Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Always & Never Edward Post Interview Chapter 9

Well, I guess you all heard that there was a little…incident during the last interview I did with Edward, or should I say JMF. I wish I could tell you all about it *tries to hide mischievous smirk* but in order to keep my position as B-Girls beta, JMF and I had to agree to never discuss the “incident” ever again. There was even legal fucking documents drawn up that I had to sign.
I basically had to agree to conduct myself in a professional manner while I do these post chapter interviews. I will do my best but good fucking luck with that because I know JMF will do something to send me over the edge. He is just a bad boy like that.

B-Girl just sent me a text to tell me that Edward is on his way to my office. I can’t believe she is letting him come in here un-chaperoned. I thought for sure her ass would hover over us through every interview from now on. But honestly, I think she has my office bugged. It was kind of funny how she just happened to bust into my office just as we started to…*clears throat and sits a little taller in her chair*

Krysti: *in her business voice* Hello Edward. Please come in and a have a seat.

Edward: *smirks, pulling lollipop out of mouth* Gotcha’! *winks*

Krysti: *attempting to keep things light* How did the college visits go?

Edward: *runs fingers through hair* They went good, even though my dad’s forcing Harvard down my throat. But we all know how stubborn I can be. I hope Dartmouth is prepared for me.
Krysti: *swallows hard trying not to think of Edward forcing something down her throat* Ahem…ahem…*begins coughing and choking*

Edward: *cocks an eyebrow* Everything ok over there, Krys’? *smirks*
Krysti: *closes eyes and nods quickly* Yes, fine. So, umm you were pretty shocked to see Bella at school I take it?

Edward: *clenches jaw* Shocked? I think we both know I was more than fucking shocked, Krys’. *pulls out a cigarette*

Krysti: *watching him put the cigarette to his lips she licks her own* Were you upset that
Emmett and Alice didn’t tell you that Bella was home?

Edward: *holds cigarette with his lips while raking both hand through his hair* I wasn’t mad about that. I understand that Bella wanted it to be a surprise. What really fucking pissed me off is that one of them set her up with Riley. Both of them should have fucking known better.

Krysti: *trying to look away from his hair* But Edward, she had to go to the dance with someone. It’s a couples theme, right? You wouldn’t want her to be left out and last I heard, you were taking that skanky bitch Lauren?
Edward: *clenches teeth* I didn’t fucking know Bella was going to be back in town. The only reason I fucking asked Lauren is because of what happened with Bella. We all fucking know that Krys’. I fucking offered to drop that bitch for Bella, but Bella fucking turned me down.

Krysti: *shakes her head* Edward, need to realize that Bella isn’t going to be satisfied with just being treated as a friend. She is a woman with needs. You can’t be shocked that she is looking for someone to meet them. After all, I’m pretty sure your needs are being met *blushes while biting her bottom lip*

Edward: *leaps up, slams fist on desk glaring at Krysti* Bella needs me. Bella is mine! Any needs that she wants to have met will be met by me. Do you fucking understand me? I don’t want to fucking hear about anyone else meeting any of her fucking needs. Is that clear? Bella is mine!
Krysti: *startled, jumps slightly in her chair* Edward! *stands up to leaning across desk to meet his glare* Don’t you get your fucking panties in a wad with me. *points finger in his chest* If you want her to be yours you better do something about it. Because from where I sit, it looks like Riley is sure working on it. Face it Edward, you aren’t acting like prince fucking charming right now. She isn’t going to wait for you to ride up on your white fucking horse or should I say drive up in your silver Volvo and sweep her off her feet. Believe me when I tell you, if Riley rides up on a UNICORN, you’ll be shit out of luck, no matter how many fucking Volvo rides you try to offer her later. *raises her eyebrow and shrugs at him*

Edward: *frowns eyebrows* Don’t you think I know that. I’m fucking working on it, Krysti. I just need a little more time to figure out how to talk to Bella about it. She isn’t exactly fucking happy with me right now. *raises questioning eyebrow* What the fuck does unicorns have to with any of this?

Krysti: *takes a deep breath* Oh, sweety, unicorns have everything to do with this. You really need to make a decision here, Edward. Either you’re going to have to tell her or let her go. You can’t keep beating around the bush with her. You have to tell her how you feel before she finds someone else to complete her fairy tale. Now, Edward. You can’t keep putting this off. Go now…I mean it…go do it…get out!

Edward: *expression softening, offers Krysti a shy smile* Ok, Krysti. I guess I’ll go if that’s what you really want. *smirks and licks lips* *Krysti holds her hand up pointing at the door* I guess you took all B-Girl’s legal shit pretty serious. You didn’t even fucking wear the new shoes Santa brought you. *Krysti's eyes widen* Yup, I checked. *Krysti shakes her head at him* I know, I know. I’m going. *turns and walks out the door, pulls out phone to text Bgirl*

B-Girl: Krysti keeps talking about fucking unicorns. What's the deal with the unicorns? ~E

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Bostongirl1212 said...

*Pulls out phone, sees Textward message…Laughing her ass off*

*Starts to message Krysti* “Krysti, Unicorns really you went there? LMAO Poor guy I don’t have the heart to tell him right now maybe later” B-Girl.

itsjustme1217 said...

Smack his ass for me Krysti

brenda said...

Krysti go buy a big ruler and put it on your desk. The next time he comes in and hasn't told Bella how he feels you can use it on him. I don't know if that is in that legal contract or not?

Brina said...

So, you got new shoes for Xmas? I wanna see!! BTW I HATE HATE HATE the color PINK. like if i was in hell everything would be pink and smell like onions. LMAO oh ya I hate onions too.

JFM how I love him. He wants to meet Bella's needs does he. Well in the words of RuPaul "You better work bitch"

Love ya bestie!!

Anonymous said...

Just finsished reading chapter 9..awesome of course. Both interviews were awesome! Love JMF.....Hmm aparently shoes are a turn on for JMF...that could get interesting!

nextstopsf said...

FML- typed comment and it damn disappeared-twice!
So even tho I am distacted by the throat shoving comment.... I will try to remember what I said....well...no just can't stop think about the throat thing...LMAO! GRRR! Oh I did say I didn't think Riley was really my type, Oh I mean Bella's type...Edward better get his thing going in the right direction..there it is again..thinkin abt the throat comment again! ok bye for now! XOXO luv luv serious!!

beesue said...

All I can think about is the ciggie between his lips and the hand through the hair...and the "throat" comment...Gawd!!! I Luv the JMF ...is he on twitter?
Great Interview...oh and great composure skills!

Bouncy72 said...

Lol sorry hon, I've had a hectic few weeks, but I'm back. Your self control was amazing in the interview...have you been threatened by jail time for being inappropriate with him.*Grin*
Pretty impressed by you standing up to him when he had his hissie fit!
@Brina, yeah I HATE pink too.
Thanks Krys...Have an awesome New Years

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