Saturday, February 13, 2010

Details Magazine Video ~ HAAAAWWWWTTT!!!!

POST UPDATE as of FEB 17, 2010 ~
YouTube sux hairy bees ass and removed the original video that I had up here. But I swiped this new video from Robsessed Blog (you all know I'd lick ROBSESSED BLOGS toe jam if she asked me to b/c I worship her shipp-ness...yeah but anyway, here's is a really hot Rob vid to replace the one YOUTUBE REMOVED *gives youtube the finger*

This video is hotter than the Sahara fuckin' Desert

Yeah, I'm still not sure about that whole "I hate vjay-jays" statement, but like I said,
I'll place it securely in my FILE OF DENIAL for now.

I'm just not willing to give up the fuckhawt fantasies I have about this
That's just all there is to it!

Source: ROBSESSED BLOG ~ For those of you that aren't already hooked, Robsessed Blog is like CRACK COCAINE. If you aren't clicking that site at least 50 times of day you better start because it's THE best Rob site on the internet...well, that one AND.....

RANDOM ACTS OF ROB (a.k.a.RAOR). RAOR is an awesome site. The ladies over there have me LMAO every single day. And let us not forget TWISMUT SUNDAYS when she rec's her favorite FANFICS...and gives the readers a chance to comment on their favorites as well. THE READERS over there are AMAZING! And I'm not just saying that because they do an awesome job pimping out my bestie, BOSTONGIRL1212's story ALWAYS & NEVER (but I do love them for that too)

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Cover is HOT ~ The Comment is NOT!

HOT~ We have all seen the beautiful Details Magazine Cover of Rob Pattinson sitting between the legs of one beautiful woman and running his long sexy fingers down the ass of another...LICKALICIOUS from every angle...those eyes...the chest peek...the I right?

 Did Rob really say that???
NOT~ Squinting, with my nose half an inch from the screen, I read the article attached to these fuckhawt pics. (LOL...yeah I was just looking at the scans for the articles...NOT) Anyway, while I was reading, I came across this paragraph....WTF...I read it four fucking times to be sure....

From Page 164 of Rob Pattinson - Details Magazine
He tried to let go a bit with the photo shoot that is accompanying this article ~ It wasn't easy.

"I hate vaginas. I'm allergic to vagina. But I can't say I had no idea, because it was a twelve hour shoot, so you kind of get the picture that these woman or going to stay naked after five or six hours. But I wasn't exactly prepared. I had no idea what to say to these girls. Thank God I was hungover."
BTW...the pic on this page is totally fail too!
Do you think Rob was trying to be funny and sacastic about having to spend the day with a bunch of naked woman? If that's the case the chick that did this interview did a really FAIL fucking job showing that. I am obviously not a writer, but something along the lines of "he said sarcastically" or "he laughed in jest" or "he smirked, teasingly" would have been a great way to show that. But WTF do I know!

As written, is looks like he said it as fact. If Rob was MARRIED or in a PUBLIC realtionship with a woman, I don't think anyone would have thought much about a statement like that. But the fact that he has really NEVER been caught in ANY form of PDA or real proof of a relaysh with a vjay~jay toting human...we question it. The swirling rumors of his possible homosexuality doesn't help either. (I know, I know, everyones going to leave me hate comments but there really are rumors out there...Isle of Denial or not..I'm just stating fact)

Personally, I would be very sad if this was an "out of the closet" slip because Rob preferring sausage to taco's puts quite a damper on my Rob lovin' fantasies!

What do you guys think??? Sarcastic...or an oops? Is it just me or does this scream...I NEED A PUBLICIST? Will there be damage control or do you think it will all blow over? Hit me up with your thoughts! Love, hugs and kitty rubs...unless your allergic to vjay-vjay's!

Source: Robsessed Blog and Details Magazine

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Billy Bush Read MY TWEET on Access Hollywood

@BillyBush tweeted this morning wanting to know what we thought about John Mayer saying sex with Jessica Simpson was like Napalm. I sent this tweet

@Krystih: @billybush Jessica needs to kick his ass! What a douche! He needs to stop trying to steal Rob Pattinsons hair do only works on Rob.

(Go figure I cant tweet a damn thing without mentioning Rob's HAIR! LMAO)

Next thing I know @Amanda1104 is tweeting me telling me that Billy Bush read MY TWEET on the air! LMAO! Check out the vid!

Nature Calls! Taking Care of Business on the set of Bel Ami

 Only Rob could make this look sexy:  

Walking around with a roll of toilet paper!
When ya' gotta' go..ya' gotta' go!

Blowing Smoke! (up my...what?? Ok!!)

Nineteenth Century Short Tie, High Wasited Pants

Is there anything this man can't make look sexy as hell??
Not a damn thing!
(except maybe that beard but it's gone now so no need to rehash that nightmare!)

Pic Source:

Monday, February 8, 2010

Rob Spotted Shopping for Socks and Manties in London!

I couldn't help my self. I had to do it....This is making my LMFAO!!

Sooo...does this mean Bel Ami isn't supplying Rob with socks and underwear to steal from the set?

Those underwear look a like manty panties...eeeks...I'm more of a boxer brief girl myself but I'll take manties if that's what you want Rob. Whatever holds your junk comfortably totally works for me, baby!

Thanks a bunch to Robert Pattinson Life for the pics

DEAD! Killed by FUCK~HAWT Pic Overload!

I'd never given much thought to how I would die but...but death by

First, we got this on Friday night! I know you were all dying right along with me! I heard there are four more but the leaky 'source' is holding onto to them for a few days before she releases them. Who can blame her. I would totally get my full private "twilighting" time with them before I share them with the world.

Details Magazine. GRRR!
He is soo a showered CEO...SOF sorta way...I love it!!

Then this morning I woke up to this, thanks to Robsessed Blog. I swear that site is like my daily crack dealer. It's the first place I go when I wake up in the morning...and again in the afternoon...and in the evening...and before I go to bed. I'm an addict...don't judge me!
The only thing better than wet Rob in this Remember Me still, would be

THEN...this! Hot Eclipse stills! Could Edward Cullen look any hotter...and is Bella seriously straddling him? Did I miss this part in the book? WOOHOO!! Thanks David Slade!
I am dying! I think this might be the hottest Edward in all the Twi films so far. 
I really want to lick him...after I crop Bella out of the pic! LMAO!

THEN...just because this day wasn't fabulous enough...again ROBSESSED BLOG gave me this!
A papz pic of Rob WITHOUT A BEARD!!
I am totally going to overlook the fact that he is wearing a jean jacket...and total going to ignore the fact that he is with Tom Stu...because it raises bromance questions that I shove into my 'file of denial' because I simply do not want to know the answer to...all I can see in this pic is


(Damn, damn, Rob has made me break my 'No Breaking News" rule twice in three days...WTF?
Damn you Rob Pattz and your tempting hot pics!!