Sunday, July 18, 2010

TwiMafia LA Book Club Mtg ~ Day 5 ~ So a Celebrity Walks into a Bar...

Day 5
"So a Celebrity Walks into a Bar...."

The day started like every other day this week.
The TwiMafia dragged their asses out of bed, jumped on Twitter and checked in with our "sources"!

The Mission is coming down to the wire.

Today has to be the day... it just has to be!

Why today you ask?
Because we've worked so hard. 
Because we have put in the time, sweat and tears.  
Because we stayed up for 28 hours for a chance to see him and got denied. 
Because 5 of us sat in a Kia freakin' Rondo for days, just to watch him drive right by without a single wave. 

(Side note... Dear Enterprise Rental Car, THIS IS NOT A SMALL SUV, asshole! Love, Me!)
Sorry, where were we.... oh yeah.....

Because all of our hard stalking work has got to pay off...
And most improtant....because we're all going home tomorrow dammit! 

Today would also the day that the most Robsessed of the TwiMafia was revealed.

~We had to make a choice~
Souvenier shopping for our friends and family or go set stalk for the last day if WFE filming in Piru.

Two of went to set....


And three went shopping and Hollywood sight seeing!

The Inception premier was being set up for later this evening.

I could def handle seeing sexy Leo on the black carpet this evening!

Wait... nevermind! Sorry Leo, but we're going to see Sam Bradley tonight!

But until then, while some of us were being tourists, looking at Ogres

Two of us were in search of what I am truly beginning to believe to be a mythical creature ...
a to speak!

People claim to have seen him. They have pictures of him. He's been spotted all over town but I have yet to lay my own eyes on him. He is elusive and continues to be just outside of my reach!
Maybe he is like bigfoot... or loch ness... a myth... a legend.

And what better way to find out...

Back to the dirt and artichokes!
Oh the things we do for this man.

Once on set, "Scion" and "Diver" were VERY helpful.
I would love to tell you what they told us but... I made a promise and I never break a promise!

It was a long hot day,
but even sitting around in a Kia, staring at artichokes all day, is fun when you're doing it with your bestie!

Five hours later, it happened again! Even with all our insider knowledge and security tips...
we watched his black SUV fly around the corner and out of sight... again without so much as a wave.  

That's three times Rob! Three times! GRRR!!

BUT... as we wiped our tears and began our journey back to Hollywood, to hopefully catch the same concert HHH was in such a hurry to get to... we rounded a corner and LOW & BEHOLD...
who was in the car right in front of us? Mr. HHH himself! 
Again and again, so close yet still so far.

We may or may not have followed him almost all the way back to LA...
purely by chance of course, because we happened to be headed to the same area.

In hind sight, I probably should have just rear ended him so he would have had no choice but to pull over.
But I think that would have put me right over the edge from fangirl to psycho stalker, dontcha' ya' think?

Once we were back in LA it was time to meet up with our besties at Hotel Cafe to see Sam Bradley... and hopefully HHH as well!

If you've never been to the Hotel Cafe... the whole bar is about the size of my living room, there are about four tables right in the front and it's hot as hell in that place.

Sam's puts on an amazing show though! If you've never seen him live... you definitely need to change that!

As we were dancing and singing along to the music. We heard this very familiar laugh come from a thin black curtain to the side of the stage.

I'd know this laugh anywhere!




Now, this is the point that I started chanting... 
if you tackle him you will go to jail... if you tackle him you will  go to jail!

As Sam closed the show and the crowd clapped and yelled for a great preformance,
A security guy started telling the all of us standing next to the curtain that we had to move back.

Was he really going to come out? OMG!!!
Now, this is the point that I was starting to have problems breathing.

Sure enough, the curtain opens and a line of sexy Brit's start making their way
through the bar to the green room!

First in line was TomStu... (did I mention that he is much better looking in person)
and then everything went blurry and all I could see was the LB hat with my own piece of heaven underneath it! He was truly fucking beautiful!

Now, this is the part where I totally stopped breathing!
It felt like all the air had been completely sucked from the room.

He looked just like this...LB hat, white t-shirt, black pants...
(minus the jacket and minus the "I hate papparrazi" scowl but you get it!)

He walked with his head down, through the crowd. He looked up once or twice and made eye contact with a few people he seemed to recognize. I saw the smirk! I saw the smirk! It was everything I ever dreamed it could be. But just as soon as it appeared it was was gone.
He was gone!
 He disappeared behind a closed door and it was over.

I don't know how long we stood there speechless with the realization of
banging around in our heads.

I must say that I thought it was VERY COOL that no one in the crowd approached him or tried to take pics. The entire room just let him walk by casually with his buddies! It was amazing.

A few moments later that same security dude reappeared yelling at all of us to clear the room. We were all herded into an even smaller bar area (if you can beleive that), so the "band" could have the room.
Damn, you have no idea how bad I wanted to be in that room!

Although we didn't get an autograph or a picture with HHH, it continued to be a great night.

We met Shelly, or is it Stella?
(there's some odd name confusion going on there... we really need to clearthat up)
She runs the fan facebook site for Sam, Bobby and Marcus!
She was so sweet and she loved Brina!
Check out her FB Page "Sam Bradley-On the Road"!

She called us "virgins"... (milk-a-who??)
because it was our first time at one of Sam's shows!

We did a meet and greet with Sam
(who I might add, remembered talking to us at Bobby's show...score!)


Sam and his band are so sweet! They were all very charming and so funny!

We chatted with Dustin, the Brit Pack "Beer Bitch"
(his words not mine)
I prefer to call him "Smokey" (LMAO)
He was an interesting guy to say the least!
There's a lot more to this part of the story but I think it best to let it go...for now! *wink*

A certain producer that one of the TwiMafia besties has been chattin' up online was in attendance as well.
When he got ready to leave, we walked him out and were bombarded with papz

No wonder celebs hate that shit! I was seeing spots for an hour!

Sometime after midnight, we saw the front of the bar light up like a fuckin' 4th of July fireworks show
caused by a full blown papz camera assault
and we knew Rob had left the building!

Our last night in LA was an amazing!
One of us had a bit too much jager. One of us didn't see HHH because they were busy chatting up another celeb. Some of met new friends... thanks to a mouthy little skank that nearly got eliminated by the TwiMafia. Five us of crammed into a cab for four and rode all the way home with a drunk-ass lying across our laps in the back seat.

At the end of the day it was

...and topped off by 1:00am
and that's all that matters!
'cuz that's how the TwiMafia rolls!

 Now, this is the part where I tell you to go to the comments section and check out PurpleBrina's
"Funny things said/heard on Day...."

But due to  LARGE amounts and Jager and the Robsession of two memebers that caused our group to be seperated on this day.... it just didn't happen.

But I will tell you MY favorite thing said of the day....


Brina said...

I don't know if I wanna cry or laugh..... that was the best sitdown EVER!!! It was just EPIC. It goes to show that "if a 1st your don't suceed, try try again" is a true motherfucking fact.

Psst, I didn't know there was a pic me of me and Sam together. SMH, FML I wonder I can't rememeber that...........Oh TOO many Sufers in Acid......Damn Jager.......(BTW, I want that pic of him and I together PLEASE.)

Sam and the Man were just brillant. I love my music as you all (and if you didnt now you do) and now I am in love with Sam's music too, He makes you feel like he is singing to you. The eye contact that he makes will make your panties go *poof* He is be beyond sweet and I have a new music in my ipod because of him and Bobby. I can't wait to see them both again.

As for seeing HHH, it was like having tunnel vision, it was the sex walk in slowmo. I swear in my "JagerHaze" that he said "Hi" to me but I was in a "JagerHaze" so I can't be sure. *sigh*

I have so many things I could say about that last night but I will pled the 5th *grins*

I am sad that we didnt spend more time together on our last 24hs together but I still love my besties. I cant wait to do it again... TwiMafia 2nd annual SitDown

And don't hate cause "Everybody Love Me" *smiles*

Respect the TwiMafia.....Bitches!!

*Stoli_Princess* said...

awwww this day was ok, i mean it could have been AMAZING but i didnt get to see the HHH, damn it sexy producer with gorgous eyes! so to me rob is a chupacabra.... (they say they exist here in TX, sum have pics, but have yet to see them with the human eyes) LOL i have to just be possitive and keep my candle lit till my day comes!
LA was FAB, and im so glad to have shared this experience with my Besties... *THE TWIMAFIA*
xoxoxox ~Stoli

Chablis said...

I think I love you ladies more after this post!!!! Didn't think it was possible! hahaha. I'm so happy your little Robventure ended in such a great way! =) Love it!

Star said...

stoli princess i am disappointed in u for not seeing the HHH!! lol jk so who was the mouthy lil bia yall wanted to eliminate?? thanks for the blog updates krystih!! u are awesome ;)

nextstopsf said...

Aww this is a fabulous post---I sadly did not see HHH (I was with Stoli and hot producer viewing some 'video' on his bb-seriously-great guy) I do believe my path will cross with HHH- we have been so close- in The Couve -twice & now LA- our day will come ;)Haha!
I love love my girls - drunk and sober!! I love that we share this crazy passion for HHH -
I will see Sam over and over just like Bobby- I am a live music h00r (just drove 12 hours in a 36 hour period with 6 teenagers to see Kings of Leon- so I mean it when I say I love me some live music-) I would love to see Rob on stage one day although am not sure my heart or panties for that matter could take it!
Love you crazy bitches!!!! #BESTLATRIPEVER

Linzzer220 said...

that's too funny!!! I'm glad you at least got to see him and the show was enjoyable :) When i saw him at the Hot Topic thing for the Twilight Tour, the whole store was quite and my friends and i waited in line and we heard a faint brit accent and I just face turned beat red and i started hyperventilating...i'm pretty sure i peed my pants just a little i was that fucking excited!! LOL!! When I went up for my autograph i asked him if all this was overwhelming and he said yes and ran his hand thru his hair and drank some coffee....dear god I thought i would die! lol

Bouncy72 said...

WOW. That was EPIC... you lucky bitches (ment in the nicest of ways *grin*) I feel a bit teary now for some reason...don't ask me why, I have no idea.
I think it's kinda cool ppl didn't try & approach him or take pics & stuff (although it would be great to be able to) but it's nice for the boy to have a minute of just regular crazy fans *wink*) nextstopsf & Brina, sorry you didn't get to see HHH :(
Love u guys :)

LaughingGirl said...

I have read all five days and it sounds like you girls know how to party!!!! I couldn't stop laughing as I went from day to day!!! And I do remember seeing a few drunk tweets from a couple of ya ladies!!!! I am so happy you guys had fun!!!

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