Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rob-Porn, A New Banner & A Fic Pimp

Thanks to Robmusement for another beautiful banner...
and the beautiful tattporn that pops up in my email from time to time. It's always such a nice surprise!

I heart her hard! Are you all following her on twitter - @Robmusement She tweets the best Rob PicSpam. She also has an awesome blog with lots of Rob fun and games, fic recs, and lots more. Go check it out  Robmusement Park

So, what would a new banner be without some yummy Rob Porn to go along with it.

I have to admit that I spent the better part of the weekend completely submerged in a hot new fic.
As you all know... my heart belongs to Tattward *sigh*

*bites bottom lips...HARD*

But this new Edward a.k.a. @PunkAssWard (PAW) is giving my Tattward fetish a run for its money.

Pound of Flesh by Jaxon22
It's deliciously in bad in doing jail time, badass, cocky boy, smart mouth, possessive,
beat your ass for looking at his women, well endowed, mind fucked, broken, lemony sweet, as in GRRR!
 Oh, and did I mention that he is inked?

RAWR!!! Just the way I like 'em!

So, with that being on the forefront of my brain,
this Rob Porn may or may not be what I've been picturing in my minds eye while I read all weekend! 

I would live to give credit for the yummy manips but I have no idea who made them. if you know, let me know. And go READ THIS FIC! Its def on my list of favorites! Let me know what you think.