Friday, July 30, 2010

To Sex Hair or Not to Sex Hair... That is the Question!

As the Naughty Hair you all know I am... I have to admit... The short hair cut is growing on me. And since we now know OTHER PLACES on Rob have obviously NOT BEEN CUT... I guess I can give the guy a break and at least let him have the tip of something trimmed up!

Although, the preppy 'do does sometimes make me wonder if he is a long lost cast member of
Beverly Hills 90210...

 He would blend right in, right?
As yummy as the clean cut look is on our sexy boy... I still keep leaning back towards the sex hair..
The sex hair was just so... FISTABLE.
I just can't decide which look is my favorite!
Which do you prefer?

A                or             B

 A           or            B

A           or           B 

 A         or               B

A             or           B

A         or        B

Damn! This is fun! I could do this all night!
He's just so yummy to look at.

Cut or uncut... it's all so lickable!
(I'm talking about his hair cut... hehehe ... no I'm not!)

Ok, last but certainly not least....

I know these pictures don't really go together (well he's wearing black in both pics. Does that count?)
 There's just no way I could do a sex hair post and not include this Mark Seagul pic!
It's one of my very favorites of all time!
So are you a Prep Hair Hoor or a Sex Hair Hoor!
Wanna' guess which one I am?
Awww, you know me so well!



nextstopsf said...

Well .... I say B, B, B, B, A&B A&B and both of the last ones too! - that is all ...... I would be his closet kitty even if he was bald! js

Star said...

ill take all of em, short hair, long hair, no hair!!!!! u torture me w these pix!

Brina said...

Cut or Uncut? That is the question......I can say that I have seen both "cut" and "uncut" and I feel as long as it gets the job done then that is all tha matters.......Oh wait a sec we are talkin about his HAIR......OOPSY, I got sidetracked with that 1st pic. As for cut HAIR or uncut HAIR, I know the sober Brina would say it doesn't matter he looks hot no matter what. Even when he was all Grizzly Rob. But "JagerHaze" Brina would say "as long as I can still run my fingers through and Fist that shit. that it's all good"

Much Love Bestie *mwah*

Respect The TwiMafia....Bitches!!!

CMGeek said...

Not to be a party pooper on that first pic but are we sure that isn't just a photo manipulation?

I gotta say that I do NOT give a crap either way I'd still grab a hold and never let go :)

Krysti said...

Hi CMGeek! Thanks so much for the comment. I'm such a comment hoor!

The first pic (I'm assuming you're talking about the short hair pic, right?)isn't a manip. It's from a recent photoshoot. I can send you more from the shoot if you're interested. And on the off chance you are talking about the first sex hair pic...that's Rome Rob from the Twilight Rome premier... yummy... I LOVE ROME ROB! I have more pics of that as well!

Thanks again for the comment! Don't be a stranger! Hugs & Loves!

Bostongirl1212 said...

Ok let me see here..

1. C. for both hehe
2. C. for both hehe
3. C. for both hehe
4. C. for both hehe
5. C. for both hehe
6. B. cuz well you heart belongs to that one
7. C. for both hehe

Robs hair porn is like THE best porn out there that my firend is why u and I are so close huh? LMAO

Loved this post!!

CMGeek said...

Um no I was actually talking about the crotch shot.

Bouncy72 said...

*gasp of horror & covers eyes trying to bleach CMGeek's comment from brain*
Oh you mean there's MORE???? Lol.

Um BGirl, what is "C"?

I always thought I prefered his longer hair, but I liked "A" on all of those except #6, then I prefered "B" (Tyler)

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