Friday, September 25, 2009

Spotlight: The Sexy Ladies of Twi Saga

There is such a huge following for the male hotties from Twi Saga. Get an eye full of any one of them and it's obvious why fangirls are ready to drop their panties at the mere mention of Rob, Kellan, Jackson, Taylor Peter or any one of the wolfpack.

But what about the sexy ladies? These are some sexy bitches in this saga! Am I right?

Kristen Stewart, who we all know as Bella Swan, is the hottest of all the female Twi babes. She is the kind of sexy that some (insecure) men may shy away from. She just oozes sexuality with a little "I don't give a f*ck!" sprinkled on one side and a little insecurity smeared on the other. She's the perfect mix and sweet and spicy.

In my, Robsten loving, opinion I think this is exactly the reason Rob is so infatuated with her. He totally digs a chick that can think for herself and her rockin' bod helps too, I'm sure. How could he resist her? She is total hot! Damn, I'm straight and married and still have a crush on her!

Ashley Greene is a close second when it comes to Twi Saga hotties with hoo-ha's. She is all about being the hot girl next door. Ya' know the type! They're the ones that the teenage boys try to spy on through a bedroom window or over the backyard fence and when she catches them she pretends not to see them while she seductively rubs lotion on her legs. Yep, you know exactly what I'm talking about!

This girl's sugary sweet! Sweet enough to give you cavities that is. The crazy thing about girls like Ashley is that they always appear to be a little shy and all smiley but they almost always have a hidden freaky side. I doubt any man out there would complain about it though. What is that Ludacris line?? Something about "a lady in the street but a freak in the bed"...mmm hmmm! If the opportunity (and a bottle of tequila) presented itself, I'd happily welcome a little "freak" show!

More sexy babes after the jump

Wednesday, September 23, 2009 New Stoli Shirt Twitter Pound-a-thon!

Let's help with an all day Twitter Pound-a-thon. We all want to see Rob's sexy ass in that New Stoli Shirt, right? Exactly, so all day on Thursday, Sept 24 your tweets need to begin or end in #NewStoliShirt. The Music of Robert Pattinson - NEWS AND UPDATES
Yall, I am so freaking stoked to join arms with everyone in the Twitterverse for a #NewStoliShirt Pound-A-Thon! For those who aren’t familiar with pounding, basically what it means is a group of hotties, like yourself, begin or end every tweet with a certain subject. In the case of the #NewStoliShirt Pound-A-Thon that means beginning or ending every single tweet with #NewStoliShirt for the entire day Thursday, September 24. The goal is to “send the message” to Rob so that he obliges us and wears the shirt and gets papped in it for all of us to smile at! To achieve this goal, we hope to get #NewStoliShirt into the Trending Topics on Twitter and/or receive a tweet from @PeterFacinelli or @AshleyMGreene acknowledging our goal and granting us their help in sending the message.

If you think “this girl is nuts” I would tend to agree with you!
So why Thursday? Well, Sam Bradley, Rob’s BFF, is playing Victoria, BC on 9/24 and Vancouver, BC on 9/25. Rob is filming in Vancouver and there’s a 50/50 chance of him attending the concert. We’d LOVE LOVE LOVE for him to wear the new Stoli Shirt to the concert.

So please join in! Thursday, all day, every tweet. In the name of all that is Stoli, let’s get this bad boy worn!

Participating Pound-A-Thon fan sites:
Random Acts of Rob
Letters to Rob
Thinking of Rob
My TwiLife

If you’d like your fan site to participate by simply spreading the word and pounding, please email me to have your link included! MyRobertPattinson [at] gmail [dot] com

On a sad note, I must say the #NewStoliShirt adventure ends here. This is my one and only true rally for the New Stoli Shirt. If he doesn’t wear it by this weekend, I’m officially hanging up my hat as Stoli-Master. So let’s make this a weekend to remember! Thanks

One love, Jen

PS: The @StoliShirtBot will be picking the best 5 Stoli Shirt mentions at random every half hour and retweeting them to the Twitterverse
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Robsten on Set in the BLACK Volvo

Robsten filming Eclipse today!

If you follow this blog, you probably know I don't usually go out of my way to make sure I have the latest and greatest BREAKING NEWS. Don't get me wrong, I love the sites that break their necks to give us the most up to date info on all things Twilight. Hell, I live for it...I just don't live for it on this blog!

Anyway, I had to make a special exception for this pic because it's just too fab to not post. Not because it's a great picture of Robsten but because I am so Robsten starved I'd post anything that puts them in the same shot even a frickin' pic of them driving around in a black Volvo that's supposed to be silver.

The "Unhealthy" Moral of the Story: This blogger is damn desperate for some "real" Robsten dish!
Source: Vancouver Sun

Monday, September 21, 2009

What's your Rob Fetish??

Fetish (fe'tish);  a form of sexual desire in which gratification depends to an abnormal degree on some object or obsession or item

So, what is yours? That is a rhetorical question...I don't really want to know so please don't leave it in the comments!

By definition a fetish is partly a sexual for those of us that are "Rob-ssesed"...yep, it's actually a Rob fetish! Who knew!?

But what happens when your "Rob-session" gets intertwined with another freaky fetish? The likelihood of convincing Rob to slip into some fantasy role for you? I'd say...slim to none. But that's where the very talented @RobsButtonsBabe comes in to save the day.

People send her tweet requests to see Rob in a slew of pic manipulations in their ideal "get up" or fantasy. Have you ever fantasized about Rob the pool boy or Rob the lifeguard? @RobsButtonsBabe can fulfill that fantasy...via pic version at least.

One twitter request was for Rob the Judge.
"Sentenced to a night of naughtiness!"

Another for Rob the naked Cowboy
"Yee-haw!! I'll definitely need more than 8 seconds!"

TAKE THE won't be sorry

Behind the Scenes of New Moon


If this doesn't make you want to jump online and get your tickets now....I don't know what will!

He can come play "leap frog" on my bed anytime! hehehe

She is my total girl crush!

This must be a dream sequence...kind of kinky, right?! cute!

SOOOOO damn sexy....grrrr!!!

Wow...are those Jacob daggers or Taylor daggers
stabbing Rob in the back of the head? Down, boy!!

Click here LA Times to see all of the New Moon behind the scenes pictures, including some really hot shirtless Jacob Black pics. Sorry I just refuse to post sexy, shirtless pictures of Taylor Lautner on this blog because it makes me feel like a cougar.

The "Unhealthy Moral of the Story: You know where to find me on November 20th at 12:01am...but if you dare bother me at the time...I will hunt you down and kill you! *SMILES*