Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Always & Never ~ Edward Interview Chapter 2

A lot has happened since the last time we talked to Edward. I can’t believe he kissed Bella. WTF? Didn’t he just tell us, last week, that he didn’t look at her like that? I knew it! I knew he was full of shit when it came out of his mouth! I can’t wait to find out what’s going on in that pretty little head of his. Oh yeah, I have to ask him about that little fight between Bella and Tanya too. “NO EDDIE, YOU BROUGHT HER, YOU FUCK HER!” *lmfao* I love Bella! She such a mouthy bitch when she wants to be! *music starts playing ~ You let me violate you ~ You let me desecrate you~* Oh, I’m sorry, can you excuse me for one second? I’m getting a text. * reads text from Bostongirl1212*

“Edward is on his way to your office. He seems to be in a good mood, so hopefully, he’ll be cooperative today. I hope you have his lollipops…and remember NO HAIR TOUCHING!” -B-girl

*Reaching under my desk, I pull out a big white box with a huge red bow on top and place it right in the middle of my large mahogany desk. Resting my hands on the sides of the box , I stare at the door, waiting for him to step through. I take a deep breath. The scent of cinnamon and Marlboro reach me before he does*.

Edward: *walks in winks at Krysti* Hey what’s up, Krysti? *eyes flash to box with bow, reaches for it* I believe this is mine? *smiles*

Krysti: *slaps his hand away* Not so fast, pretty boy. Talk to me first and I promise I’ll let you lick these later.*eyes drop to the box but continue to pan down to the cleavage slightly visible from the top of her blouse, then quickly back up at him* Have a seat handsome. I think you have some explaining to do.

Edward: *follows Krysti’s eyes to box then to her cleavage, bites bottom lip, eyes flash back up to hers* Fuck! Krysti, you gotta’ stop doing that shit. *flops down in chair*

Krysti: *smiles* Soooo, I heard there was a little beach party and things got…uhhh…I guess we could say….CLOSER *hums a couple notes of the song* between you and Bella? What happened to “not thinking of her in that way” and “not wanting to kiss her because it would fuck things up”?

Edward: *Raises eyebrow at Krysti, licks lips, swallows hard* I fucking love KOL's “Closer” it's an amazing fucking song, and Bella was so fucking…um…tempting. Shit, you don’t think this will fuck things up, do you? She fucking kissed me back like she wanted it to happen. She wouldn’t have kissed me back if she didn’t want it too, right? * Runs hand through hair nervously*

Krysti: *shrugs* Edward, you got really angry when Emmett called you Tanward? It was obvious he was just drunk and kidding. Why all the hostility?

Edward: *rolls eyes* Listen, Tanya was fuckin’ following me around. I went over there to try to get away from her. Fuckin’ Em, just made it worse. That bitch is clingy, and trust me she needs no more encouragement. *gazes at box *

Krysti: I understand that Bella and Jacob have been life long friends? Why did you get so jealous over something as simple as one little dance?

Edward: *grits teeth, pulls out cigarette, raises eyebrow at Krysti* You don’t mind do you? *Krysti shakes her head* I wouldn’t have to smoke if you’d just give me my fucking lollipops. *lights cigarette, takes long drag, runs hand through hair, leans head back on chair* First off, I didn’t know who the fuck that was dancing with Bella, at first. Fuck, I had seen one picture of the prick, a long fucking time ago; he had longer hair then. How was I supposed to know? Then she told me it was fucking Jacob and I remembered her telling me she had some, um….eh… history with him. But after the fight, with Tanya, she was dancing with him like that, and that fucking kid’s hands were all over her. I didn’t fucking like it. What the fuck, Krysti? He was fucking acting like she was his to touch like that”. *takes another long drag of cigarette sits back up meeting Krysti’s eyes*

Krysti: Speaking of the fight, that little argument between Bella and Tanya got pretty ugly. What did you say to Tanya after Bella walked away with Jacob?

Edward: *puts out cigarette, pulls lollipop out of his pocket, starts to unwrap it before he realizes Krysti is glaring at him, winks at Krysti and keeps unwrapping* Krysti, we are close, right? * smirks* That being said, I don’t know if you really want to hear verbatim what I told her. It was fucking vicious. Let’s just say, I told her to fuck off and leave it at that.

Krysti: Bostongirl told me that you agreed to answer a question from one of her fabulous readers. She also mentioned that you asked her to pick the question because Bella was….doing…something…that had you a bit distracted? *raises an eyebrow, feigning a look of innocent confusion* Lucky for you, we’re almost out of time, but you will have to tell more about that next week.*smirks* Anyway, PurpleBrina17 wants to know if you plan on following Bella to AZ?

Edward: B-girl told you about that? *smirks, puts lollipop in mouth tucks it in cheek* Its going to be so fucking hard to be away from her for the next few weeks, really fucking hard. *frowns eyebrows, sighs* But no, you can tell PurpleBrina17 that I won’t be going to AZ. Thank God for cell phones, huh? *stands up, looks at box, smiles*

Krysti: I know you only agreed to one reader question but I’m really curious to know this myself, so I’ll go ahead and ask. Bouncy72 wants to know if you would consider going to visit her, if she sends you a case of cinnamon lollipops? So Edward, tell me, what exactly would you be willing to do for a big box of hot, delicious, hard, cinnamon lollipops with a big red bow on top? *eyes fall to the box between her hands, licks her lips before giving him a devilish smirk*

Edward: *smirks* Do you really want to know Krysti? *walks around desk, turns Krysti’s chair to face him, puts hands on either side of her on arm rests* Do you really want to know what I would do for those lollipops? *leans in closer, glances at her lips then quickly moves eyes back to hers.* I would be willing to walk down that hall right there and tell B-girl that you refused to give me my lollipops and then you’d have to deal with her. *grins wide as he grabs the box and winks at Krysti, walks to the door and stops* By the way, tell Bouncy72 to send the lollipops first and then we’ll talk *chuckles as he walks out the door*

*Krysti grabs phone to text Bostongirl*

“B-girl – Edward just left. Interview is done. I swear that man is going to be the fucking death of me. GRRRR! P.S. I was a good girl… mostly… well…I didn’t touch his hair anyway.” ~Krys


*Stoli_Princess* said...

ohhhhh textward!!!! what r we gonna do with him and them damn lolipops??? Well i do have sum ideas... EEEK!! *Blush*

nextstopsf said...

GRRR!! I agree with Stoli - I have sum ideas as well for those lolipops! mmmmmm Can't wait for next update!!! xoxoto Textward!! oh and my girls too!!

HungryVampire said...

LOL OMG! Too funny! I loved it!

bouncy72 said...

*LOUD SQUEAL* Ahh he answered my question, woo hoo...Off to the shops right now..*scratchs head* oh dear we don't have any open at 3am Damn. Well I shall be waiting outside the store first thing as soon as they open & will be getting that box of lollipops straight off to him...*tilts head to side thinking* Hmmm maybe If I get 2 big boxes we could do more than talk...*grin*
LOL, seriously though, thanks for the interview, it's always great getting the inside info from him. Can't wait for the next chapter...Thanks girls :)

Brina said...

Thanks ladys for using one of my questions. Too Danm funny. He is to hot for words, and what a tease he was to you Krys. I am not sure I could have been so strong. I might have grab a handful of hair and kissed those lollipop tasting lips. *grins*

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