Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Fanfic: Always & Never


As most of you know, Bostongirl1212, posted her very first fanfic, ALWAYS & NEVER, on this week. In just two days, she has already acquired well over a hundred readers and almost every one of those readers "favorited" her story! That is amazing for any new fanfic but even more amazing for a first time author. I think we can definitely call it a hit!


Bostongirl has agreed to let me use this blog as a platform for all things Always & Never. That means Chapter Teasers, Edward interviews and maybe a few suprises along the way, will all be posted RIGHT HERE on the "AN UNHEALTHY ADDICTION" blog! I'm totally stoked about it! I'm even more stoked about the facr that I get to chose where I meet Edward to do those EPOV interviews! HOT DAMN!!

Just in case you live under a rock and haven't heard about this kickass new fanfic, here's a summary:

Although they've been practically inseparable since the day they became friends, Bella Swan has ALWAYS believed that she and Edward Cullen would NEVER be more than friends, regardless of how well they get along, despite how much she loves him. But the night before Bella is set to return to Arizona, to spend a few months with her mother, the combination of Bella, Edward, vodka and one steamy beach party results in all kinds of boundaries being crossed. Scared at the possibility of something new and unfamiliar, they part ways under strained circumstances leaving both of them wondering if even their friendship can survive.

But now Bella's back. Back, after a long, hot summer with Jake, her lifelong friend from Arizona with whom she shares more than just a few sparks. She is desperate to put Edward Cullen out of her mind once and for all and eager to respond to the advances of someone new on the scene.

As Bella and Edward continue to cling to the pretense of friendship, how long can they pretend that they never acknowledged the truth? That one night meant everything and that they're both desperate for a second chance to make things right. Although they may NEVER admit it, they’ll ALWAYS know there is something between them that simply refuses to be extinguished.

If you still haven't read Chapter 1, you better get moving because Chapter 2 will be posting early next week. GO, GO READ IT NOW

The "Unhealthy" Moral of the Story: Always & Never and "Textward" is going to own your ass. Believe me, you don't want to miss what's coming next!



bouncy72 said...

Wow I hadn't heard of it. It does look good, I'm off to read it now! Thanks for the rec. Oh & LOVE that pic of Rob

bouncy72 said...

Yikes I just went to check it out & you said she had over 100 readers, & they favourited her story. There are 8 reviews WTF, that is shocking, come on people if you like a story say so!!! That's not even 10% of people reviewing... Bah

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