Friday, April 30, 2010

Summit's Not So Sneaky Smoke & Mirrors??

A new official Edward and Bella Still and a note to fans from BILL CONDON, the recently announced director of Breaking Dawn....


Why would Summit be so generous and giving… today of all days?

Is it Christmas, Valentines Day, Canada Boxing Day?

NO? Are you sure??

Should I show you my shocked face???

After weeks of little to nothing in the way of Eclipse yummies…ok, ok they gave us a trailer last week but HELLO… compared to the goodies we were given throughout the filming/production process of New Moon – they basically went from feeding us Filet Mignon to nothing but Tofu… granted we can survive on that but they know we will never be truly satisfied
(hehehe sorry I couldn’t resist…feel free to throw rotten tomatoes)

I don’t know about you but I smell something STANKY…and it’s not the rotten produce!

Anyone else think Summit pulled a little smoke and mirrors, slide of hand today?
(*Alice voice* Mirrors, mirrors a room full of mirrors!!!)

Those (not so) sneaky devils gave us GOODIES with the left hand while sweeping RUMORS of turmoil on the set, under the rug with the right?

Twitter, Facebook and internet message boards have been buzzing with rumors about everything from the Sparkly One walking off the set yesterday, to problems on the Isle of Robsten, to David just being a plain, old, little, bald meany!

True, you ask??? 

(well unless you have some sort of good insider knowledge, then your guess is probably much better than mine, in which case my email address is ... I need a good "Deep Throat" will be our little secret)

All I know is… Rob’s been in The 'Couve…aka Edward Territory for three days now and
I still haven't seen one strand of EDWARD SEX HAIR or the BABY BUTT SMOOTH JAW!
This is total fuckery…get your shit together Summit… this hair hoor NEEDS to see some of the fuckhawt Edward Cullen sex hair…ASAP!

Here’s the link to the Bill Condon message incase you live under a rock and haven’t read it yet:
The Twilight Saga: A note to fans from Bill Condon
He sounds pretty sincere…hope Summit doesn’t corrupt his sense of GIVING TO THE FANS…We’ll see!

What do you think? Leave me some...uhm...Love? Flames? Rants? It's hard to tell today! *mwah*


Brina said...

*sings* "look all these rumors! running every day. just need some time. some time to get away. from all these rumors. can't take it no more"

We will never know the truth because its all DAVID said gossip cop said tmz said happyfeet said summit said........on and on and on!!

I just pray all is will in the meadow. I pray Rob will soon be fuckhot Edward motherfucking Cullen. And I pray the DONT FUCK UP ECLIPSE!!

So Rob, Kris, David, and Summit please put your hollywood drama aside and make a film that us fans will LOVE.

And Bill Condon, please have a Edward naked in the water PLEASE and THANK YOU in advice.


*Stoli_Princess* said...

ok my Twin said it better then anyone could! LOL they better get it together! but if yall remember there was DRAMA after Twilight too *suposably* and it was all here say so i blame it ALWAY ON TABLIODS NEVER ON ROB! LOL hehehe There BETTTTER BE FUCKHHAWT MEADOW AND LEG HITCH DAMN IT!! But im kinda bummed there will be no **JAZZ HANDS** hahahah J/S ok no im not! but EC and BD are my favorites and i will be pissssed if they fuck them up! I will start a twi war, cause u dont fuck with TWI MAFIA! *throw hand sign* ~STOLI~

nextstopsf said...

3rd Twi Mafia weighting in--- I am the calm one of the bunch...LMAO -- until you fuck it up - then I am DONE! Summit doesn't want to end up with a horse head in their bed so I am sure this is just drama to work us up before the we need that.... Anyway - I agree- better be a leg hitch...just saying!!

Brina said...

They might be needing to take a long walk on a short pier with some cement shoes if they don't get this shit right.

Remember you might not see us but we are always watching
Twi Mafia.......out

*Stoli_Princess* said...

**Throws TWI MAFIA HAND SIGN~~ dont fuck with us! ~ Twi mafia OUT! peaceeeee...

Krystih said...

I love my Twi Mafia besties! You girls are the best! ROTFLMAO!

nextstopsf said...

Ya'll crazy!! But that is why I luv luv ya!! Summit better not mess with the Twi Mafia and some of those other crazy bitches(paps etc) but watch their back too.... we are the parent company of the SkankSlayers!! LMAFAOOOOOOOO

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