Monday, November 23, 2009

Always & Never Chapter 6 ~ WTF JUST HAPPENED HERE???

Since I’m able to type this post, I guess it’s obvious that my fingers survived the wrath of B-Girl, after the whole hair groping incident *rolls eyes*. I knew Edward would run right over and fucking tell her. Asshole! But, as far as I’m concerned, that bastard was totally at fault. Seriously, you wouldn’t put the bottle right up to the lips of an alcoholic and expect him not to drink, would ya’!? But that’s ok! *evil grin* I have my own little plan of revenge. I just happen to be wearing the very shoes, at this very moment, that threw him off his game last week. *feigns look of shock, with hand over mouth* Whoops, I’m sorry Edward…I had no idea that you and B-Girl would be making a surprise visit to my office today. There was NO POSSIBLE WAY I could have KNOWN you’d be here today because B-Girl just called me to tell me you were coming. Of course, I would NEVER leave these shoes in the bottom drawer of my desk, in preparation for a moment just like this, ya’ fucking little tattle tale! Haha, Edward Cullen! *takes a deep breath* Oh, this should be good! I hear them coming down the hall now.

Krysti: Hey you two, what are you up to today? *walks around the desk, purposely making the heels of her shoes click louder then necessary against the floor to draw attention to them, hugs B-Girl but shoots Edward a menacing grin*

Edward: *glares down at Krysti’s shoes then back to her eyes, slowly sliding his tongue across his bottom lip before sucking between his teeth*

B-Girl: Oh my god, I love your shoes. I should borrow those sometime. They match the sweater I’m wearing.

Krysti: That’s a really cute sweater. Why are you so dressed up today? I hardly ever see you in a skirt, especially one that short. Wow, cute red sweater, short black skirt, FMB’s (fuck me boots)…what’s the big occassion?

Edward: *leans back to check out B-Girls ass and nods with a smile on his face*

Krysti: *catches Edward and shakes her head in shocked disgust but he just shrugs at her nonchalantly*

B-Girl: I have big plans tonight but I had to run a few errands. Edward and I had to come by here to visit you and I was afraid I would be short on time.

Edward: *raises questioning eye brow at B-Girl and chuckles loudly*

Krysti: *Looks at Edward* What was that about?

B-Girl: Nothing, nothing. C’mon lets get through this meeting. I have things to do.

Krysti: *moves back towards her desk motioning to the chairs in front it, offering B-Girl and Edward a seat. But instead of sitting in her chair, she sits on the front part of her desks and crosses her legs towards Edward, making sure he has no choice but to look at her shoes.*

B-Girl: *sits down and opens her laptop, looks up to give Krysti a questioning glance* You made me redecorate your office and spend $2500 on a desk chair so you can sit your ass on top of the $5000 desk?

Krysti: *laughing and bouncing her crossed leg in Edwards direction* I just thought it would be better if I was closer to you, in case you needed me to look at anything on your laptop *grins at Edward*

Edward: *smirks at Krysti, pulls a lollipop out of his pocket, unwraps it and runs his tongue around it several times before securing it into his cheek, the smirk never leaving his face*

Krysti: *releases a frustrated sigh, slides off the desk and moves to the expensive chair behind her desk* So, what’s going on with Chapter 6? Is it going to be late or what?

B-Girl: Yes, it’s going to be late because of New Moon week.

Krysti: I can’t believe we were on the phone until 6:00am after the midnight showing. *laughing*

B-Girl: I know, I was so hung over Friday…I know you were too. *chuckles*

Edward: *quizzically looks back and forth between B-Girl and Krysti* What’s New Moon?

B-Girl/Krysti: *in unison* Never mind *both laugh hysterically*

B-Girl: *pulls out cigarette – Edward instantly reaches over, lighting it for her. A look of shock is apparent on Krysti’s face while her eyes shoot back and forth between them. B-Girl doesn’t notice Krysti’s shock and Edward just shrugs* After having a chance to catch up with Bella, I realized there is a lot going on *nods head towards Edward* And then this one, decided he wanted to put his two cents in too. So, I think this will be the longest chapter yet.

Krysti: Oh, good. So, we are going to get both POV’s? That will definitely make up for the couple of extra days that we have to wait. I know the suspense is killing the readers. Speaking of readers, I really hate to bring this up, but since you’re both here, I have been getting questions on the blog and on twitter about what you two are doing during all of that alone tine you seem to be spending together at night.

B-Girl: *a shocked smile widens across her face and she takes a long drag from her cigarette* What?

Edward: *removes lollipop from his mouth, leans toward B-Girl, resting his elbow on his knee and shoots her a mischievous grin*

B-Girl: We spend a lot of time together because Edward tends to be hard and has a difficult time get his feelings out and you know it’s my first time every doing anything like this. We both have a deep need to do this the right way and we want to make sure we are both satisfied at the end of the day. Edward’s needs come first in my book…ya’ know, the story. So, yes, he does require a lot of my time. My husbands new schedule requires him to work nights so most of my free time is at night. This works out great for both of us, because then I can devote my full attention to Edward’s need to release.

Edward: *snorts loudly, nearly choking on his lollipop*

B-Girl: *rolls her eyes, takes another long drag from her cigarette, blowing the smoke in Edward’s face*

Edward *reaches over and tightly grabs B-Girls wrist, causing B-girl to gasp. He removes the cigarette from her fingers and replaces it with his lollipop, then leans back taking long drags himself*

Krysti: *has a look of WTF??????? across her face* Ok…uhh…I will be sure to let the readers know that it’s purely innocent and platonic *rolls eyes and thinks to self "wait until the girls on twitter hear about this shit"*

B-Girl: *pops the lollipop into her mouth and starts packing up her laptop* Ok, well Edward and I have to get going. We have a long of writing ahead of us.

Krysti: *still glaring in shock at the lollipop in B-Girls mouth* Did you say riding? I thought you had plans tonight…ya’ know… the reason you were all dressed up?

B-Girl: Ok hon', I’ll call you later. *walks to the door*

Edward: *looks down and at Krysti’s shoes and smirks, leans in close to Krysti’s face and whispers* Hey, you don’t see anything in my hair do you? *smirks, then turns on his heel exiting the office with B-Girl.

He is such a dick! But seriously, what the holy fuck just happened here? Did you guys see that shit? What the hell? Did he really just take her cigarette? Did she really just finish the lollipop that was already in his mouth like it was an everyday occurrence? I’m not sure if I was offended or totally fucking turned on. The sexual tension in this room was so thick, that between Edward’s hair and B-Girl’s fuck me boots, I was ready to ask them if I could join in. *leans in motioning to the readers to come closer* “but don’t tell her I said that…that will be our little secret”  I'm dying to know what you think...are they fucking or did I just imagine all that??


nextstopsf said...

EPOV squeeeeelllll!!!! I am pretending all the rest didn't happen just like I block out the Emile girl in Remember Me... that is the only way I can survive my Robsession... LMFAO!!

Love it girls!! love you grils too!!

nextstopsf said...

LOL @ my spelling....ROFL

bouncy72 said...

Krysti how r u not jealous? That's some weird shit going down with B-Girl & Edward (Shit, that boy is a damn tease). Hmm well if B-Girl gives you grief for molesting Edward again *grin* think you should threaten her with showing Bella pieces of this conversation (of couse you might have to edit what you would threaten to show her)
Hopefully she would want the two of them to get back together again enough that she'll leave you in peace to the occational grope, sniff or lick...Damit I can't believe he teased you with his lollipop & then proceeded to hand it straight over to B-Girl!
B-Girl I'm sure it is hard for you, & I get where you're coming from (hehehe) but I personally think that you are to close to Edward to have an objective POV. I willing offer my services & will endevour to attend to Edward’s need to release as well as you have. This is purely selfless on my part, because I figure if I take E off your hands, you can devote some time trying to help Bella...
See He would be perfectly safe in my hands *dazed look passes over face*


*grin* no offence intended girls, just rambling :)

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