrina17

J - Luvs you so much, girlie!  Thanks for all the gossip, scandal, snark, pictures, laughter, and most importantly, friendship and love.  Hope your birthday is worthy of one of the most VIVACIOUS people I know.  You deserve a MEMORABLE and SPECIAL year ahead, and you know my fingers and toes are crossed that your dreams come true in the year ahead.  That includes some real life stuff, as well as maybe licking birthday cake icing off of a certain lanky Brit's nakey body.  It's not too much to ask for both.  ;)  Have a FABULOUS day, and an even better year ahead.  RL may be crazy these days, but a part of my mind is always in the office next to you at FFHQ, sipping lattes, ogling the 'Wards that walk by, and chanting "Team WF, 2010 and FOREVER!"  hahahaha  Enjoy your special day!  - K

J - here is RM Rob because that is how we met- Twitter stalking Rob in NYC -
while you called out KristenDoll and her friends-(who I still follow btw)
This one, of course we all know, is my all time fav and if it weren't for GQ Rob I would have never read Twi (for sure) - got on twitter (maybe)  met my favorite smutress!
This one is because this "Smokin' Rob (who we share mutual lust for) is smokin' Rob at his VERY best!!
Our Fav Fanfic Robwards
TOV Edward
Love you J - so glad to have you and the TwiMafia girls in my life!
Happy RobFucking Birthday! ;-D
Love, NextstopSF

Hey B-Girl!
Hope you have a great birthday! You've been one of the nicest and friendliest people I have 'met' in the fandom and I am so very thankful for that. Here's wishing you a Happy Birthday and a year of wonderful things to come... Like more Rob p0rn, Bel Ami, WfE, and whatever else your heart desires.
Luv ya dol! Happy Birthday!!!~@aRedi


I can't tell you how honored I am to call you my best friend!
I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Happy Birthday Bestie! We love you, bb!!

Thank you to everyone that helped make this a special day for Bostongirl by sending your pics and messages . Special thanks to @Rayneattwilight for putting all those pics and messages into such an awesome video and @Robmusement for helping with the pics!! Big hugs to you all!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kellan ~ Shirtless & Sweaty Just the Way We Like Him

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Show Kellan More Love Campaign

All you have to do is join me in staring lustfully at these new pics of Kellan playing basketball in his driveway, then wipe the drool off your chin and send @kellanlutz a tweet telling how awesome he is!

White men can't jump...
but who cares I was too busy looking at the asscandy!

Nice spread Kellan...

Kellan is more than just tight abs and a really big... Basketball! 

Hop, skip and jump that anaconda right this way Mr.Lutz


I really thought taking a "Rob Break" was going to be difficult but with yummies like this...
It's a total piece of beef cake! (yeah, yeah, cheesy...whatev')