Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to NextstopSF!!

Happy Birthday, Bestie!
This is a special blog post in honor of
NextstopSF... a.k.a. Closet Kitty

Video by @Rayneattwilight

I would only put Bobby pics on my blog for YOU!
(ok,Stoli & Brina too...but just know that I love you!) LOL!

 Dear Tami,
What a wonderful month to have a birthday in, my mother was born in October and she’s the best lady in the world so with that being said I know you have to be one of the best as well! ;) I know I don’t know you personally but please have a spectacular birthday filled with lots of love and fun! I hope this day is made special for you by your family and friends and that you get all the gifts you desire! May all of your birthday wishes of Robporn come true!! Much love!!
This picture is by far one of my faves and for your birthday I want you to imagine yourself straddling him! Ha, I know I’d love too!
Love, YourOrangeStar

I hope you enjoyed all your bday messages bestie!!
You are the sweetest, most caring, most selfless person I know.
You deserve all the best bb! I hope all your wishes come true!
Love & Hugs!

Please send @NextstopSF some love on her bday!

Special thanks to RayneatTwilight for making that awesome video.
And thanks to everyone that sent pics and messages, to Robmusment for helping with the pics and HungryVampire for making the awesome twitter avi's!
Thanks to all of you for helping NextstopSF have a great bday!



melarimo said...

@NextStopSF is QUEEN today!! Don't you h00rs forget it! Shall we form a line for her spankings? Or let DOMward do the honors? ;)

Brina said...

Happy Birthday Tam!! Love you soooooo much!! I hope have wonderful!!! I hope you get a good wallfuck spanking from the DH. ahahahahah or twilight yourself well thinking about getting this from Tattward/Fifty/Rob....fuck it Foursome with all your favorite "wards"




*Stoli_Princess* said...

awwww Happpppy Birthday T! LOVE...LOVE....LOVE You! have an amazing day, drink LOTS of wine, and find a hot tattoo'd younging give it to you good! LOL ok maybe not the last part but we can dream cant we? LOL xoxoxoxxo

nextstopsf said...

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! I LOVE MY TWITTAH FAMILY! not many RL peeps know my dark and twisted self you all know and I love you even more for that!!;) I love the video...Rob in San Francisco...seriously I cannot think of anything better in this world!! D.E.A.D!!!! I know I wouldn't survive but I would die happy!! You girls are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!! So thankful you came into my have no idea!!!! love you ALL!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox Closet Kitty ;) Oh and Brina-- that is the best four way ever...Rob and all the 'Wards' that we all love! js ;)

itsjustme1217 said...

Happy Birthday babe

Bouncy72 said...

Hey NextstopSF I know this is late. But hope you had A WONDERFUL DAY.

To evertone that contributed to this post, WOW you're a talented bunch!!!!

Take care everyone

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