Friday, April 23, 2010

Always & Never Chapter 16 ~ Edward Post Interview

(and maybe a little cherry...if he's lucky)

Thanksgiving, a time for food, family, fun and …. fuckhawt sex dreams???? What's a girl gotta' do to get invite to that party?  

A lot of stuff happened this week that I’m really anxious to ask Edward about...and not just about that middle of the night shower. Although, you ladies know I have to ask him about that. Maybe if we’re lucky, I will be able to get him to tell us about it.

I don’t know about you, but I'd give just about anything to listen to Edward Cullen’s sexy voice telling all the hot, steamy, soap slathered, tip rubbing, shaft sliding, moaning, groaning, slippery, self pleasuring details about that shower. *takes a deep breath, bites bottom lip*

Yep, another pair of panties ruined! If I am going to keep living this little Edward Cullen fantasy world, I really should consider buying stock in Victoria Secrets.

I think I hear him coming down the hall let's see how much we can get out of him...

Krysti: *smiling brightly* Well, hello there Mr. Cullen. I trust you had a satisfying Thanksgiving.

Edward: *drops head raises eye brow* looks up at Krysti through lashes, smirks* Yeah the food was great. So was the pie. *chuckles*  

Krysti: *rolls eyes* Hmmm, I did hear the pie was pretty good. I heard Jacob liked it a lot too. *quirks eyebrow* 

Edward: *narrows eyes, glares at Krysti* Bella made that pie especially for me. He better stay away from Bella and her pie. 

Krysti: *laughs* So, what’s up with you and Jacob getting all chummy during Thanksgiving anyway? Did you guys form some united front over turkey and Bella's cherry pie or what. *giggles* By the way cherry pie is my favorite ya’ know. *licks lips*  

Edward: *sits back, stretches legs out in front of him, runs hands through hair, smirks at Krysti* Really, cherry pie’s your favorite? I didn’t think you’d swing that way *chuckles, shakes head* Jacob took care of Bella the night of the party when I was being to much of a dick to go. I wanted to thank him. Plus I needed to talk to him about something. *shrugs*  

Krysti: *raises eyebrow* Something? Are you playing the mystery card tonight? Hmm? Alright then, what about Riley? Were you surprised to see him at Bella’s door, unannounced, with gifts?  

Edward: *clenches fist* Surprised? I was fucking shocked? Who the fuck shows up on a holiday like Thanksgiving, univited and unannounced. *chuckles* His gifts though…those were amusing. *rolls eyes* He’s such a pussy.  

Krysti: *fakes a look of innocence* Oh c’mon Edward, maybe he really was just trying to apologize for being a jerk over Bella's new car.  

Edward: *sits up leans forward, glares at Krysti* Maybe I don’t give a fuck. Maybe he should figure out what’s best for him and stay the fuck away from Bella. *huffs, slams back into the chair, looking aggravated*  

Krysti: *holds hands up* Ok, ok, I’m sorry don’t get all huffy. I’m just messing with you. And don’t break my furniture *points at him*  Bostongirl just bought this shit. Ok, fine let’s move on to Black Friday *mischievous grin* How was the mall Edward? Did you get all your shopping done?

Edward: *fidgets fingers, slowly, a smile spreads across lips, shrugs* Yeah you could say that.

Krysti: *jaw drops, shocked face* Edward are you blushing? Oh my God, any chance you might want to tell me what you bought her.

Edward: *smirks* Not a chance in hell Krys’ 

Krysti: *nods with unsatisfied grin* I didn’t figure you would. But I won’t press you on it, because really, I’d rather hear about that middle of the night shower *flirtatious giggle, bites bottom lip*

Edward: *shakes head in disbelief* I’m sure Bostongirl will tell you all about that. Sometimes she can’t seem to keep her mouth shut.

Krysti: Speaking of not being able to keep your mouth shut *eyes widen*… I heard Bella had a really…uh…frisky dream Friday night? *wiggles eyebrows, tries to hold in laughter* Wanna’ tell me about that?

Edward: *puffs cheeks, exhales loudly, runs hand nervously through hair, scratches back of neck* Honestly, Krys’ I don’t know how I made it out of the bed alive. It was the craziest, best, fucking, tortuous… worst situation I have ever found myself in. At first, I thought she was just mumbling in her sleep again. Then she really started talking. *shakes head slightly, smirks* That’s when thing got pretty…uhm…*licks lips* intense.

Krysti: *nods enthusiastically* Mmm Hmm? Then what?

Edward: *bites bottom lip* She was just rubbing her ass into... me and uh…uhm…uh…ya’ know…and then….uh…You know how hard it is for me to control JMF. Then she grabbed my hand. Fuck Krys’ it was so fucking crazy.

Krysti: *narrows eyes* Your hand? Is that all she grabbed? *purses lips, amused*

Edward: *scrubs both hands over face* I really can’t fucking talk about this Krys'.

Krysti: *sighs, chuckles* Ok, since I’m still in a really good mood after my own Black Friday shopping, I guess I’ll let you off the hook for now. But you owe me. And one of these days, I will collect *leans forward glaring at him* and I’m going to want details *gives Edward a pointed look* Deal?

Edward: *nods in agreement* Deal.

Krysti: *evil grin* Good! Well, I guess that’s it for today then *stands, walking Edward to the door* I guess I’ll see you in a couple weeks. Unless you need to go shoe shopping before then. *winks, turns to walk back towards desk, twirls back around quickly* Oh yeah, by the way, about the cherry pie, I‘ve never swung that way before, but I wouldn’t mind taking a turn at bat. Bella is pretty damn hot! *seductive smiles, licks lips*

Edward: *head whips in Krysti’s direction, chuckles, palms dick, watches Krysti’s eyes drop to his crotch* Don’t even try to fuck with me Krys’ I know exactly what you’re into and it’s definitely not pie *runs hands through hair, winks*

Krysti: *shrugs, * Yeah, you’re probably right. I’ve always been a much bigger fan of cannoli than pie anyway....*winks, biting bottom lip, watches Edward's ass as he exits the office and walks down the hall*

Special Hugs & Loves:

PurpleBrina17 ~ I hope you get well soon bestie! We miss you and all your smart ass sense of humor around the blog and on Twitter. If Tattward would have been around to help take care of that tatt, this never would have happened. Hugs bb!! 

Robmusent ~ B-Girl and I would like to thank you so much for making this awesome banner. Thank you for being a part of Team Always & Never. The Twitter avi’s, the blog banners, the amazing “Always & Never Game”  that you did on your blog, it’s all so awesome. Hugs!!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Only 23 shopping days left until......

So, what are you going to buy him?

I’m still on the fence.
I'm fairly certain Rob isn’t a materialistic sort of guy,
judging by the lack of wardrobe splurges…

So, I was thinking of maybe one of those sentimental handmade gifts that are truly from the heart
You know, like a hand decorated box filled with sexual favor coupons.
That would be thoughtful, right?

What about a new travel sewing kit? You never know when the Frankenpants will bust a seem.
I bet if he would have had one during the Remember Me press tour,
he wouldn’t have been on the Today Show with a ripped jacket.
He could have whip-stitched that sleeve with his trusty blue thread and saved himself a lot of embarrassment.

Bostongirl is thinking of buying him this shirt because well…
we all know about Rob’s oral fixation....
and incase you didn’t know “wicked” is totally a BOSTON term.
It’s totally fitting because Rob is always biting his lips, licking his lips, gnawing his fingers,
smoking, chewing straws, etc.
But now that I think about watching him do it, really makes me want to bite and lick his lips, gnaw his long fingers, do a little smoking and chewing his…straw! Hey B-girl can you buy me one of those shirts that says

But then with new recent rumors by a certain anonymous, tweeting, psycho penguin…
Bostongirl and I are leaning more toward the Man Whore Overnight Kit.
I mean it I guess buying someone something they are sure to use, is always WIN, right?
MORE birthday gift ideas after the HUMP...JUMP. LICK  CLICK here... (hehehe I said hump and lick must be a Wednesday)