Sunday, June 27, 2010

Top 100 Things You Want to Ask Rob Pattinson....BUT SHOULDN'T!

This is Unhealthy Addiction Blog’s 100th POST!

Can you believe it? 100 posts about basically nothing but obsessing over Rob, a little Kellan Anaconda worship, a bit of Twilight and
a WHOLE LOT of Fanfiction in the form of JMF from Always & Never
Damn I love JMF!
(P.S. For those of you still waiting for the post chapter will be posted soon...RL is a hoor)

Anywooo… to celebrate out 100th post a few friends and I came up with a list of…

100 Things you want to ask Rob…BUT SHOULDN’T!
Some of these questions are from the besties & some awesome twitter buddies!
Their names appear next to the questions they want to ask Rob!

Here goes........
100. Are you a Robsten or a Nonsten?

99. Please bite me?

98. Can I bite you? (PurpleBrina)

97. Can I touch your hair, please?

96. Wanna’ exchange PIN’s so we can BBM?

95. Can you introduce me to Kellan? (Bostongirl & Krystih)

94. Who would you rather sleep with Nikki or Kristen...or both?

93. Who do you think is behind HappyFeet90s on Twitter? Nikki or Michael?

92. I’d be willing to help you set up a Twitter account… if you want to?

91. Do you know your shirt is buttoned crooked? 

90. Will you please talk like Edward? (PurpleBrina)

89. What’s your favorite sex position? Wanna’ show it to me?

88. Is your sex on fire, Rob? (Bostongirl)

87. You know Rob, my lips won’t kiss themselves. (Bostongirl)

86. Can you just give me an approximate size…in inches or centimeters, either is fine?

85. Why don’t we cut the chit chat and you just show me where your dick is at?

84. Do these look real to you?  (Bostongirl)

83. Who’s better in bed, your agent Stephanie or Kristen? (Bostongirl)
(we all know you hit that, Rob. It's were young. New to Hollywood, sleeping on her...couch! We get it. It happens!)

82. Can I at least get a fake phone number? Please?

81. Hi, I’m Ms. Right. Someone said you were looking for me?

80. Is Kristen as bitchy as she comes across to the public? (Aredi)

79. Do you want to just want to go ahead and sleep with me...
because I’m going to tell everyone we did anyway.
78. You want me don’t you? I can smell it. (Bostongirl)

77. Hi! I’m new in town can you give me directions to your apartment? (Bostongirl)

76. OMG! Did you know that out of all the people I stalk, you are the nicest?

75. Which LAYdy from the Twi-cast is you favorite? Nikki, Ashley, Stewy...or Anna? (Aredi)

74. Didn’t I see you in GQ? (Bostongirl)

73. Why are you going when you should be coming... again and again and again...all night long?

72. Kiss if I’m wrong, but isn’t your name Kellan? (Bostongirl)

71. I’m not feeling myself today. Can I feel you? (Bostongirl)

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