Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rob's New Shoes & Maybe a Stoli Shirt

OMG...are those new shoes? Mmm Hmmm!

Rob was spotted out and about in the rain in Vancouver last night....all wet and sexy...and walking towards his hotel room...where he will probably get out of those wet clothes...and maybe take a nice long, hot shower and...OH, OH, sorry my mind drifted for a second! (Yes, too much fanfic today)

Back to the shoes (reluctantly)! The only shoes we ever see in Rob's daily wear wardrobe are the black and white Nikes, the black shit kickers and those terrible hobo shoes from last years VMAs.

Maybe he bought them during the "alleged" shopping trip that he and Kristen took in Vancouver last week. Sources are reporting that Rob and Kristen were shopping in a vintage store, taking their time and granting pics to a few fans. But as has become the norm lately...we have yet to see a single pic of this outing.

As excited as I was to see Rob in possible NEW shoes and as unexcited as I was to see the frankenpants reappear, I freaked when I heard that some tweeple (twitter people) believe the t-shirt peaking out from under that hoody is the infamous NEW STOLI SHIRT! Could it be?

WAIT THERE'S MORE! Take the jump posted a breakdown of the latest Rob outfit on their site today! What do you think? Stoli shirt or not?

Either way, I'm going to say a little prayer that Rob bought some new pants in that vintage store so these frankenpants can die in a fire!

Thanks to ( a totally awesome Twi Saga source you need to check out) and for the pics!

The "Unhealthy" Moral of the Story:  Rob walking in the rain, all wet and sexy, distracts the hell outta' me...sorry!


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