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Always & Never: Edward's Thoughts Chapter 1

Edward has agreed to sit down with "An Unhealthy Addiction" at the end of each chapter to discuss his thoughts and point of view. This is our first interview. Edward is definitely the quiet type but I hope he will warm up to me and open up a little, as we spend more time together. I must admit, it's going to be difficult for me to keep my hands out of his hair (ya'll know I have that hair fetish thing) and off of his body during these interviews. I can't make any guarantees, but out of respect for Bella and the fact that Bostongirl threatened to take away my interview privleges if I don't behave, I promise to exercise as much self control as possible.

Always & Never ~Chapter 1

Krysti: Hello, Edward. I was very pleased when Bostongirl told me that you had agreed to meet with me. I know this isn’t easy for you, since you have a tendency to keep all your feelings bottled up. But, it is important for us to hear you’re side of the story as well. I will make every effort to keep this enjoyable for both of us. *winks* I hope you didn’t have any trouble finding this hotel?

Edward: It was no big deal. I just entered the address into my GPS, but I’m not sure why you insisted on doing the interview from this hotel. It’s a nice place, but fuck, it’s in the middle of nowhere? It took me half an hour to get here. *unwraps a red, square lollipop and slides it into his mouth*

Krysti: *eyes fixed on the short white stick being held between his lips* Well, Edward, my office is being remolded and there are just too many distractions at your house. I thought this place was quaint and just far enough off the beaten path that nobody would know we were even here…so no matter what is said between us or what happens while we’ll here, it will be just between us. *smirks* You know, just in case, you didn’t want anyone to know that we’re meeting to discuss your feelings and all.” *quickly looking away from his mouth* It’s totally for your benefit, but I’m more than willing to make the drive, to ensure this is as comfortable for you as possible. *licking her lips* Ok, um, yeah, let’s get started. I’m very curious about your “oral fixation”. Bella mentioned that you have a “thing” for these cinnamon lollipops. *pointing at his mouth without letting her eyes follow her finger* How long has this lollipop habit been going on?

Edward: *raises a questioning eyebrow and smirks* Oral fixation’ huh? I wouldn’t really call it that…I smoke and when I can’t fucking smoke, I have one of these. *shrugs* Plus, girls don’t want to kiss a fucking ashtray, so it helps with that too.

Krysti: History has it; the Queen of Sheeba used cinnamon to seduce King Solomon and that’s what actually started their legendary love affair. Are you aware that cinnamon is considered to be an aphrodisiac?

Edward: *leans forward, slowly pulls out lollipop, resting elbows on knees, narrowing eyes at Krysti* So, what are you trying to say, Krysti? *pops lollipop back in mouth clicking it against teeth*

Krysti: *leaning down to match his posture, meeting him at eye level* Just pointing out, that of all the many flavors of lollipops you could have chosen, you chose one that happens to be an aphrodisiac. I’m not fully convinced that was a coincidence. But, we’ll come back to that later. Next question; Bella went into great detail describing what she thought about you the first time she saw you in biology class. What did you think of Bella the first time you saw her?

Edward: *adjusting in seat * Seriously? Krysti, Bella is my best friend, but she is fucking beautiful. Trust me, I have to hear about it from all the fuckin’ horny pricks at school on a daily basis. But do you want to know what I think makes her even hotter? The fact that she doesn’t even know just how fucking hot she really is. I mean… if I was going to look at her in that way, which I don’t.

Krysti: Hmmm, is that so? *smirks* Your reaction to the note Mike Newton wrote Bella was a little…uh….intense. You’re not the type to lose control over something so juvenile. What was it about that note that pushed you over the edge?

Edward: *cracks knuckles, takes a deep breath* Newton’s a dick and that was fucked up. Bella didn’t deserve that shit. She deserves to be respected. He has been harassing B for a long time. That was the fuckin’ last straw. Plus, it’s like my job to protect her now, right? That’s what friends do, they take care of each other. But if he fucks with her again, *swallows hard* lets just say, he will regret it. *chomps down on lollipop*

Krysti: All of the texting and “tell me a story” music swapping is very sweet. Is it something you look forward to everyday as mush as Bella does?

Edward: *smiles* She told you about that, huh? Well… yeah, I mean that is our thing. I really try to find the perfect song for her every night. You know, so she will sleep well. We are both really into music and to be honest, I think I would sleep like shit without it.

Krysti: The morning of the beach party, Bella came in your room to wake you. You grabbed her and pulled her onto the bed cuddling her into you. Then, just as she was about to leave, there was this moment when you pulled her face close to yours. It was a very intense moment. For a second, I thought you were going to kiss her, but instead you whispered a smart ass comment about wanting oatmeal instead of pancakes. Have you ever been tempted to kiss Bella?

Edward: I’m really not looking forward to Bella leaving, that just fucking sucks. We always cuddle and shit, so that’s nothing new, plus her hair smells so fucking good. *smirks* Swan is a smartass, just like me. *chuckles* Wait…what was the question? Oh, yeah right… Have I ever been tempted to kiss Bella? *runs fingers threw hair* *Krysti gasps, promptly sliding her hands under her legs, sitting on them, trapping them in a safe place* Fuck, Krysti, I dunno? She’s my best friend and that shit is too risky. That would just fuck things up, wouldn’t it? *glancing at the odd positioning of Krysti's hands, he quirks an eyebrow and shakes his head, while pulling another lollipop out of his pocket*


bouncy72 said...

Lol thanks for the interview bb. *Grin* think I'd have to sit on my hands too, gosh his hair is lovely & damn I'm kinda jealous of a stupid lollipop. It'd be kinda interesting to know when & who he last had sex with. I mean just from comments He's obviously no saint when it comes to that, but He doesn't seem like he's happy to have other guys hanging around Bella so I just wonder if he's being a little hypocritical there? Could maybe ask him in another interview (if it doesn't disrupt the story)?

bouncy72 said...

Hahaha me again, loving your Rob pics btw :)

Jackie said...

Bouncy72.... I'm really glad you enjoyed this!! Thank you for leaving comments and just FYI, if you are reading the story, check my A/N when it post. I have already spoke to Edward and he is willing to answers a few “readers questions” I will let you guys know when I will be collecting them at the end of my chapters….Answers will only be posted here at An Unhealthy Addiction, as Krysti is the only one allowed to interview him. Thanks again!!

*Stoli_Princess* said...

lmaoo love the interview~ hurry up with chapt 2 already!!!

Brina said...

I can't believe you were able to keep your hands off that beautiful head of hair. *grins* Hmm, Krysti, question for you, Did you keep the lollipop stick? I think had I been I would have asked for a lick. *laughing*

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