Wednesday, October 27, 2010

They Used my Voice on The Buried Life....

but they EDITED THE HELL OUT OF MY CONVO WITH JONNIE!!! What's up with that????

HOLY SHIT... that was my voice on The Buried Life's "Get a Lock of Robert Pattinson's Hair" episode.

For the very few of you out there that read this blog on the regular, you will probably remember when my besties and I (aka The TwiMafia) did our "LA Book Club Meeting" (aka when we stalked Rob) in July.

Well, the last night we were in LA, we went to Hotel Cafe to see Sam (and Rob). As you may recall, we did indeed see Rob that night but little did we know we also ran into the boys from The Buried Life.

At the time I had no idea who I was chatting up...  and who ONE OF US was HAIR GROPING...(cough PurpleBrina cough).

Little did we know, he wasn't just some adorable "Gay Robert Pattinson Fanboy" as he claimed. He was Jonnie Penn from The Buried Life. WTH?

Ok, fast foward... When I heard about the "Robert Pattinson" hair episode, and that they filmed part of it at Hotel Cafe, I was totally excited because I knew that we were at Hotel Cafe that night as well. Then two and two clicked together and I had a "Oh shit" moment! OMG... what if they got us on camera and we didn't even know it. But then I was assured by Bostongirl that they would have to tell you if they planned to show your face on tv. Whew!

Then imagine my surprise when Bostongirl called Monday afternoon and said, " Um, you better go watch the preview of tonight's Buried Life. It's you bestie. It's totally your voice!"

My first thought was WTH? Then I watched this clip....

AND THEN I WAS LIKE WTF??? They edited and pieced together different parts of our convo and made it into something totally different!

This was SOME SERIOUS TV EDITING TRICKERY. Very slick MTV... very slick.

Here's how this convo went down. Granted this is not vebatim because there was some alcohol involved but I do remember our convo.

I told NextstopSF that I was still blind from being paparazzied. That's when Jonnie appeared out of nowhere and asked me who I was paparazzied with.
I told Jonnie that Amanda1104 was friends with Giovanni Agnelli and that we were trying to help him to his car without being seen by the papz. I told him we walked out in a group and "he was all hiding in the middle of us" but the papz saw him anyway and how they chased us and flashed their cameras right in our faces. It was crazy.

He asked me if the papz were there for Gio and I told him no, they were there for Robert Pattinson. He asked me if I knew where Rob was now. I told him Rob was in there somewhere, pointing to the front part of the bar. He asked if I thought they had left already and I told him that if the papz were still out there, Rob was still in here. 
And the part about the girls screaming... I'm pretty sure I was talking about Kristen and TomStu leaving the Trubudour the Friday before and how the papz went nuts and jumped on the car and how all these girls were going crazy screaming at them to leave Kristen alone. But then again I also told him about being on set that day and how girls were screaming Rob's name and going crazy but Dean just drove right by and didn't stop and that Bostongirl and I figured it was because he was trying to get to Sam's show on time. (yes I talk a lot when I'm drunk... so sue me)

Anywoo... either way, they edited the whole convo and made it sound like ROB was walking in the middle of us (I WISH) and that girls were screaming and going crazy. NOPE... not how is happened.

But my convo wasn't the only thing that was EDITED in this episode of the Buried Life. I couldn't believe they actually showed a clip that was supposedly Rob leaving Hotel Cafe that night on July 13, but was actually footage of him leaving Jimmy Fallon's Emmy party with Stephanie Ritz, his manager, on August 29.

This is Rob leaving Hotel Cafe July 13th

This is the a pic from the footage The Buried Life
used. It's from Emmy Night August 29th

The beard alone was a dead give away.

How dumb do they think we are. Not to mention they want us to believe they actually SNUCK INTO THE SOHO CLUB... sorry boys. Anyone that knows anything about the Soho Club knows you can't just sneak in some "open back door".

Then "20 Minutes Later" when it was LEGAL to show us more footage they SUDDENLY HAVE A SINGLE STRAND OF "ROB'S" HAIR... WTF?? Hell, that could be Jonnie's strand of hair for all we know. C'mon boys give us a little credit here. We're ROBSESSED not STUPID!

I will admit Jonnie has great hair and I'm totally having hair grope envy...

but this whole Rob Pattinson episode was nothing more than a publicity ploy to get ratings.

Shame on you MTV! Shame on you!


itsjustme1217 said...

I can't believe that's you! I'm excited for you. I hate that they tampered with the info you gave though. When I heard that I was thinking to myself that is so not true (how they edited what you said) I noticed the pic too and I was like oh hell no when they acted like they snuck in the Soho Club. I was very, very disappointed in the show.

LustingAfterRob said...

Wow. That's really fucked up! How stupid do they think us Rob fans are? We live and BREATHE Rob. They should know better then to pull shit like that.

Brina said...

I sure as hell did Grope his hair and I fucking groped that shit like I owned it. I think they shoulda put in the show when you told me,
"hey I am hair hoor, why are you touching his hair?"

I still think they were "gay fan boys" LOL

Wish they would have shown more of that thingk it would have been nice to have a visual of my "jagerhaze" hahahaha

And lets not for get the best line from that night, "Everyone loves me"
Oh ya, they do love my bestie and her kickass blog too!!

Respect this Blog and the TwiMafia, Bitches!!!

PurpleBrina OUT

Star said...

that is toooooooooooooo freakin crazy!! haha man i wanna see this vid but they took it down! f u youtube, f u! i cant believe they made it seem as if rob was walkin in between yall, thats pretty awesome though.

and thaty probably were gay fan boys, secretly, who doesnt want rob??

next trip, plz take me with you

lke brina said, respect the twimafia, they are better than u!!

*Stoli_Princess* said...

Hahaha omg I can't believe I missed this blog pot! That shit was funny don't gets wrong I love me sum Gio but damn I missed alot that night lol

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