Sunday, July 11, 2010

TwiMafia LA Book Club Meeting ~ Day 2 ~ Partyin' at Universal City Walk

Geez... Day 2 kicked my ass so hard it took until the end of Day 3 to even have the energy to blog about it. (I will post Day 3 events tomorrow morning)

Day 2 ~ "Buy Me A Drink!"

So, day 2 started a bit... late. Staying up for 28 hours and not going to bed until 6:30am sort of has that affect on a girl.

After finally draggin' our asses out of bed sometime in the late afternoon, we made plans to have an evening "sit down" with a well known, highly respected, local family. You might have heard of them...
The TwiSisterhood (Click her name to go check out her blog...leave some love!). 

Anywoo... after a shot... or two...or three...we headed out into the rain... yes rain, seriously... this is LA... wth was up with that!? So, we ran through the rain to our awaiting cab, thanks for the hair fail mother nature. And yes, I know, any self respecting SoCal girls should know better than to take an LA cab but I didn't know where to catch Metrolink.. no worries Nessa already busted my chops for that one but we survived it so... hmmm!

Anyway, we arrived at Universal ready to get our food and drink on!

Dinner at Tony Roma's was yummy. It started out as dinner at Bubba Gump's but after some long hard debating, we decided that taking @Bostongirl1212 to the ER from shell fish allergy probably would put a damper on our shrimp was out and Tony Roma's was on!

It's all good though because the drinks were flowin'...and flowin' and flowin' and flowin' some more!


After dinner we headed to The Saddle Ranch Chop House

TwiSisterhood lured us there with the promise of mechanical bulls and carafe's full of something blue and yummy called an "Adios Mother Fucker"... (and trust me that name is fitting)

Once we walked through the door it was all over. Our "Mission for Rob" was put on hold for another day. Tonight was about nothing but having a good time with my girls!

After a few a lot  of drinks and a "cherry...something or other" shot made with whiskey that the bartender bought us... The TwiSisterhood showed up to hang with the TwiMafia.

It was a great night with a lot of laughs and lots, and lots, and lots of liquor!

I vaguely remember bits and pieces but I'm pretty there was a debate about
who was going to be kissing who's ring.

The bar was hoppin'! The drinks were yummy! And the company was amazing!

All in all it was a great night! Good drinks, good food, great friends!

I'm sure you all really want to hear about how we ended up at Rob's bachelor party (yeah not that Rob), who had a tongue down their throat, how we ended up with pics of not one, but two peens and one with a USDA Beef tattoo on it, and who had their picture taken licking a strange guys nipple
and lots of other dirty little secrets.... but you know what they say...
"What happens in LA stays in LA!"

Stay tuned for Day 3 details tomorrow! See ya'!


nextstopsf said...

*sigh* OMG! well all I can say is I claim the 5th!
stay tuned....

Brina said...

Wow someone was licking a nipple?!? LMAOOO

Funny Shit said or heard on day 2:

"See Black girls do like Twilight"

"I love you enough to give you my pickle"

"I wanna see the peen the pic"

"Not bad for Jailhouse tatt"

"The guy with the tattoo dick keeps tryin to lick my ear"

I can't believe we made it through another day. Well barely made it.......LMAOOOOOOO


*Stoli_Princess* said...

licking and kissing and peen... OH MY! LOL like you said girl... What happens in LA.... STAYS IN LA!!!!!!

Brina said...

FML how could I forgot the funniest shit said on day 2:

"rob's jizz bandaides"

1chicklette said...

so damn funny! Thanks for sharing.

Bouncy72 said...

*Groan* I am so jealous you guys. What a blast, you all sound like you had the best time ever (lol, other than lack of sleep...I like my sleep!!)
Brina I'm loving the crazy quotes.
& I am SOOOO dying to know "what happened in LA" now :P

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