Chapter 12 Edward Interview

I have no idea what to expect from Mr. Cullen today. He just left B-Girl’s office, but she didn’t give any hints to his mood. I have no idea what I’m going to ask him today because frankly, I never know what to expect from him lately. Let’s just say, Bella isn’t the only one getting whiplash from his mood swings.

Furthermore, I never know if it’s going to be Edward walking through that door or JMF. I love me some Edward Cullen, but I always secretly cross my fingers for a bit of JMF while he’s here. He is always a welcomed sight around my office…or more specifically, around my desk. *smirks and raises eyebrows*

Oh no! Stop! Stop! Don’t go there! Damn it…I swore to myself that I would not allow myself to think of that before I do these interviews. That’s the kind of thing that gets me in trouble…big trouble…big, hard trouble…*licks lips*…big, hard, long trouble…big, hard, long…..OMG! STOP, STOP, STOP!!!!

Krysti: *fists clenched tightly in lap* Good afternoon, Edward. How ya’ doin’ handsome? *with a tight smile on her lips*

Edward: *grins, runs hands through hair* I’m doing pretty fucking good today.

Krysti: Wow, you seem to be in a pretty good mood?

Edward: *nods in agreement, smirking*

Krysti: I’m curious, Edward, how much did you have to pay Mr. Molina to get the whole partners thing to work in your favor?

Edward: *chuckles* I didn’t. Actually, when I walked in, I didn’t know what the fuck was going on. I thought I could handle sitting with B for one day. Obviously, I didn’t do that great of a job. However, it did seem to work out in my favor, don’t you think. *smirks*

Krysti: *laughs* I noticed that you got a little “distracted” while you were sitting with her. What was the deal with you getting all weird over her lotion?

Edward: *licks lips, adjusts self* I didn’t know what she was wearing but it smelled fucking delicious. I couldn’t control myself. JMF definitely had control of me and my dick.

Krysti: *quickly scribbles on a note pad* So, JMF has a thing for freesia? Good to know. So, ummm…anyway, I hear you and Bella are going to try to go back to being “just friends”? Do you really think that’s possible?

Edward: *scratches back of neck, grinning* It’s possible for the time being, Krys’. However, I see many possibilities in the new future. I don’t want to be just Bella’s friend. *adjusts self, smirks*

Krysti: *eyes glued to his hand while he adjusts his dick, bites bottom lip* Speaking of friends, you had me worried for a minute there in the parking lot. I was pretty sure you were going to kick Riley’s ass. What do you think Bella would do if that actually happened?

Edward: *clenches fists, tightens jaw* I was pretty fucking sure I was going to kick his ass too. Best case scenario, Bella would understand why the dickhead deserved it and she would be leaving with me. Worst case scenario, I would be apologizing…again. Bella is always my priority.

Krysti: *taking slow deep breaths, shaking head, trying to stop dirty thoughts* Yeah, Bella…umm…so, you’re going to go with her to Seattle to pick out a car, right?

Edward: Abso-fuckin’-lutely! *fits both hands in hair* I think this is exactly what we need, some time together, some time alone. I hope I can keep JMF under control.

Krysti: *quirks eyebrow* Are you sure it’s a good idea for JMF to be in a car with Bella and her new freesia lotion all the way to Seattle? He might decide to try to test drive more than cars, if you know what I mean?

Edward: *narrows eyes at Krysti* Are you trying to sabotage this? *bites bottom lip* Guess you’ll have to read next week to find out?

Krysti: *gasps, feigns a look of shock* Who me? Sabotage your day with Bella? I would never! *giggles*

Edward: *rolls eyes, stands up pulling out a cigarette and lights it* Are we done here?

Krysti: Why? Are you in a hurry or somethin'?

Edward: *takes drag of cigarette, runs hand through hair* Yeah, I think I need to go to the mall. *turns to Krysti with a questioning look* Do you know where I can get that freesia shit?

Krysti: *grins* As a matter of fact, I do and I just so happen to be getting ready to go to the mall myself…to do a little shoes shopping…soooo…I could drive you, if you want? *smirks, shrugs innocently*

Edward: *adjusts self* Did you just fucking say shoes?

Krysti: *nods slowly* I’ll even let you pick the ones you want me to buy. *licks lips*

Edward: *grabs Krysti by the arm* Are you ready? Grab your purse. I’m fucking driving. You’re riding with me. Let’s go.

Krysti: *snatches purse off desk, follows Edward to the door biting lip* I’m more than happy to ride you…*looks flustered* I…I… mean with you!”

Edward: *smirks* C’mon, Krys’

Krysti: *from the hall* Oh, Edward, wait…hold on…don’t move…I just have to… *pokes head around the wall looking at the blog readers…

Well, uh…I gotta’ go, but make sure you all leave me some love…yeah, yeah, I’m a comment hoor…but you already know all that shit.

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