Thursday, November 4, 2010


This is a special birthday post for my Bestie Amanda1104 ...a.k.a. STOLI!


Stoli, a few friends would like to wish you a Happy Birthday....

Video by RayneatTwilight

from Photoshopwhore

Love, The TwiMafia

 I hope you have a wonderful birthday bb!
Pour yourself a drink in that big ass glass, out your feet up and relax all day!
You deserve it!
I am so thankful that I am lucky enough to call you a bestie!
Hugs & Luvs!!

Special thanks to RayneatTwilight for making that kickass video, to Robmusement for helping with the pictures and to everyone that sent birthday wishes to our awesome bestie, Amanda1104


Bostongirl said...

Stoli, Happy Birthday BESTIEE! I didn’t want to write too much on my pic and mess up all the pretty! LOL Wow bestie look how far we’ve come from you being the girl in GChat that was scared to give out her phone number to a bunch of “crazy girls from twitter” LMAO! I still remember us dropping everything in to run to our computers to swoon over a new chapter of “JTO” I remember begging you to read “Wide Awake” I think it took just as long for you to get me to read “MOTU” LOL I always smile when I think of how many times JTO Rob made us swoon and WAWard made us cry and Tattward made us say UNF!! I will never forget the night we were reading “Buried” and us texting each other asking if “we are normal for reading this” LMAO I guess what I am saying is though all the tears, UNF’s , laughs, drinks, trips, phone calls, texts and tweets. I’m so happy that you are apart of it all with me bestie! So happy you finally gave up your number to us crazy girls cuz without you the Twi Mafia would not be the same!

Love you bestie! Hope you have a great bday!!
J.AKA BGirl.

nextstopsf said...

Awww so true J!! So love you girls!!!For all those reasons that J mentioned! and a far as "Buried" and 'normal' --I just figured if we were all reading it- then we were all normal or freaks of a feather flock together....which ever- luv Masen- LMAO!
love all my Twi girls!!

*Stoli_Princess* said...

I am truely blessed for having met all of u! it was my mother that talked me into *twittering* and look what it has done, ive found the best friends ever! THANK ALL OF U! hugs and kisses, cant wait till Mafia takes over the next town!

itsjustme1217 said...

Happy birthday Amanda. I hope it's the best one yet

Brina said...

Happy Birthday Twin!!! I am soooo happy you loved the blog! I know Krys and the gang (sounds like a *80'sband) worked so hard on this. Its AWESOME. I love you all Twitches!!!

I should have something funny but I am so so tired and so stressed out that, and FUCKIN HOT (my ac is broken) that I got nothing

Respect this TwiMafia and this Blog Bitches.............PurpleBrina....OUT

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