Friday, April 30, 2010

Summit's Not So Sneaky Smoke & Mirrors??

A new official Edward and Bella Still and a note to fans from BILL CONDON, the recently announced director of Breaking Dawn....


Why would Summit be so generous and giving… today of all days?

Is it Christmas, Valentines Day, Canada Boxing Day?

NO? Are you sure??

Should I show you my shocked face???

After weeks of little to nothing in the way of Eclipse yummies…ok, ok they gave us a trailer last week but HELLO… compared to the goodies we were given throughout the filming/production process of New Moon – they basically went from feeding us Filet Mignon to nothing but Tofu… granted we can survive on that but they know we will never be truly satisfied
(hehehe sorry I couldn’t resist…feel free to throw rotten tomatoes)

I don’t know about you but I smell something STANKY…and it’s not the rotten produce!

Anyone else think Summit pulled a little smoke and mirrors, slide of hand today?
(*Alice voice* Mirrors, mirrors a room full of mirrors!!!)

Those (not so) sneaky devils gave us GOODIES with the left hand while sweeping RUMORS of turmoil on the set, under the rug with the right?

Twitter, Facebook and internet message boards have been buzzing with rumors about everything from the Sparkly One walking off the set yesterday, to problems on the Isle of Robsten, to David just being a plain, old, little, bald meany!

True, you ask??? 

(well unless you have some sort of good insider knowledge, then your guess is probably much better than mine, in which case my email address is ... I need a good "Deep Throat" will be our little secret)

All I know is… Rob’s been in The 'Couve…aka Edward Territory for three days now and
I still haven't seen one strand of EDWARD SEX HAIR or the BABY BUTT SMOOTH JAW!
This is total fuckery…get your shit together Summit… this hair hoor NEEDS to see some of the fuckhawt Edward Cullen sex hair…ASAP!

Here’s the link to the Bill Condon message incase you live under a rock and haven’t read it yet:
The Twilight Saga: A note to fans from Bill Condon
He sounds pretty sincere…hope Summit doesn’t corrupt his sense of GIVING TO THE FANS…We’ll see!

What do you think? Leave me some...uhm...Love? Flames? Rants? It's hard to tell today! *mwah*

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New/Old Kellan Lutz Blog Post

In honor of Kellan Lutz joining the TWITTERHOOD...
 I thought I would dig up an old pervy Kellan post from way back
in the beginning when I first started this blog. 



Previous Blog Post about Kellan....
Kellan Lutz ~ "The Snake Charmer"

Kellan Lust...I mean Lutz..., also known as Emmett Cullen, is a sexy, sexy man.

I sort of have this secret crush on him that I don't tell anyone about. I'm really not sure why I keep it a secret though. It's not like being attracted to a Twi guy with smokin' hot bod and a BIG ANACONDA is a bad thing, right? It just seems strange to admit to people that I drool over Emmett Cullen, the grizzly bear eater.

Don't get me wrong, I am still a complete and total Rob-sessed maniac and I will always be 100% Team Edward, through and through. But a little Kellan action on the side doesn't hurt...well it might hurt...a a good way...did I mention the BIG anaconda? Wow!

Recently, I found myself in the midst of a Kellan Anaconda Picture Hunt with some sexy twitter babes (yeah...that's a whole other story for a whole other day). But anyway, I found out that a couple of them have secret panty dropper fantasies about Kellan too. But they, just like me, don't broadcast it either...weird, don't ya' think?

That boy really is a fine piece of beef cake! His bod is cut, ripped, chiseled and totally lick-a-licious!! He can read and write. He has a good job. He's not missing any teeth and he doesn't have any extra appendages...well the man-nips are little on the protruding side but I can live with that! He's "allegedly" dating a Hollywood starlet, and that's sort of a turn off...but other than that he is a prime piece of man hunk! Who wouldn't want to nail him?

So, why are so many of us afraid to admit that we love him too?

We have no prob telling EVERYONE how much we love ROB. I know, Rob is UBER SEXY because he has that sexy little lip bite thing he does, and that crooked smirk, and that look he has when he puts hid head down and looks at you from the top of his eyes and you can almost hear him say, "Hey, Krysti, I really want to lick get the point.

So, yeah, poor, poor Kellan has all these fans that he doesn't even know he has because we're all being super secretive about it! WTF?

More anacondas after the jump....