Monday, September 21, 2009

Behind the Scenes of New Moon


If this doesn't make you want to jump online and get your tickets now....I don't know what will!

He can come play "leap frog" on my bed anytime! hehehe

She is my total girl crush!

This must be a dream sequence...kind of kinky, right?! cute!

SOOOOO damn sexy....grrrr!!!

Wow...are those Jacob daggers or Taylor daggers
stabbing Rob in the back of the head? Down, boy!!

Click here LA Times to see all of the New Moon behind the scenes pictures, including some really hot shirtless Jacob Black pics. Sorry I just refuse to post sexy, shirtless pictures of Taylor Lautner on this blog because it makes me feel like a cougar.

The "Unhealthy Moral of the Story: You know where to find me on November 20th at 12:01am...but if you dare bother me at the time...I will hunt you down and kill you! *SMILES*


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