Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dear Mr. Robvember ~ Letter # 2

Dear Mr. Robvember,

All I can say is... "Well done, Mr. Pattinson, well done!" At the LA Premium you looked like a walking dream in your gorgeous Gucci suit. Of course, in my dream. I'm ripping that Gucci suit right off your sexy little ass... but you get the point! AND THE was finger fisting fabulous. Personally, I would have preferred to have the scruff removed from your lickable jaw, but as I said in my last letter, I can live with it. This look was a definite win, Rob...a DEFINITE WIN!!

Wow, I guess that little talk we had, in that last letter, really helped! After a series of fashion disasters on the European Press Junket, you came back to the states and knocked one out of the park in LA. I feel like a proud...umm...a proud...well....just PROUD...I can't say a proud mom, because the thoughts that suit induced, are definitely NOT the thoughts anyone's mama should ever have.

But it didn't end there, you sneaky little panty snatcher, you turned around and busted out another drop dead look at the NY Premium. Imagine my surprise! There I was standing in line, in the freezing cold, waiting to see your beautiful Edward-ness in New Moon, when I looked at my phone and saw your Royal Sexiness looking like this...

It wasn't a suit and tie, but it was perfect. I hate to admit it but I was a little shocked. After a 5 day, 6 country press junket, the LA premier and a slew of TV spots, I had my doubts about what you might wear to this thing. Honestly, I was invisioning something along the lines of "dumpster dive dashing". I have no doubt that you are exhausted and running on fumes but you hit the nail on the fucking head! Seeing this pic on that cold, damp night, in front of that movie theater, warmed me right up. Wow, all this talk of "fucking heads, getting nailed, damp and warm"... I'm getting worked up...whew!

Well Rob, now that the movie has been released and you have a little free time before your next movie, I'm sure we are getting ready to suffer a severe "Rob Drought". *SIGH* I am really sad about that, ya' know. So, if you cdo us a favor and step out once in a while, if only for a quick minute, to let the papz capture your sexiness on film, to share with the world...I would appreciate it. Ya' know..."step out for a scream" as you call it. You're so funny, and cute, and adorable. and sexy, and lickable, and...well you get the point.

*GRINS* OH...before I go...I do want to thank you for leaving me with this little "Pre-Rob Drought" drink of holy water....

Damn...I can't even BEGIN to tell you what this picture does to me....I just want to THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY... BOTTOM!! (hehehe)

Many hugs, kisses, licks, bites, rubs and loves my sexy boy,


nextstopsf said...

well first I must agree w/ almost everything she said!!! Except for the scruff comment... I have been a scruff fan from waaayyy back!
I also hope you catch a break! You will be missed but we have plenty to drool over to get a through the holidays!!! So enjoy yours! XOXO

kaylee said...

wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great post i agree :)

bouncy72 said...

Ah Krys You never fail to get a laugh out of me :)
All so true though...Argg I'm already dreading the Rob drought after this fucking amazing pic fest!
Hmm "Of course, in my dream. I'm ripping that Gucci suit right off your sexy little ass" hell yeah!
"AND THE was finger fisting fabulous" lol have to agree
Love him in a suit, love his hair, love him when he's scruffy, love him in his underwear. (Gosh sorry must be tired, that was pretty lame *grin*)
Oh well. Thanks for the post :)

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