Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Always & Never Chapter 8 ~ Edward's Post Interview

Always Naughty ~ Never Nice 

Monday Dec. 14, 2009 9:02pm

OH. MY. GOD. *leans back in her chair, fanning her face with her hand while panting heavily*

I…uhh...just….uhh…need…a …moment…to….uhh…catch….my…breath. That was some seriously hot fantasizing. Wow!! If I could fantasize myself into an orgasm that fucking good…I would check the hell out of reality right fucking now! Hot damn!!

I’m not totally sure that I’m going to get through this interview without flying across this desk, clutching my fists into his beautiful fucking hair and taking him right here on the floor of my office. The only thing working in my favor is the fact that I am afraid to uncross my legs at the moment, for fear that flames might shoot across the room. Lord knows the panties are already MELTED! Did I mention how fucking hot that chapter was…UNF!!!

Oh shit, he’s here. I can smell that cinnamon lollipop coming down the hall. It smells so damn sweet, and hot, and sticky, and lickable…OMG…I’m not going to get through this fucking interview…FML! *Ok, Krysti just make a joke of it…make fun of him, that will work, right? He will be pissed but it will help you not think sexy thoughts. Just don’t think about his long fingers being wrapped around that big, hard, throbbing...*

9:08 p.m.

Krysti: *gasps, being pulled out of her naughty thoughts as he walks through the door, she takes a deep breath while plastering a wide grin on her face* Well, hello my little self lovin' sexy man …How are your eyes today, baby? You aren’t suffering any type of vision issues or blindness of any kind, are you? Having any carpel tunnel or tennis elbow issues? *fights to stop herself from thinking of him rubbing his thumb around the head of his…omg…stop it*

Edward: *Rolls lollipop around mouth with tongue, raises eyebrow at Krysti, before sitting down* What the fuck are you talking about, Krysti? Are you ok today? *pulls out phone, sends B-Girl a Text* (B-Girl...WHAT.THE.FUCK? You told her about that shit? I fucking trusted you. That was private! Son of a bitch! We need to talk after this! E.)

Krysti: So, that sexy little angel pic really got you going, huh? I’m a bit surprised that you thought Bella might have a hidden agenda though, Edward? After all, she didn’t volunteer the pic. You asked her for the pic. Maybe she is just having new experiences in AZ that are making her more comfortable with her…naughty side? *shrugs her shoulders feigning indifference while trying to stop herself from thinking about his tongue and how warm it would feel in my…oh shit…don’t go there Krysti*

9:15 pm

Edward: *Pulls out lollipop and licks lips, Runs hand through hair, leans forward* Krysti, Bella had to know that fuckin’ little 'get up' was fucking hot. *reaches down to adjust himself and smirks at Krysti* When I asked for the picture, I never fuckin’ thought she would be wearing something like that! As for her “experiences” in AZ, I don’t know what the fuck is going on down there. *Runs hand through hair nervously* And to be honest, I don’t know if I could handle finding out…I just can’t*shakes head*Fuck, I just don’t know how I would react. I really might fucking lose control for good…and that…that could be a bad thing. *pops lollipop back in mouth*

Krysti: *eyes dart between lollipop and recently adjusted bulge* I have to ask you about the “fantasy” hun’. I must tell you, it was really fucking hot. *bites her bottom lip* But don’t most guys fantasize about the girl on her knees pleasing him not him on his knees pleasing her? *licks her lips, stands and walks to the front of her desk, leaning on the edge, right in front of Edward’s chair. Drops her voice to just more than a whisper* Does the thought of licking her…really get you that hot, Edward?

9:18 pm

Edward: *leans forward meeting Krysti’s eyes, licks lips* It’s about control, Krysti. It’s about claiming her. It’s about making her fucking mine. She was totally fucking with me by sending that picture. I know it. If it’s some kind of a game she was starting, by sending that…then I’m fucking playing to win, Krysti. And I know, a girl can’t resist a guy that can properly make her come...multiple times.*leans back* And that is fucking hot. That is the fucking turn on for me, Krysti. Owning Bella’s body. Making her mine. And I was just getting fucking started. *smirks, licks lips*

Krysti: *watching Edwards eyes become hooded with lust, she realizes that she is now talking to JMF not Edward Cullen. Unable to control her own actions, she lifts her foot, placing it on the chair just barely visible between Edward’s legs and whispers* That is…really fucking hot…By the way, what do you think of my new shoes? They were a birthday present…to myself. *thinks to herself…oh shit, Krysti…why did you just put your foot that close to his crotch…FML…I’m losing this battle…oh fuck…put your fucking foot back on the floor bitch…don’t even THINK about rubbing his dick with your foot…don’t you dare move that foot forward...omg*

Edward: *Wraps hand around Krysti’s ankle, rubbing tiny circles with pad of thumb, smirks at Krysti when she gasps, cocking head to the side looks up at her* Those are fuckin’ hot, Krys. I really don’t think you know who you’re fucking with right now. *Leans forward, tightening his grip sliding hand slowly up her calf, urging her foot forward* I think it’s best I get going now before this shit gets out of hand. *cocks eyebrow, licks lips*


Krysti: *visibly panting, she stares at his hair, her fingers twitching, her breathing becoming shallow, whispers slowly* Maybe you should go now, Edward…before I do something I’m really not supposed to do. *tries to rationalize her behavior in her dirty mind, then heavily breathes out the words* But it IS almost my birthday... and I’m sure B-Girl would want me to have a really special birthday, right? And technically, this is her fault. After all, she’s the one that wrote that steamy lemon that got me all hot and bothered, right? No…yes…no…Edward, you should…uhh…*dizzy… hot… dizzy… melting…dizzy... wet…can’t fucking speak…not good…not good*

Edward: *Stands up, coming face to face with Krysti* Your birthday, huh? *flashes lopsided grin, runs hand through hair, causing a whimper to escape from Krysti* Well fuck Krysti, B-girl and I already have something planned for your birthday, but…if you promise not tell her… I could do something special for you...myself *Smirks, leans forward placing hands on either side of Krysti on the desk, runs nose along her jaw line up to her ear and whispers* How about I let you touch my hair, birthday girl?

Krysti: *Krysti moans and pulls her bottom lip between her teeth as her hand slowly raises from her side…

*all reader’s computer screens flip to mutli-colored striped screen as a high pitched ringing blares through the speakers….the following message begins to scroll...

“The live broadcast from Fanfic Headquarters is experiencing technical difficulties at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience”

Tuesday Dec 15, 2009 9:01am

Bostongirl: *walks confidently up to the podium and clears her throat before speaking into the group of microphones* Good morning readers. I apologize for the abrupt end to last night’s post interview. I want to inform you that Krysti will be taking a short leave of absence. I am confident that she will return to work at Fanfic Headquarters in a few days with a much better perspective of what her job entails and will be displaying a more professional attitude towards her employment at Fanfic Headquarters and the fanfic characters she has the privilege to work with. Thank you. *steps away from podium shaking her head and rolling her eyes*

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*Stoli_Princess* said...

*fans Krysti's face* whoooooo girl, i hope your ok after this interview!! EEEK!! Happy Early Bday to you!!! I hope you enjoyed every hair pull! Mmmmm LUV YOU!!

Brina said...

Well,FUCK, i wanna know what happens when she starts to touch his fucking sexy ass hair UGGGGH!!

I wanna be pissed but I can't. I am happy the Dirty Hair Hoor got one of her birthday wishes. Lucky Bitch *grins*

Love you guys!!

Respect this Blog Bitches!!

Brina said...

Shit I almost forgot

HAPPY 17th Birthday!!

Cause you only as old as you feel.

And since you were just "feeling" a 17yr old........LMAO

Bouncy72 said...

WTF, Krys you had me laughing so hard I was actually crying a little, but damn it woman did you have to get me all hot & bothered :P

Lol Brina, loved the "Cause you only as old as you feel.
And since you were just "feeling" a 17yr old" that was awesome :)

Finally Krys HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY HON....Have a fantastic day ey

nextstopsf said...

OMG!! DO TELL girl ...WTF happened after the hair pull...fuck! Hope you have recovered ...or not....LMAO!

Happy Happy!!!
Have a great bday!
OH and I LUV LUV the banner!!! & chapter 8!!



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