Sunday, October 10, 2010

Beta Bitch Bitch's Back

Yeah... this is how I feel too Rob!

If I decide to do a blog posts for every bit of the ROBSTEN deets that I see…

SO BE IT… I can do that because IT’S MY BLOG

If I decide to do a blog post on every single piece of NONSTEN info I come across…

THAT’S OK... I can do that because IT’S MY BLOG!

If I want to post every damn PAPPARAZI pic of Rob that gets posted on the web…

THEN I WILL… I can do that because IT’S MY BLOG

If I want to support RESPECT ROB and post NOTHING for the next two months because there’s nothing but papz pics out there…

THAT’S MY RIGHT…I don’t have to because IT’S MY BLOG

If I don’t want to post one damn thing about any project that KRISTEN works on…

I WON’T… I don’t have to because IT’S MY BLOG

If I don’t want to post certain pics because they were taken by someone I don’t care for…I WON’T… I don’t have to because IT’S MY BLOG

If every post I put on my blog between now and the end of time is about nothing and no one other than ROB… THAT DOESN’T MEAN I HATE KRISTEN. IT DOESN’T MEAN I’M A NONSTEN. It just means I LOVE ROB. Period!

I'm starting to feel like its a political protest....

If I don’t believe that Rob and Kristen are together getting their freak on in some secret hotel room 24/7, then so be it. That doesn’t give ANYONE the right to use their “mega follower twitter fame” to virtually stone me in the middle of twitter town square while all their cronies watch and retweet my humiliation.

If I choose to believe Rob and Kristen are stuck together at the genitals, as I type, like a couple of hound dogs in heat then THAT’S MY OPINION AND I’M ENTITLED TO IT. That doesn’t give anyone the right to bash me, call me names and tell me I’m stupid and a waste of a twitter account just because they might believe it’s a Summit PR stunt.

When I became obsessed with Twilight and discovered that there was this huge following on Twitter that was filled with other women just like me, I was thrilled. I was so impressed by the caliber of people that created this fandom that we have all so thoroughly devoted our lives to.

The Twitter Twilight group has everything from doctors, and nurses, and teachers, and corporate liaisons, to homemakers, and day care providers, and crafters. This fandom suddenly gave so many intelligent women an outlet to explore a more creative side of themselves and a stage to display those talents.

The creativity that has flourished and been displayed within this fandom is amazing. We now have writers, and painters, and bloggers, and banner makers, and people that manipulate beautiful pictures and desktop wallpapers. We have a huge network of wisdom, and nurturers, and ideas and knowledge that we never would have had access to otherwise.

I have made some of the best friends I have ever had through this fandom, women I never would have otherwise met.

But instead of appreciating the gift that we have been given through our mutual love of something so special, we take it for granted and tear each other down. We have been so consumed by hate that we can no longer appreciate the varied opinions that make us unique.

Since when is it ok, to stand up and call someone names simply because you don’t agree with them? We teach our children to be understanding and open to other people’s ideas and opinions but as adults, we don’t follow our own advice.

We have allowed jealousy over who’s blog has more followers and hits, and who’s fanfic has more reviews, to overshadow the talent, blood, sweat and tears that went into each and every page, post and chapter.

Instead of hating and berating one another for our differences, we should be learning from each other and respecting the fact that being ALLOWED TO HAVE AN OPINION is what makes us UNIQUE.

Just because I agree or disagree with the Robsten’s or believe or disbelieve the Nonsten’s that doesn’t mean I have to spread hate across the entire fandom.

We need to remember that sometimes we don’t have all the facts behind why a blogger may or may not post a pic or a story. Maybe that blogger doesn’t like the way Rob looks that day and chooses not to post it. Maybe that blogger doesn’t want to have to source the person that snapped the picture or source the person that originally posted the story because of some past discrepancy. Not posting something doesn’t always mean they are for or against one side or the other. It may simple mean. I didn’t feel like posting that today. End of story.

As “strong, independent women” we need to learn to respect that fact that we are all different, yet important, and that’s what makes this fandom amazing. Each and every one of us has the ability to use those fabulous UNFOLLOW or BLOCK buttons. And the same is true for blogs… NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO LOOK AT THESE BLOGS.

If you don’t like what I post, don’t click my links. If you don’t agree with certain blogger’s OPINIONS than don’t visit their sites. If you LOVE one particular blog because they do or don’t post items you agree with, then support them and show them the uber love.

This awesome network of amazing “Twilight Fans” is slowly becoming known as a group of psycho’s. We are turning on each other like a pack of rapid dogs.

Remember when the biggest line between us was whether we were Team Edward or Team Jacob? Now, we bash each other because we do or don’t post or tweet paparazzi pics. We will publicly humiliate each other over whether or not Rob and Kristen are in our relationship. We shred each other apart because a fic didn’t have the ending we wanted, or the outtake didn’t meet our expectations, or because we have less reviews than someone else, or more reviews than everyone else. We tattle on each other for posting pictures of the very people that we all claim to be here to worship. It’s ridiculous.

I don’t know about anyone else but I for one enjoy reading what other people have to say. I want to know what other people think. I don’t want to surround myself with a group of “yes men” that agree with everything I say. I want to be able to have HEALTHY discussions and debates and learn from each other.

If we keep going in the direction we are going in there will be nothing but a wasteland of hate and anger where LOVE and Twi/Robsession once lived. It will be a sad day when our own hate robs us from such talented and amazing people for no other reason but whether or nor a couple of celebrities are bumping uglies or not.

C’mon ladies we are better than that.
*sigh* ok, I’ll stepping off my soapbox now but seriously this is getting ridiculous.

This beautiful pic of Rob has nothing to do with this post
but I thought I would try to dazzle you before you leave
so you don't totally walk away thinking bad thoughts!


itsjustme1217 said...

Totally agree. Totally love you

TwiRPLover said...

OMG I totally agree with all of this! You rock! We should all be able to have opinions about the many different sides of this fandom without worrying if someone is gonna hate on us or bash us b/c of it. I certainly do not try and shove my opinions down others throats. I like or dislike what and who I want to...and I respect others opinions. Thank you for sharing your Beta Bitch with us all!
Love ya girl!

nextstopsf said...

Ahhh - I could go on and on about this maybe even longer that our beloved beta bitch, but I will try to keep in short- ;)
So simply I AGREE 100% with this post! I am always amused and sometimes even shocked by what people feel are important subjects to fight about--I come here to escape.... meet great peeps and find out what is happening around the world....I really cannot wrap my head around why people are sooo passionate about Rob and Kristen pro or con- how does this impact our lives...??? I don't think that it does- but I don't care if people want to be passionate about it- it is THEIR CHOICE and that is the whole point of this blog post!! I love my girls here no matter what and will even if we all decide that twitter is too much of a drama zone- Go beta bitch go!!!! ;)

Brina said...

Best blog best thus far bestie!!

I wanna do a little rant myself. Hope you don't mind to much.

I feel Blog and Fanfics are kinda the same. Whomever wrote it. So why do peeps have to bitch and make peeps change or stop posting because someone is a hater. I honestly believe the more "haters" you the better you are. Because they only they want what you got. They are JEALOUS. So I say

"hate on haters, I am happy and your not because I got what you want"

I love you Bestie and I am SO thankful for Twilight, FuckHotRob and Ywitter for bring you and the rest of the TwiMafia into my life.

Respect this Blog and the TwiMafia Bitches!!!!


*Stoli_Princess* said...

WOW where do i begin,.... well first of all *APPLAUD* i knew thats why you r my BESTIE 4 LIFE! ugh all this nonsten/robsten/whogivesafucksten/ is WOWSERS!! its really tearing people apart, i mean really? ugh, i agree 100, if it wasnt for Twi/twitter i would never have met my bestie/mafia bitches and i love all yall with all my heart but ugh get over it people... *GET TO GOIN* (i do have that patent so dont try to use that shit) one day rob will be hidden under his flat and it will be all over... love it while its here.,.. dont FUCK IT UP! LOL xoxoxo ~Stoli

melarimo said...

BRAVO!!!!!! STANDING O!!!!! I was already having an 'O' from the masterpiece that is NEW MOON EDWARD...GOD BLESS YOU, but I STAND and APPLAUD YOU! We all love the Twilight saga. We all LOVE ROBERT PATTINSON, it's why we are HERE together. We need to get back to the pure joy of THAT.

Lidia said...

Well said. Great post that many many should read. And remember!

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