Thursday, January 7, 2010

Always & Never Chapter 10 ~ Edward Post Interview

Always Screwed ~ Never Fucked

*Krysti is sitting with her elbows rested on her desk, holding her clasped hands up to her chin as her head rests on top of them. She exhales dramatically and shakes her head side to side*

*Edward is slouched down in the chair across from Krysti with his head completely tilted back, staring at the ceiling. One hand is fisted into his hair, the other is holding a cigarette that he hasn’t taken a drag from in several minutes*

 Krysti: Edward? Are you going to speak to me at all or just sit here admiring my ceiling all afternoon?

Edward: *raises head looking at Krysti* It is a pretty nice fucking ceiling *smirks*

Krysti: Alright smart ass *rolls eyes* We can start off with something easy, ok? Talk to me about your costume. I heard you had a rather interesting name badge. What type of doctor were you exactly?

Edward: *evil grin* Edward Cullen MD, Gynecologist

Krysti: Hmm? With all the “precautionary measures” you were taking before that dance I was starting to wonder if you were a Urologist. I heard you took a little detour on the way to Lauren’s to…uh…prepare yourself again, right? Where exactly did you go? Did you seriously jerk-off in your car? In your car, seriously? Is that something you do often?

*B~girl starts laughing so hard she rolls off the couch, tears streaming down her face*

*Edward and Krysti look at her quizzically*

Krysti: WTH, B~Girl, you promised that you would stay quiet and we wouldn’t even know you were here.

B~Girl: *covers her mouth, continuing to laugh her ass off*

Edward: *looks at B~Girl on the floor and back at Krysti, rolling eyes* Fuck no I wasn’t jacking off in my car. What the fuck is wrong with you Krysti? I just went for a drive to clear my head before the dance. *shakes head at Krysti in disgust*

Krysti: *shrugs with a smirk* When you danced with Bella, why didn’t you just tell her that you cared about her? Why the fuck do you keep putting it off? If you would just fucking tell her how you feel, you wouldn’t go through all this other bullshit. * reaches across desk, picking up a thick wooden ruler*

Edward: *runs hand nervously through hair* It’s not like I had any fucking control at that time, Krys. Fucking JMF was on to something there. He knew something I didn’t. I had to fucking let go and let him fucking find out. And just when I did, Bella fucking screamed for Riley and that shit threw me.

Krysti: *twirls ruler between her fingers* What if she won’t forgive you Edward? What if that was the final straw and she doesn’t give you another chance.

Edward: *releases a low growl, clenches teeth* Don’t even fucking joke about that. I will find a way to make her see how I feel about her. Trust me.

Krysti: *sighs deeply* I hope you’re right, Edward. I’m not so sure though. She saw you with Lauren’s mouth clamped on to your dick. That’s going to be a hard visual for her to get past. Why the fuck would you let Lauren “the skank” Mallory suck your dick anyway. That was very disappointing, Edward.

Edward: *glares at Krysti* It’s not like I fucking asked her to. She was on a fucking mission. *sighs* Maybe it was because I was drunk *shrugs* Maybe it was because I was so fucking devastated *shakes head* Maybe it’s because I have been so fucking lonely lately. I was just trying to feel something. I really don’t fucking know. It doesn’t matter, my dick knew it wasn’t Bella and as we both no it wouldn’t fucking comply.

Krysti: Damn, how am I supposed to bust your balls for this when you just fucking broke my heart like that. *takes a deep breath* Sweety, what’s done is done. You just have to look forward. Knowing you like I do, I can only assume you have something in mind to turn this around and fix this shit with her, right?

Edward: *a look of hope flashes through his eyes. Holds up cell phone, shaking in front of Krysti* I have a few things in mind *winks*

Krysti: *smiles at him* I can’t wait to see what you have planned for her. But you better make it damn good because Riley is brining his 'A' game. He even drove up in his white Cadillac or should I say, rode up on his white horse *gives Edward a pointed look* and don’t even get me started on how sexy that boy is…I have a new pair of shoes I would like to show him, up close and personal. *looks at B-Girl* you should let me set up an interview with Riley. I bet the readers would love to know what he has to say.

B-Girl: *shrugs* Sure, I can set that up if you’d like *B-Girl stands indicating that the interview is over*

Edward: *glances down at Krysti’s shoes biting bottom lip, grabs B-Girls arm* Hey, what the fuck I thought these interviews were exclusively between Krysti and me.

B-Girl: *gives Edward a pointed look* Krysti can interview whomever she wants. If the readers leave comments saying they want that we will definitely do it.

Krysti: *smirks devilishly at Edward* Yep, Krysti can interview whomever she wants. *winks and licks lips*

*B-girl and Edward make their way to the door*

Krysti: *clenches teeth* So, what are you two doing tonight?

B-Girl: *giggles* Edward and I are doing the regular, martinis and reviews in my office. I thought you were planning on joining us tonight. Edward and I have a few things to attend to. Why don’t you stop by in about... an hour *looks at Edward for confirmation on time*

Edward: Better make that two hours *smirks at Krysti, places hand on B-Girl’s lower back leading her out the door*

Krysti: *growls* WTF? She is such a lucky fucking bitch. Why do I let him get to me like that? Duh, because he is hot as mother fucker, that’s why! That’s it…I’m going shoe shopping, right now.

Sooo....did you all catch that line about maybe getting an interview with Riley IF THE READERS LEAVE A COMMENT saying they would like to see that. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE leave me a comment saying you want that so I can interview him next week. Ok, so my reasons for interviewing him are completely selfish but c'mon, help a girl out. He is hot...I bet he likes sexy shoes too...RAWR!! He's yummy... SO GO NOW...LEAVE ME A COMMENT!! You know I'm a comment hoor!! Love & Kisses ~Krysti

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Anonymous said...

I say Riley should get an interview! xo

brenda said...

Oh fuck yeah! Krystih you should ask B-girl if you can maybe get both of those fine ass boys into a group interview. If she shoots you down an interview with Riley will do. You better get to shoe shooping honey!

Brina said...

Riley and Edward. Sounds like a something I would LOVE to me in the middle of. *stares off into space with a grin on her face, cheeks begin to blush* Oh hey sorry, I was....hmmm.....Oh.... MMMM... Ya....*giggles*

Ok, if I could ask riley anything I would ask..... I would ask him to dance NAKED for me.*laughs*

Seriously, if he really likes Bella? I mean, he doesn't really know her but he is all calling her "sweetheart and baby" I don't know. He is hot and all but something just aint right there.

Does he secretly hate Edward? Did Edward fuck his sister or what? Is he into older woman with tattoos?

Krystih, I Love ya!!

nextstopsf said...

OMG- I am with Brina- something is off with Riley - I don't trust him @ all!! Just sayin'! Definitely need an interview to see if we can get some real answers instead of the this sweetheart bull he for real??? I guess you can tell that, even tho he is fucking hot, I am not a Riley fan!!
Krysti- you ahve to get to the 'bottom' off this ----

luv u girls!!

*Stoli_Princess* said...

awwww poor Krysti why they just leaving you in the dark, while they go "review" whatever! Soo i bet you got sum hot shoes to wear for the next interview? which i hope is with Rylie and JMF! eeek that sounds hot!
I dont think theres anythink wrong with Rylie, i think hes just slick, and knows how to play the game! JMF needs to be careful, with sexiness and politeness bella might just fall for him!
keep up the good work Besties!! LOVE YALL SOOO MUCH! XOXOXO

AnotherJenny said...

I only want to hear from him if you're going to ask him if he REALIZES it's a lost cause and he's just being awesomely sweet. THAT I can handle..I can't handle hearing him do the whole, "I'll fight for her" bs.
JMF made a fine mess of this... :(

beesue said...

Yep, I agree with the other comments, Riley would be a VERY GOOD interview cus that boy is HAWT! Also would like to know what his intentions are towards our sweet Bella! I think he is just "baiting" Edward. Guy pissing contest and all that!

arden8283 said...

I would love to see an interview with Riley *winks*. I'd be curious to know what his feelings are toward Bella really. I can't believe I've never left you a review before this on your wonderful blog. I love each and every Edward interview and look forward to them each time a chapter posts. Thank you so much. Excellent job!

roxiegirl said...

Fuck yea! we want an interview with Riley. I'm telling ya that cliffie was the bomb. Laurent with Edward's dick in her mouth. WTF? Edward's really gonna have to figure out how to get out of this one...can't wait to see what he comes up wiht!

Sara said...

Oh GOD yes, you should definately be interviewing Riley.. Perhaps you can get him to autograph that..... Er..... *ahem* never mind.

Can you do it on a Monday - Wednesday since I own his fine ass on those days? *smirk*

Bouncy72 said...

Damn, I did miss this post. Glad I double checked, thanks Krys!
Lol, you probably don't need this as everyone else has already beaten me to it, but looks like we all agree... Riley would be awesome in an interview. Please try & do it discreetly though, I don't want Edward's feelings to get to hurt, he'll really feel like Riley's taking over everything including the interviews :(

Maybe I'm naieve but I don't think Riley has an a hidden agenda. I think he's honestly just a nice guy. I call ppl sweetie & sweetheart soon after meeting them *pauses & stares at ceiling* I guess I don't call people baby straight off though. Gosh Edward really needs to blow Bella away cos what she just saw is likely to push her into sleeping with Riley.
Sha wish I could meet these boys. Damn, they're awesome. I could do with special txt's everynight to E. if you're reading this ;)

Thanks girls, (& Edward) love you all <3

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