Saturday, July 10, 2010

TwiMafia LA Book Club Meeting ~ DAY 1 ~ Bobby Long & WFE Set

Soooo.... you may or may not know that my besties and I (a.k.a. the TwiMafia) are on a five day vacay in LA to stalk ... I mean observe and show our support for Rob Pattinson.

Day 1 ~ "What's yo' dream?"

After getting the essentials settled into our cute little West Hollywood apartment...

...we searched out the Hollywood sign so @Amanda1104 could be all "tourist-like" and get a pic!

Our next stop was FOOD...which took us on a series of circles around.... and around...and around...and around West Hollywood ... and passed the studio "WHERE JIMMY KIMMEL filmed Total Eclipse of the Heart" (...yes BRINA, WE KNOW!) Thanks to a GPS that seriously needs to have the maps updated, and not one, but TWO restaurants that have recently shut down. But we eventually ended at Essex on Hollywood Blvd which I must say had really yummy food and even yummier drinks! 

Next was BOBBY LONG at Troubadour... where apparently someone has dyslexia...

The show was awesome! I must say that Bobby is actually really hot in person... I always thought he was kind of cute when I saw pics on Twitter but in person... RAWR!!!

 (that's a whole new Brit Boy Jaw Porn right there...uber lickable, I must say)

We had such a good time at the show.

PurpleBrina17 and Topher ... he opened for Bobby, uber adorable!

Sam Bradley was pretty hot in person too. Yep, he was there, with Kristen Stewart, Tom Sturridge and other members of the Brit Pack "entourage". Unfortunately the ONE BRIT I really wanted to see..."The Prize"... "The Pretty"..."HHH"... "Mr. I can make you come with just one rake of my fingers through my hair"... yeah you know who I'm talking about...anywhoo... HE wasn't there!

Which lead us to the next adventure of the night.... WFE Set in Piru!

A source, that shall remain nameless, (damn that sounds all secretive right?) told us that Rob was doing a night shoot in Piru. So, at 1:00 am, (after watching the papparazi slide across the hood of KStew's getaway car (that was a bit scary and extreme, I must say)... we zipped through McDonald's drive through and headed north on I-5 to go see Rob.

When we arrived there were about 20 fans waiting with a hope and a dream to see His Holy Hotness exit the set. We chatted with a few awesome girls and got a glimpse of Reese Witherspoon. But after four hours of freezing our asses off and 28 hours of no sleep...we fell short of seeing the beautiful one.

It was a long cold night!

Dean came out and assessed the crowd, which by that time had grown to 50 or more people, some holding signs, some dragging their poor kids in tow, some that should have just taken their asses home because they didn't even know who Bobby Long was. Needless to say, Rob exited through a road on the opposite side and we didn't get to see him at all!

So... day one was a total blast but we our mission remains unfilled at this point. Bet your ass we are not giving up though! I will see that freshly finger fucked hair before we leave this town!

Stay tuned to see what happens on Day 2...


Brina said...

By the way TwiMafia was hating on me cause I have seen Rob live in person in all his HHH!!

"this one time at Kimmel"

I must say I take DAMN good pictures. I also must say that the TwiMafia looks DAMN good even after being up for 24 plus hours.

Aww, my newest brit crush Toph Taylor!! I heart him SO MUCH!!!

And Bobby, I was just SO IMPRESSED by him and his talent. His Band was kickass too. And Eric, Bobbys set up guy, "grip" or "roadie" I heart him too.

Funny shit heard while on this trip:

"rob, rob, rob, rob, kstew bitch, rob, rob, rob, rob, paz"

"hey brina, what are you gonna wear?"

"I am gonna pull your hair and spank your ass and call me Daddy"

"I looked over on the middle of the night and I was looking at Krys and thinkin thats not Ray"

FuCkInG lOvInG this 1st Sitdown so far.

Respect the TwiMafia...bitches!!!

nextstopsf said...

Well what can I say about day one that wasn't said here...oh A LOT!!! LOL!! The Mafia has to have some secrets...
Heard some AMAZING music - had some outrageous laughs- plenty of eye candy - and poor choice in food to soak up the alcohol... js -
Seriously - this has been amazing fun and sooooo GREAT to meet my girls!! Heart them hard! xx
Always Always looking for the next TwiMafia adventure!

luvtwilight72 said...

Looks like you gals are having a great time!! Thanks for sharing your adventure!!BE Safe.

Bouncy72 said...

*Giggle* Brina, who said "I am gonna pull your hair and spank your ass and call me Daddy"
Gosh you guys did you get any sleep other than the car?

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