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 Riley from
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This is an exciting day. It’s taking every ounce of self control I have to keep from dancing around my office and you all know I have ZERO self control when it comes to these hot, sex-a-licious boys! RAWR!!

B-Girl, my bestie, the best fanfic author in the world, the best dressed, prettiest hair, biggest boobs, funniest sense of humor, most beautiful woman in the whole world (yes, I’m kissing her ass on purpose) was able to arrange an interview with RILEY…TODAY! *covers ears expecting fan girl squeels*

He is on his way down to my office RIGHT NOW…OMG, OMG, OMG! Don’t get me wrong, he isn’t as yummy as Edward and definitely doesn’t have Edward’s fistable hair that I fantasize about during my private “twilighting” moments, but HOLY SMOKES BATMAN…Riley is totally lick-a-licious! Have you seen the abs on that man…makes me want to…UNF!!!

Krysti: *stands up and quickly walks around her desk with her hand outstretched* Hello, Riley! Thank you so much for agreeing to meet with me. *motions to chair* Please have a seat. Make yourself comfortable. *watches him walk to chair, leans forward and rubs his lower back and ass* Oh, you must have leaned up against something dirty. *smirks to herself*

Riley: *looks back at Krysti, with mouth open but recovers with a chuckle* Did you just grab my ass? Emmett warned me about you.

Krysti: *raises eyebrows with a mischievous grin* What else did Emmett tell you about me? *raises hand to stop him* Wait don’t answer that…*giggles* Soooo, how do you like living in Forks?

Riley: *winks* I only heard good stuff from Emmett, no worries. Forks? Trust me, it’s growing on me.

Krysti: Would a certain pretty brunette have something to do with that?

Riley: *nods, smiling* She definitely could. But, I don’t want get my hopes up just yet. I know she has a lot of stuff she needs to work out with Cullen.

Krysti: *raises eyebrow curiously* I heard that Emmett gave you a little background on Bella and Edward’s relationship or lack there of. Has Bella told you about any of the history between them?

Riley: *shakes head, purses lips* Emmett told me enough to give me the gist of their “friendship” *does air quotes with his fingers, shrugs* I really don’t think it’s my place to talk about their business. As for Bella, we had a chance to talk at the party. I’m sure you’ll be hearing all about that very soon *smiles*

Krysti: I have to ask this because a lot of the readers are wondering if you’re for real. You seem awfully sweet and too good to be true. Are you really that guy or is it just an act to get a piece of ass. From what I hear, Bella has a really nice ass and likes to wear clothes that draw attention to it. So, it’s not like I would blame you if that was your plan. You do have a dick after all. *glances down and nods in approval at the large visible package under his jeans*

Riley: *blushes, nodding* Yes, I can see that Bella’s attire has changed a bit since Cullen has been around. *chuckles* And yes, I do have a dick, last time I checked. She does have a great body. But, it’s not really about all that. Bella is probably the coolest chick I have meet in a long time. The whole gang pretty much welcomed me in with open arms and I wouldn’t fuck things up by lying or not being myself. *blushes* I am just a regular guy. I can see how some chicks might hesitant because they’ve probably been fucked over by some guy that pretended to be something they’re not. You know Krysti, the whole wolf in sheep’s clothing? I guess I’m just a nice guy. But they do say nice guys usually finish last.

Krysti: *grins at how adorable his blushing is* Do you worried about finishing last, Sweety? Is that going to make you change your approach with Bella? And what about Edward? Do you worry that all of this is going to affect your friendship with him?

Riley: *leans forward, resting elbows on knees* Wow, B-Girl was right. I should have listened to her. You really don’t hold back. *laughs* I really don’t have an approach with Bella. I can see that the way she acts around Cullen is different then the way she acts around me. I’m just going with the flow. I’m not going to get ahead of myself. I really just met her, but things have been going well with us just hanging out. As for Cullen, he is really only my friend through association. But, I’m not one to screw over my friends, especially over a girl. However, from what I hear, he had his chance and he denied her.

Krysti: *takes a deep breath* Ok, enough about Bella and Edward. I want to know a little more about you. *leans forward licking lips* I heard you were quite the dance partner. Did you take lessons or is it just natural rhythm? *pretends to be deep in thought* Isn’t there a saying about good dancers? Something about…a man that’s good on the dance floor is usually good in…hmmm? I just can’t seem to remember the rest of that saying…oh well *shrugs, gives him a suggestive look*

Riley: *smiles sheepishly* Dancing just come naturally, I guess. I’m really into music so I just get out there and let my hips guide hers…I guess you could say some guys just instinctively use their natural…uhh…rhythm. *grins*

Krysti: *slowly walks around to the front of her desk, leans against it in front of his chair* This is kind of random, but I want to know what your weakness is it comes to women? I mean are you a boob man, an ass man, a leg man or maybe something else? For example, I know this guy that has a thing for sexy shoes. I really want to know what gets you hot, Riley? *winks*

Riley: *raises eyebrows* Seriously? *blushes* I will tell you but you have to promise you won’t laugh. *chuckles nervously, leans forward.* Krysti, the thing that drives me nuts is a girl’s hair. Long, shiny, soft hair. Girls use the best shit in their hair. It makes them smell so damn good. My favorite thing to do… *licks lips, leans in closer* When I am kissing a beautiful woman, I… eh, Krysti, it would just be much easier to show you. *blushes, stands up nervously, taking a step towards Krysti.* Don’t worry Krysti, I will be gentle with you. *takes Krysti’s face tenderly in his hands, brushing thumbs across cheek bones, sliding fingers to the back of her neck, leans in, tilts head to the right, slides fingers up into her hair at the base of her neck, tugging at it lightly… *

B-Girl: *walks into the room smiling* Hey guys, how’s the interview…What the Fuck, Krysti. I can’t trust you with anyone.

Krysti: *shakes head, trying to regain focus* Ummm, uhhh…*holds up hands in surrender* Riley was just demonstrating this…uhhh…hair…kiss…ummm…thing. I didn’t…

B-Girl: *rolls eyes* C’mon, Krysti, are you really going to try to blame this on Riley?

Riley: Hey, B-Girl. This is totally my fault. Krysti was totally innocent. I was just trying to show her something. *sighs* It seems like a lot of innocent things I’ve done lately have been taken completely out of context. *shrugs and shakes head*

Krysti: *whispers to Riley* I swear she either has my office bugged or she just happens to have the worst timing in the world. *sighs, glares at B-Girl* Well, it looks like the interview is over. Thank you for coming by and chatting today, Riley. I really hope we can do that again...soon! *bites lip and winks*

*Riley smiles, gives Krysti a small wave and walks out of the office with B-Girl*

OMG!! Did you see that? That boy has got some seriously smooth moves. Damn, that B-Girl and her fucked up timing. UGH! Edward Cullen better step up his game because he has never been that smooth. Even that little JMF incident, that we shall not speak of, didn’t start out THAT smooth. I heard that Riley is constantly just a little better than our boy Edward... in pretty much everything. After that little hair…fisting…*pants*…move…Riley just pulled…I just might have to agree. Whew! My knees are still weak, my panties are melted and I still can’t catch my breath and he didn’t even get to first base. Damn, that boy is good!

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Tell me what you thought of the little interview, girls. I also want to know what you ladies think I should ask Edward in the next interview. I love all your comments. You know I’m a comment hoor! Hugs, kisses and whatever makes YOU hot! *mwah*


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