Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm in the Mood for Porn ~ Video Porn

In honor of my unofficial "Show @kellanlutz More Love Campiagn",
the first video is all about the Nutz on Lutz

Another Kellan video becuase we're stupid and he's hot!

And of course my favorite Rob video's because
we'll alway love Rob... always!

This is my favorite, favorite, favorite Rob video ever and not just because
my besties RayneatTwilight and Bostongirl1212 made it


If I could be the cream filling between a Rob Kellan oreo for the rest of my life,  
I would die be a happy, happy girl!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Are we stupid? Why aren't we all Team Kellan?

I keep asking myself...
Why are we so obsessed with Rob?? Why aren't we completely obsessed with Kellan???

Seriously, think about it! Kellen is FUCKING HOT!!
The abs are lickable

The Anaconda is... lickable

The dimples are... well, lickable

But no... we drool over sexy, Mr. Lutz but then go right back to Rob... wth is wrong with us?

Kellan is always dressed like a million bucks.
He never looks like his clothes were a thrift store reject or plucked out of the dumpster behind the local pub.

Even in his down time he looks like he could walk onto the cover of Men's Health Magazine

But no...we prefer our clothes borrowing, dumpster diving hobo...

Look at the differences in their luggage and airport wardrobe choices.
That yellow bag...ugh...I have no words!


You will NEVER see Kellan with the Unabomber beard... ever!

Kellen is even amazing towards his fans.
Do you ever hear stories about Rob picking fans from the premier audience and bringing them in with him? Hell no you don't!

Do you ever see fan encounters like this with Rob?

Nope... you sure don't.
Yeah sure, Rob signs autographs and is polite but would he ever look into someone's iphone
and say "I love you..." over and over??? HELL NO HE WOULDN'T!

But no...we still love Rob more. Geez, are we idiots?

Our DUMB ASSES sit in the middle of a dirt filled artichoke field for three full days of our summer vacation, freezing our asses off all night and sweating like a damn pig all day,
just to watch Rob drive by, behind tinted windows, without so much a wave.

Kellan even has a Twitter account @kellanlutz where he spreads the word about his charitable events and

BUT NO... we still love Rob more!

Rob... has tweeted twice. Once from Peter's account and a "hello" from Sam's account
and we act like he did us some kind of favor.
When really, he only did it the first time for charity and the second time because he was fucking drunk.
Would it kill him to actually get a twitter account and INTERACT with a fan or two once in a while?

Why? Please tell me why we love Rob more?

Ok, I'll admit this picture does present a strong case...
But still... Kellan awfully yummy!

ok, ok and this is a really hot one too
But still... Kellan is such a sweet guy.

oh, ok we cann't forget this one... RAWR!

Ugh... ok, ok, I know why we love Rob more but Kellan needs love too, dammit!
Again, he's FUCKING HOT..and sweet, and generous, and just an all around great guy!

So, even though Rob will still remain on at the top of our list of lust, 
please go to Kellan's twitter and send him some love tonight! He deserves it!