Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New/Old Kellan Lutz Blog Post

In honor of Kellan Lutz joining the TWITTERHOOD...
 I thought I would dig up an old pervy Kellan post from way back
in the beginning when I first started this blog. 



Previous Blog Post about Kellan....
Kellan Lutz ~ "The Snake Charmer"

Kellan Lust...I mean Lutz..., also known as Emmett Cullen, is a sexy, sexy man.

I sort of have this secret crush on him that I don't tell anyone about. I'm really not sure why I keep it a secret though. It's not like being attracted to a Twi guy with smokin' hot bod and a BIG ANACONDA is a bad thing, right? It just seems strange to admit to people that I drool over Emmett Cullen, the grizzly bear eater.

Don't get me wrong, I am still a complete and total Rob-sessed maniac and I will always be 100% Team Edward, through and through. But a little Kellan action on the side doesn't hurt...well it might hurt...a a good way...did I mention the BIG anaconda? Wow!

Recently, I found myself in the midst of a Kellan Anaconda Picture Hunt with some sexy twitter babes (yeah...that's a whole other story for a whole other day). But anyway, I found out that a couple of them have secret panty dropper fantasies about Kellan too. But they, just like me, don't broadcast it either...weird, don't ya' think?

That boy really is a fine piece of beef cake! His bod is cut, ripped, chiseled and totally lick-a-licious!! He can read and write. He has a good job. He's not missing any teeth and he doesn't have any extra appendages...well the man-nips are little on the protruding side but I can live with that! He's "allegedly" dating a Hollywood starlet, and that's sort of a turn off...but other than that he is a prime piece of man hunk! Who wouldn't want to nail him?

So, why are so many of us afraid to admit that we love him too?

We have no prob telling EVERYONE how much we love ROB. I know, Rob is UBER SEXY because he has that sexy little lip bite thing he does, and that crooked smirk, and that look he has when he puts hid head down and looks at you from the top of his eyes and you can almost hear him say, "Hey, Krysti, I really want to lick get the point.

So, yeah, poor, poor Kellan has all these fans that he doesn't even know he has because we're all being super secretive about it! WTF?

More anacondas after the jump....

I say we all come out of the closet, wrap ourselves in a rainbow flag and march down main street...oh, wait, wrong closet...uh.....*closing door*....*opening next door*...

Ok, this is the right one.....whew...

I say we all come out of the "Kellan" closet and throw on a plain, old, white wife beater with no bra and a pair of old grey sweats as a sign of solidarity to prove the lust we all feel in our nether regions for him and his anaconda (did I mention how BIG that thing What do ya' say girls?

Hmm...yeah, well, you're probably right. I wouldn't do it either...hell I only admit to being Rob-sessed on my blog and on Twitter so screw trying to throw a Kellan obsession out there too. Obviously, it might take some time for me to freely admit to another twi cast obsession! But it sounded like a good plan, right?

The "Unhealthy" Moral of the Story: I would mind being the tuna between a Rob and Kellan white bread sandwich! (excuse me waiter...can I have a little mayo with that? *wink*)


Bouncy72 said...

Lol, I'm trying to see these protruding nipples *grin*
Lol, with the amount of time I spend drooling over these boys I don't think I'll be coming out of the "rainbow" closet any time soon either :P
What about a Rob & Jackson sandwich? Other than the anaconda everything on Kellan is a bit too bulky. Toned & LEAN on the other hand, Mhmmmmm ;)

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