Sunday, June 27, 2010

Top 100 Things You Want to Ask Rob Pattinson....BUT SHOULDN'T!

This is Unhealthy Addiction Blog’s 100th POST!

Can you believe it? 100 posts about basically nothing but obsessing over Rob, a little Kellan Anaconda worship, a bit of Twilight and
a WHOLE LOT of Fanfiction in the form of JMF from Always & Never
Damn I love JMF!
(P.S. For those of you still waiting for the post chapter will be posted soon...RL is a hoor)

Anywooo… to celebrate out 100th post a few friends and I came up with a list of…

100 Things you want to ask Rob…BUT SHOULDN’T!
Some of these questions are from the besties & some awesome twitter buddies!
Their names appear next to the questions they want to ask Rob!

Here goes........
100. Are you a Robsten or a Nonsten?

99. Please bite me?

98. Can I bite you? (PurpleBrina)

97. Can I touch your hair, please?

96. Wanna’ exchange PIN’s so we can BBM?

95. Can you introduce me to Kellan? (Bostongirl & Krystih)

94. Who would you rather sleep with Nikki or Kristen...or both?

93. Who do you think is behind HappyFeet90s on Twitter? Nikki or Michael?

92. I’d be willing to help you set up a Twitter account… if you want to?

91. Do you know your shirt is buttoned crooked? 

90. Will you please talk like Edward? (PurpleBrina)

89. What’s your favorite sex position? Wanna’ show it to me?

88. Is your sex on fire, Rob? (Bostongirl)

87. You know Rob, my lips won’t kiss themselves. (Bostongirl)

86. Can you just give me an approximate size…in inches or centimeters, either is fine?

85. Why don’t we cut the chit chat and you just show me where your dick is at?

84. Do these look real to you?  (Bostongirl)

83. Who’s better in bed, your agent Stephanie or Kristen? (Bostongirl)
(we all know you hit that, Rob. It's were young. New to Hollywood, sleeping on her...couch! We get it. It happens!)

82. Can I at least get a fake phone number? Please?

81. Hi, I’m Ms. Right. Someone said you were looking for me?

80. Is Kristen as bitchy as she comes across to the public? (Aredi)

79. Do you want to just want to go ahead and sleep with me...
because I’m going to tell everyone we did anyway.
78. You want me don’t you? I can smell it. (Bostongirl)

77. Hi! I’m new in town can you give me directions to your apartment? (Bostongirl)

76. OMG! Did you know that out of all the people I stalk, you are the nicest?

75. Which LAYdy from the Twi-cast is you favorite? Nikki, Ashley, Stewy...or Anna? (Aredi)

74. Didn’t I see you in GQ? (Bostongirl)

73. Why are you going when you should be coming... again and again and again...all night long?

72. Kiss if I’m wrong, but isn’t your name Kellan? (Bostongirl)

71. I’m not feeling myself today. Can I feel you? (Bostongirl)

more inappropriateness after the jump....

70. You know what would look good on you? Me!

69. Can you say nachos for me? And water, and sidewalk, and candy, and my name?

68. What’s a nice guy like you doing in a dirty mind like mine?

67. How about you drink until I’m really good looking, then come talk to me?

66. Top or bottom? (LaughingTwiGirl)

65. Aren’t you that Vampire Guy?

64. Your face or mine?

63. Can I get a picture with you so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas? (Bostongirl1212)

62. Do you prefer to take bath or shower? (LaughingTwiGirl)

61. So Catherine Hardwicke? You didn’t actually… ya’ know…did you?
60. So, do you have any residual problems from the Ballet Studio scene groin pull? I’d be more than willing to massage that for you.

59. I heard you read Twilight fanfic. Is that true? Ever heard of Tattward?

58. Speaking of fanfiction, we're holding auditions for this movie called "Just This Once". Wanna’ audition? Tonight? In my hotel room?


57. Wanna’ come back to my place for a little jam session?

56. Guitar? No, I don’t the play guitar, why do you ask?

55. Can I touch your hair… please?

54. Want to have breakfast… in bed?

53. Little Ashes? Really? What were you thinking?

52. Is it true what they say about guys with big feet?

51. Is that a sharpie in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

50. Can I just call you Tyler?

49. I hear you like to propose. Ask me….please?!

48. Can I buy you a drink or do you just want to fuck? (Bostongirl1212)

47. If you you haven't gotten around to asking me .... Will you marry me?

46. Can I touch your hair, please?

45. A burgundy suit? Really? Are you auditioning for Anchor Man 2? Ron…
I mean Rob Burgundy?

44. Were you just feeling colorful this week?

43. Can I call you Edward? (PurpleBrina17)

42. Are you even aware of how fucking hot you are?

41. Since my pockets are full of Benadryl and Sudafed, there’s no need to worry about that pesky little allergy of yours, right? (JustWrite)

40. Are you aware that your girlfriend is a Lesbian? (JustWrite)

39. Are you ever going to wear the New Stoli Shirt? (Bostongirl)
38. Are you drunk enough for me to take advantage of you?
37. Wanna’ see if I can make your peen sparkle?

36. Is it hot in here or is it just you?

35. What do you think about when you masturbate? (PurpleBrina)

34. How much do you think someone would have to offer Nikki to get her to write a tell all?

33. If we were having sex and I accidentally called you Edward, would that bother you?

32. So...uh… TomStu…exactly what is the nature of your relationship with him? Do I want to know? Nevermind…don’t answer. That can stay in the File of Denial!

31. Can I ummm… touch your hair? Please?

30. Do you really do your own “Franken-stitching?”

29. Do you really change clothes several times before you decide on what to wear? Really?

28. Watch any good porn lately? (StoliPrinces)

27. So…uhhh…can I touch your hair, please?

26. Who is a better kisser KStew or TomStu? (1Chicklette)

25. I’ll show you my pocket Edward, if you show me yours?

24. Is it true that Brit’s don’t circumcise? Can I see?

23. Do you want to come back to my place? I have Hot Pockets and Heineken

22. Did you read that article about you on Robsessed?

21. Will you sign my boob..hoohah...etc..? (Closet Kitty)

20. When was the first off-set kiss with KStew? (1Chicklette)

19. How often do you man-scape? Wait…do you man-scape?

18. How often do you actually shower?

17. How many fans have you slept with?

16. Do you make fans sign a NDA before you sleep with them? (aredi)
(Where do I sign?)

15. I see you’re still wearing that same shirt you were wearing three days ago! (Stoli Princess)

14. Can I lick your face? (Bostongirl)

13. Does your peen have the foreskin of a killer? (Bostongirl)

12. Hi Rob, I just want to try one thing! Be very still! Don't move!

11. Do you want to see my tattoo ...of Edward - aka you? (Closet Kitty)

10. I don’t know where my G-Spot is. Do you want to help me find it? (Bostongirl1212)

9. I'll show you mine if you show me your's?

8. Are you a ManWhore? Prove it!

7. Wanna' find out if I spit or swallow?

6. Do you have 3 ways with KStew and Tomstu?? (Closet Kitty)
5. Have you ever had sax with a fat girl in a bathroom? You want too? *wink* (StoliPrincess)

4. I own a sparklepeen. Do you? (Closet Kitty)

3. Can I take a ride on your disco stick? (Bostongirl212)

2. Can I take a trip down your happy trail?

1. Can I please touch your hair?
  (Yes, I will probably say this when I’m in LA! Yes, it’s highly inappropriate! Yes, I will embarrass myself by saying it. Yes, he will probably make Dean toss my ass but on the off chance he'll agree and let me touch it... it's worth a shot!)

Thanks so much to all of you that sent me your questions. You guys rock!
Since the besties and I…(a.k.a. The TwiMafia) will be going to LA to stalk …oops I mean SUPPORT Rob…maybe I should print a copy of this as reference of what NOT to say when we meet him!

What highly inappropriate question do you want to ask Rob??

Picture Source: Robsessed, Twifans, & candykizzes24, Robnipulations, lolypop82 for the manips. Several pics are from unknown sources...if you know who made it... let me know so I can source them! Thanks!


*Stoli_Princess* said...

HAPPPPPY 1000th POST BESTIE!!! wow we (Twi Mafia) r sum pervy H00rs! LMAOOO LOVE it! yes i think u need to print this off so we can go over it the night b4! LOL maybe hed like to read it too! LOL xoxoxo Love you BB!

Brina said...

HAPPY 100th Post Rob's Hair Hoor!!! I must agree with my Twin, TwiMafia has some hoorish minds and that is why we are all Besties!! I love all the random "Can I touch your hair please" I wonder WHO would think to ask that again and again and again and again. You know I got it all in my memory bank but I think we should print it out and have him read it and sign it "approved but ROB" should we meet. LMAOOOOOO

I love you bestie!! Can't wait for LA!!

Bouncy72 said...

LMFAO Hey Krys congrats on 100 posts. This one was fucking brilliant.
*Chuckle* the very 1st "can I touch yr hair question" I knew it was you :D
I was in near hysterics the whole way through. You guys are awesome. Feel free to ask Rob those...I mean you can always say it's for research for some poor desperate girl that lives on the otherside of the universe & will never be able to actually harass him herself :(
So after saying that..what's this about you going to LA? Are you actually getting to meet him? Is the whole gang going? Gosh I'm so jealous....
Oh hang on was this for the premiere?
Hahaha I saw it 3 times in the 1st 24hrs *blush*
& fyi I'd prefer him to be with TomStu to Kstew :P
Good to be back, cya soon ♥

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