Saturday, February 6, 2010


I cannot confirm where it came from. I cannont verify it's authenticity. I cannot say for sure that it isn't a manip. All I can say is this pic is fuckhawt! Most of you kmow by now that I have a STRICT no breaking news rule on this blog but HOLY MOTHER FUCKIN' SMOKES BATMAN...this pic just caught my panites on FIRE! HOT DAMN!!!

I might get in trouble for posting but oh just popped up in my twitter and I had to share it!


nextstopsf said...

Awww- I love Rob with a beard - without a beard - with manties - without manties- and definitely withOUT a TomStu....!!!!! just sayin'

Brina said...

I know I am gonna catch shit for this but fuck it........ he looks kinda gay in this pic. I really don't like it. lol

Bouncy72 said...

Lmao...Brina I agree 100% & what's with the combed back hair....bring back the mess!!! *chuckle* Sorry Krys

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