Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kellan ~ Shirtless & Sweaty Just the Way We Like Him

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All you have to do is join me in staring lustfully at these new pics of Kellan playing basketball in his driveway, then wipe the drool off your chin and send @kellanlutz a tweet telling how awesome he is!

White men can't jump...
but who cares I was too busy looking at the asscandy!

Nice spread Kellan...

Kellan is more than just tight abs and a really big... Basketball! 

Hop, skip and jump that anaconda right this way Mr.Lutz


I really thought taking a "Rob Break" was going to be difficult but with yummies like this...
It's a total piece of beef cake! (yeah, yeah, cheesy...whatev')


Brina said...

you know what is missing from these pics???? ME!! I need to be there shooting hoops with him. Shirtless of course, it would make or a more interesting game of horse! LOL

I think I am Team Rob-Kellan, cause a girl just cant pick either that or I am just DAMN GREEDY!!

Respect this Blog Bitches!! TwiMafia4Life!!

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