Friday, July 16, 2010

TwiMafia LA Book club Meeting ~ Day 4 Good Food and Rob Stalking...So What Else is New?

Day 4 ~ Good Food and Rob Stalking... So what else is new?

But look at this man...
Seriously can you blame us?
Today's Mission...

Yeah, yeah, I know that has been our mission since we arrived in LA but today was going to be the day we thought!

Rumors had swirled that shooting at the Piru WFE set had wrapped and Rob was done filming but then a little birdie told us that he had been called back for a couple more days!
I love that damn little birdie... she rocks!



We are off to find the prize!

 But first we had to build up our strength for the mission...

Some of us may or may not have had a Margarita.... or two... or... well.... 
Shut up... it was five o'clock somewhere and we're on vacation!
And those things were flaming!

The ambiance of this place sort of had that old world feel that made this really made this seem just like a real Mafia sit down... well except for the fact that it was Mexican food not Italian food...
well I guess their is a Mexican Mafia... but none of us is Mexican...
but one of us is Italian... and her Italian husband is the one that named us the TwiMafia....
so...whatevah... you get the point.

After lunch we headed back to Piru... damn I'm so sick of LA freeways and traffic!

(I guess it's ok to tweet this map, now that the shoot is over, right??)

 I forget how much I hate LA freeways until I'm sitting still in bumper to bumper traffic!
Ohhhh the things we're willing to go through for HHH!

My besties are the greatest Navigators ever though!
Who needs the GPS when you have a "TPS"! (LMAO! Wish I could tell you!)

Once we arrived on set, it was another day of....waiting...and waiting...and waiting.

Some of us chose to bond with our besties...

...while a couple of us chose to dig for more info... this is a mission after all!
(Que Mission Impossible theme song)

Our search began with the security detail that are posted at the various entrances to the set. We started at basecamp with a security gaurd we will refer to as.... "Scion"! (Haha)

"Scion" was vague at best and offered little more info than what time they would be wrapping.
We'll be back to work on him later! He will eventually crack under our persuassion though!
(Trust me on that! *wink*)

But we weren't the only one's trying to work our way into info from Security...
but thank goodness we were less psycho
(Scion told us all about which chicks were totally and certifiably CRAZZZY! Well, crazier than us anyway!)

We-C-U crazy bitch! And so does Dean!
On set for 35+ days AFTER you already got a pic and an autograph from him?
What's wrong with you! GO HOME! 

Security has labeled you as a REAL LIFE STALKER...
And you need to give the rest of us crazy bitches a chance too, dammit!
(If you want to hear the full story on this...let me know, I'll be glad to tell you)


On to the next one...
We will call him... "Diver"!

"Diver" tried very hard, without success, to convince us that Rob was just a regular guy
and that there was nothing special about him.

Oh Diver, as sweet as you are, you are so sadly mistaken.

He did tell us that Rob has been very tired on set this week!
Poor Rob!

(Sadly, this pic isn't from our trip but a sex pic of sleepy Rob)

After chatting with Diver, and getting a bit more Rob info
and after we learned that  "DIVER'S GO DEEP"...
(You really wish you knew the deets on that one! HAHA!)
we went back down and joined the besties where we waited...and waited...and waited some more!

(this pic isn't from WFE set but just a symbol of Dean being the constant Sparkle-Peen-Blocker)

Finally, around five o'clock! His Holy Hotness exited the set with Dean in the driver's seat...
But to our sad, sad, dismay...he drove right past us without a single wave
or even a glimpse of the freshly finger fucked hair!

That's twice now, Rob! That's twice! Grrr!

Mission Status: FAIL!

The hour drive back to West Hollywood was a long, quiet drive. You could feel the disappointment in air.

Hold your head's up, girls! We did our best and we'll get him next time!

On to bigger and brighter things in an attempt to salvage a beautiful night in LA!

Let's go be true tourists and check out the sights such as....

Where Eclipse Premier almost happened... but didn't...

Grauman's Chinese Theater

The King of Pop's star because....
well just because!

Hey isn't this Brice's daddy?
(I'll leave the comments to myself on that one)

We really, really tried to focus on something other than Rob but it just isn't possible!

 (it's Robert...something...not sure which Robert but we'll just pretend it's Pattinson, k?)

We ended the night the same way we ended several of our LA nights...
with 1:00 am IN & OUT!

Ok, ok... and two of us may or may not have made a run by a certain Beverly Hills Hotel that a certain sparkly hotty may or may not be staying at! you never know, he may have been getting in from KOL!


The Mission Continues!!

At the end of the night it really was a great day even though Rob slipped through our fingers once again.
But tomorrow is a new day!

Don't forget to check out PurpleBrina17's comments below
"Funny things heard on day...."
They are hilarious!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

TwiMafia LA Book Club Meeting ~Day 3~ My Liver Said Adios Mother Fucker

Day 3 was all about recovering and recouping!

And what a better way to charge your batteries... and your girly parts than with a little IMAXward
(I saw the girls tweeting that yesterday... IMAXward... I LOVE it!)

Day 3 ~ The Hangover

Honestly, this day was pretty slow going after a long night of drinking those damned
Adios Mother Fucker's with The TwiSisterhood.

After we dragged our asses out of bed, three of us went to breakfast,
where one of us had a Bloody Mary with her eggs. A little hair of the dog!

Two of us were forced to stay home due to overwhelming spinning and nausea from
an abundance of Martini's and liquid blue hell...
and one of us ate In and Out for breakfast from the 2am run earlier that morning

I had some doubts about our ability to be fully functional that day but IMAXward lured us to him
 like a moth to a flame...

PurpleBrina17 broke her ass just as we were getting ready to walk out the door...
you'll have to ask her if you want deets on that one! But I will tell you it was bad enough for her to need 3 shots and 3 Ibuprofen to get her broke ass in the car! Poor thing!

 We met up with one our girls, @dreamingofRob, to share our 52' Edward Cullen fix.
 (She is such a sweety. If you don't follow her on Twitter you really should) 

As you all know, the movie is amazing!
But let me just say, Eclipse Edward is the most beautiful Edward thus far, 
but seeing him all... big, and tall...
and long, and erect, and throbbing.... oh wait sorry, I got carried away.

Watching Eclipse with my besties was the greatest thing ever. There is nothing as perfect as having my girls there to boo and talk shit to the crazy bitches that whoop and holler at the puppy abs.
I love my TwiMafia besties!!

I tried to sneak a few pics of His Holy Hotness on the IMAX screen.
Easier said than done honestly because the scenes flip so quickly. But I did get this really cool one...


The girls tried to get up close and personal to Edward but the puppy and Bella were in the way!

All in all it was a great day!

I'm not sure how the drive home ended in a conversation about tattooing and piercing a dildo to fullfil one of our Tattward fanties but we were all laughing so hard we almost ran off the side of the 405 Freeway! Eeeks!

The evening was filled with lounging around our cute little West Hollywood apartment doing a whole lot of nothing. Some of us are hard core bitches and got our drink on again!
Some of us just couldn't go there and settled for McFlurries and Iced Tea.

But at the end of the day it was another awesome moment filled with great friends,
 tons of laughter and Edward induced exploding panties!


What more can a girl ask for?

Stay tuned for Day 4 and 5 later today or tomorrow...

They are priceless!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

TwiMafia LA Book Club Meeting ~ Day 2 ~ Partyin' at Universal City Walk

Geez... Day 2 kicked my ass so hard it took until the end of Day 3 to even have the energy to blog about it. (I will post Day 3 events tomorrow morning)

Day 2 ~ "Buy Me A Drink!"

So, day 2 started a bit... late. Staying up for 28 hours and not going to bed until 6:30am sort of has that affect on a girl.

After finally draggin' our asses out of bed sometime in the late afternoon, we made plans to have an evening "sit down" with a well known, highly respected, local family. You might have heard of them...
The TwiSisterhood (Click her name to go check out her blog...leave some love!). 

Anywoo... after a shot... or two...or three...we headed out into the rain... yes rain, seriously... this is LA... wth was up with that!? So, we ran through the rain to our awaiting cab, thanks for the hair fail mother nature. And yes, I know, any self respecting SoCal girls should know better than to take an LA cab but I didn't know where to catch Metrolink.. no worries Nessa already busted my chops for that one but we survived it so... hmmm!

Anyway, we arrived at Universal ready to get our food and drink on!

Dinner at Tony Roma's was yummy. It started out as dinner at Bubba Gump's but after some long hard debating, we decided that taking @Bostongirl1212 to the ER from shell fish allergy probably would put a damper on our shrimp was out and Tony Roma's was on!

It's all good though because the drinks were flowin'...and flowin' and flowin' and flowin' some more!


After dinner we headed to The Saddle Ranch Chop House

TwiSisterhood lured us there with the promise of mechanical bulls and carafe's full of something blue and yummy called an "Adios Mother Fucker"... (and trust me that name is fitting)

Once we walked through the door it was all over. Our "Mission for Rob" was put on hold for another day. Tonight was about nothing but having a good time with my girls!

After a few a lot  of drinks and a "cherry...something or other" shot made with whiskey that the bartender bought us... The TwiSisterhood showed up to hang with the TwiMafia.

It was a great night with a lot of laughs and lots, and lots, and lots of liquor!

I vaguely remember bits and pieces but I'm pretty there was a debate about
who was going to be kissing who's ring.

The bar was hoppin'! The drinks were yummy! And the company was amazing!

All in all it was a great night! Good drinks, good food, great friends!

I'm sure you all really want to hear about how we ended up at Rob's bachelor party (yeah not that Rob), who had a tongue down their throat, how we ended up with pics of not one, but two peens and one with a USDA Beef tattoo on it, and who had their picture taken licking a strange guys nipple
and lots of other dirty little secrets.... but you know what they say...
"What happens in LA stays in LA!"

Stay tuned for Day 3 details tomorrow! See ya'!