Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rob's New Shoes & Maybe a Stoli Shirt

OMG...are those new shoes? Mmm Hmmm!

Rob was spotted out and about in the rain in Vancouver last night....all wet and sexy...and walking towards his hotel room...where he will probably get out of those wet clothes...and maybe take a nice long, hot shower and...OH, OH, sorry my mind drifted for a second! (Yes, too much fanfic today)

Back to the shoes (reluctantly)! The only shoes we ever see in Rob's daily wear wardrobe are the black and white Nikes, the black shit kickers and those terrible hobo shoes from last years VMAs.

Maybe he bought them during the "alleged" shopping trip that he and Kristen took in Vancouver last week. Sources are reporting that Rob and Kristen were shopping in a vintage store, taking their time and granting pics to a few fans. But as has become the norm lately...we have yet to see a single pic of this outing.

As excited as I was to see Rob in possible NEW shoes and as unexcited as I was to see the frankenpants reappear, I freaked when I heard that some tweeple (twitter people) believe the t-shirt peaking out from under that hoody is the infamous NEW STOLI SHIRT! Could it be?

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Edward Cullen vs. Dylan McKay

Is Edward Cullen the New Dylan McKay?

In the 1990's Dylan McKay a.k.a. Luke Perry was the sexy bad boy on 90210 (the original series). He was the very definition of a "HOT MESS"!

Sound familiar?

Just like Edward Cullen a.k.a. Robert Pattinson, Dylan McKay was a brooding bad boy with bedroom eyes, a slew of secrets and a big bank account but it doesn't stop there. The similarities between these two squeelicious, sexy men are pretty freaky. Check this out!

Dylan McKay drove a porsche

Rob Pattinson drives a porsche

Dylan McKay was in the middle of a love triangle between Kelly Taylor and Brenda Walsh

Edward Cullen is in a love triangle with Bella Swan and Jacob Black

Luke Perry was the hottest memeber of a super sexy cast

Robert Pattinson is the most lickable in a cast of hotties

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Robsten Wedding??


Two and a half movies into filming the Twilight Saga, the rumors of the secret love affair between Rob and Kristen continue to growing. Just in the last couple of months OK! Magazine has had Robsten "obsessed", sharing "steamy nights", "engaged" and now getting "MARRIED"!

The magazines wedding details are eerily familiar to the those in Breaking Dawn, book four of the saga. The cover of the mag says "Vintage Dress, Sentimental Ring, Moonlit Garden Reception...Exotic Honeymoon", etc.

Robert Pattinson on People Mag's Best Dressed List! Are you sure?

I love Rob Pattinson as much, if not more, than the next fangirl...but People Mag's "Best Dressed"? I'm not buying it.

I'd be more than willing to adorn Rob with any one or more of these luscious titles..."Hottest Man in World"...ABSOLUTELY, "Sexiest Man of the Year"...HELL YEAH! "Most Lickable"...MMHHMMM!! But Best dressed....ummm...I don't think so!

Must I remind you of the LAX Frankenpants?

What about those dirty jeans? You know, the ones with the left knee hole that he wore everyday for the first three weeks he was in NYC filming Remember Me? Yeah, those!

Oh yeah, please don't forget the holey Stoli Shirt, that he sometimes flips inside out out and throws a blazer over(like we won't know it's the Stoli shirt)...know, I know the Stoli shirt is sexy as hell (no need to send me hate mail)...but stylish, neh! He def needs the new one that the gal at sent sure to check out NEW STOLI SHIRT WATCH 2009