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Readers Response to My Rob vs. Papz Rant

As you may recall, I recently posted a Rob vs. Papz rant about the the ongoing debate over whether or not the papz have the right to be such a pain in the ass to Rob and other celebs. The question of "do papz go to far" is not a new one but the debate took a whole new turn and in some cases laid down a dividing line between Rob's fans after last weeks Marcus Foster concert. As usual, I had to air my opinion...nothing new, right?Well, at the end of that post I left an open invittation to anyone that wanted to send me a reply via comment or by email. Some people agreed and some people didn't. But the great thing about the world we live in is that we are all free to HAVE an opinion and free to SHARE it.

By @Amanda1104
This is my rant! I'm actually more pissed about Rob himself!
My rant to Rob! You have been in the *bizz* for a while now. Ok, we know you are a shy guy and like your personal life, but damn come on?? Hiding your face only makes it worse. They will haunt you more if you hide. That is their job. Granted they need to really chill out and not be all up in your personal space, but the more you fight it, the more they will pry! Look at it as your 15 min of fame. Tomorrow it might be all over and one day it will be! So smile bright and let us fans oogle at you from afar!

And as far as these fellow bloggers that are all about *respect Rob*, are you kidding me?? If it wasnt for the papz we would have 3/4of the collection of pics we all have... (i.e. black vneck pics, all of the sexy RM pics, do you want me to continue?) So why dont ya'll *respect rob* and calm the fuck down!!
Ok my rant is done! Thanks for reading!

By @nextstopsf
I believe, unfortunately, that the paparazzi come with the job of acting.....invasion of privacy?...ABSOLUTELY! Does it make me sick to my stomach (lit'rally) the way they behave sometime trying to get the stupid pic?....HELL YES!!! (I can't & don't watch pap vids at all!) Do I feel bad for Rob?....YES, he and all the others that are hounded by paps. Do I think Rob is man enough to handle this?....WITHOUT A DOUBT. I will even add that I believe he has and will handle it better than most!

I also have a strong opinion on tabloids (both the mags and the net one's) - that most of this pics end up in/on..... I do not follow them on twitter- do not have any bookmarked on my laptop, nor do I buy any of those "magazines"(it is hard for me to even call them that) I am serious about this --- I lit'rally own 2 magazines with Rob on the cover... GQ and the glorious new Vanity Fair! No kidding - I own no others and the GQ came in the mail as I subscribe to it!

For those of you who know me, may think that I own so few because I am in the 'Rob closet'(my happy place) so to speak, but truly that is not the case. I don't support any of those other mags, not even People, because they make shit up or at the least sensationalize EVERYTHING! UGH! But I have always been this way. As far as fans being respectful...I am all for this! Those 'skanks' in NYC this summer gave us all a bad name! So, of course Respect Rob... and do that in anyway you see fit! Strangely, we all have our own personal feelings towards him. Frankly, I can't even wrap my head around the way I feel...because I am definitely not the demographic that the media thinks follows Rob!! NOT EVEN CLOSE! (and proud of it too, by the way!) I think generally we all want the same thing for him.... to keep making movies where we can drool over him regularly on the big screen, oh and please God let him record some music and sit down at the piano and play for all of us ...willingly :)

That is all I have to say about that...for now! ;)
Thanks to Unhealthy Addiction for letting be heard!!!

By @PurpleBrina17
Wow, I just wanna' say that I love you Krys! "You say what you mean and you mean what you say" haha, sorry for the John Mayer, LOL! I know, cheesey but it's true.

I love Rob as much as the next grownass woman or teenage girl but this shit with the Papz and him and every other celebrity is gettin' fucking old. I love to see pics of Rob in magazines, press shit, movie releases or whatever, but to be honest, do I care if Rob is back in LA or if he had drinks with Megan Fox??? Fuck no!(Well, maybe I woud wanna' see Rob and Megan kiss that could be fucking hot) *rolls eyes smiling* Ok, seriously I don't fucking care.

Don't get me wrong, I will look if there are photos or whatever and I might even read the bullshit in "OK" while I wait in line at the store but sometimes I can't FUCKING stand it. Everything celebrities do is on the web in mintues. I am surprise we don't know how many times Rob takes a piss in a day. :-)
I have to agree it's the price they pay for doing what they love. It comes with the job. I have a met few celebrities in my life and I can tell you the good from the bad. Some love it, love their fans and having their photos taken (Ellen) and others act like they are to fucking good to talk to you , let alone have their photo taken. (Carson Daly and Ray J)

So, if you truly believe that the Papz are disresecpting Rob or Robsten (fuckin dumbass name BTW) then post your #respectrob, rant on your blog or bitch on twitter. But only post the approved photos. And not the photos of Rob walking down the streets of LA or Robsten (dumbass name again) kissin or holding hands. Cause in your eyes he is being taken advantage of.

Look people Life IS Hard and it aint easy. You can't have shit both ways. It just don't fucking work like that. So Rob is a big time movie star and in that life you gotta' give some shit up as well as gain some shit. He knows his photo is gonna be taken when he leaves a bar drunk on a friday night, in a hoodie in the rain. ( Ya, I seen the footage). He knows! Ok, I don't think he needs any extra respect.
My thumbs are crampin up cause I just typed this shit out on my blackberry. So, I am done.
Respect this Blog Bitches!!!

By @Robmusement She posted this on her blog Robmusement as well....go check it out

I read a post at An Unhealthy Addiction that I did not necessarily agree with and the following is my response. I would just like to say before I start that I read Krysti's full post and did not leave an angry comment nor did I berate her on twitter. When I sent the following letter to her, she responded kindly and asked to post my letter. See we are grown women, who can maturely agree to disagree
(obviously not without the word fuck) and still be friendly.
Respect works on all different levels.

It is my humble opinion that while celebrities know that with fame comes paparazzi, it is not my belief that any amount of money should buy all of anyone's peace of mind. I do not believe that paps should have the right to follow any celebrity around and wait outside their hotel rooms to assault them with a camera everytime they poke their heads out the door. Yes, being a celebrity comes with being recognized and people wanting your photo. However, making movies, being a rockstar, etc. is a job. Everyone deserves to go home and rest after work. Every human being deserves to go out on the town and have a good time without photos being printed in the newspaper the next morning and the rumor mills fueling the economy.

While it is possible that some of the fuckery could be dismantled if the celeb would stop and pose for 10 seconds, I highly doubt it, because these bastards are never satisfied. No, it wouldn't kill any celebrity to smile, wave and be on their way. But therein lies two problems. First, the paps won't stop at that. They always need one more photo. One more pose. One more roll. Second, and this is the one I feel super strongly about. I won't argue because that is needless when I know I'm right. So pay attention. I would cut my own fucking brother for getting in my face and snapping photographs of me when I don't want it and I don't think that I am better than any celebrity or vice versa. Whether they have had a bad day, are a bit too drunk, or what the fuck ever reason, if they don't want to have the pic taken, this should be respected.

Also, I realize that most celebs are attention seekers, but not all of them are like Paris Hilton. Not everyone likes to wiggle their ass in front of a camera every time they have to go errands or hang with their friends. Yes it's true, to some degree that celebs need paps to stay in the spotlight and further their careers. It is also true that paparazzi have become excessive, evasive, and out-of-control. This did not start with my beloved Rob, it has been a spiraling tornado for a long while now and we all know what happens when the tornado touches down. Chaos, destruction, and ruined lives. Ever notice how it is never the camera men who suffer the consequences? Who put these bastards in charge and who in the fuck is allowing them to rule like Hitler with a camera? This is information I need.

That being said, what constitutes an unacceptable pap pic? Hood up, head down means he doesn't want his fucking picture taken. Period. End of discussion. I don't give a fuck what the reason is or how much money the pap is losing or the exposure the celeb is forsaking. I'm talking about decency. Compassion. Humanity. Respect. Which Webster's defines as: an act of giving consideration.

I do not feel that the Remember Me pics are off limits because he was working when they were taken and most of the ones I have were taken by fans, who were there as well. If that makes me a hypocrite, I'll buy a fucking t-shirt with it written on the front, right across my big ass tits for Rob. All I'm saying is if you or I were following Rob around (or any celebrity) taking his picture when he was in public and he asked not to be photographed, we would be arrested. So why are these asstards exempt? To me, it doesn't necessarily make a fuck where he is or what he's doing. Wasn't it us women who came up with the phrase, "No means, no"?

I have one more adamant commandment. You can take this one to the bank. I don't know who the fuck this Kristen is and I don't give a rat's ass. I assure you there will never be a photo of her in the park under any circumstances.

In summary, paps are a part of a celeb's life and they should be held accountable for the same laws as us common folk. I don't mind paps making money on pics, just not at the expense of the celebrity. There will NEVER be a photo of what's her name on this blog. To put it simply as ToR did, if Rob doesn't want it, neither do I. Any human being should be able to say no and be heard and listened to.

It boils down to three major points:

1. Paps have crossed a line and need to be reigned in. I have heard there are people designated to deal with these types of situations, yet have seen no evidence. I'll tell you the damn truth though, let me go piss behind the dumpster and the fucking popo will show up both times. Moving on.

2. Respect is about allowing an individual to tell what he is uncomfortable with and as human beings with individual needs of our own changing to accommodate. It's karma people.

3. My respect and admiration for the lovely Rob Pattinson will not stop me, should I have the great fortune of meeting him, from attempting to lure him back to my place for margaritas and a game of war, in which we both lay on the bed and blow the hell out of each other and then have make-up sex. Only if he wants to, of course.
Still friends?

When @Robmusement emailed that to me, I sent the following response back to the way, I must say...I LOVE her for telling me her opinion!

by @Krystih response to Robmusement
This is great! I love it. You are more then welcome to reference my blog when you post this on yours. I appreciate you taking the time to send this to me. It's important to me that I have both points of view. And thanks a bunch for pimping Always and Never and my blog for the teasers, etc. Jackie is my bestie and I want her story to get as much attention as possible!

In response to your...response, LOL, My inention in my blog rant, which I wish I would have reittirated a little better, was that no matter what your opinion is on the subject, we are all entitled to have an opinion. And no one should be beaten down verbally or otherwise for whatever opinion that may be.

The real reason I decided to posted my rant wasn't at all about whether or not anyone decided to support the "Respect Rob" campaign. What really sent me over the deep end was when certain persons felt it necessary to verbally abuse anyone that tweeted anything in disagreement. Just because someones opinion is what it is, that doesn't give anyone the right to send them 100 tweets in 5 minutes telling me how stupid and ignorant they are or tell me that they are a fucking whore because they didn't jump on the bandwagon.

Personally, I am fortunate enough to have wide shoulders and thick skin. So, if that attack had been directed at me, I would have laughed off said twitter assault and moved on with my day, unfazed.

Unfortunately, the poor seventeen year old girl that was attacked and humilated by certain adult women, didn't have such thick skin. That was absolutely unacceptable.

As far as the Remember Me photos are concerned, I disagree with your reasoning . It doesn't matter if Rob is working or not. According to what I understand, and I could be wrong, the Respect Rob campaign is about standing up against people taking ANY pictures of Rob without his approval or permission. So, why is it ok to take pictures of him while he is working but not while he is walking down the street.

Someone walking into my office, taking my picture while I'm writing an insurance policy isn't really any different then someone standing on the sidewalk talking my picture while I walk down the street. It's all the same. Is it acceptable to annoy someone at work but not acceptable to annoy them after work? And if I recall correctly, the studio actually had to build a box for Rob to hide behind so the FANS and PAPZ would not annoy him and photgraph him while he was in between scenes.

Again, my real issue isn't whether or not a group of people stand together to fight against something they feel is unacceptable. My real issue is first, that all of us are allowed to have an opinion and second that if you are going to take the stand, you better stand ALL THE WAY up, no matter what the cause.

If you decide to stand in support of gay marriage you can't say "it's ok for gay people to get married BUT don't allow them kiss in public, because I don't like to see that".

If you decide to stand up against domestic violence you can't say "arrest men that hit women BUT don't arrest women that hit men because they don't hit as hard.

People can't say "RESPECT ROB" then say "well, it's ok for me to post this picture from Just Jared because Rob is smiling and happy in this one BUT nobody better post that pic from Radar Online because he looks pissed and irritated and that makes me feel bad.

And who will be appointed to decide what is or isn't an acceptable time to take Robs picture. Is there going to be a rule book that says, "you are allowed to take Rob's pic if he is smiling, has his hood down, his faux-hawk is pointing northeast, he isn't doing anything embarrassing and he has a blue flag hanging on his back side but only on the left side cuz' yeah thats the crip side BUT don't dare take his pic if he has his hood up, he's wearing an ugly ball cap, has been drinking, is without a pair of Rayban's or is just in a generally crappy mood. Who gets to determine what the rules are?

If you are going to get all "Just Say No" to the papz, then as you put means no. That means no exceptions. Just because he looks totally fuckable in this pic but not so much in this one..that shouldn't determine whether or not it's acceptable post it.

One of the great things about this Robsessed world that we all CHOOSE to live in, is the amazing women that all come together for the love of our Twi/Robsession. Through twitter, fanfic and blogging, I have had the pleasure to meet some of the most truly talented, creative and caring women I have ever known. We are a group of educated, strong, independent women that should be continuing to build each other up not tear each other down. The beauty of all of this is that we can be on Team Edward but be Best Twitter Friends Forever with a gal that is Team Emmett or Team Jacob...yeah, yeah, ok even Team Jasper...BUT only if she is REALLY NICE! LOL!

So, no matter what our opinions are on the whole crazy mess...I love you for WHO are and for the amazing talents you so graciously and lovingly share with us!!!

Respect works on all different levels
I am more than willing to post more reader letters if you send then to me at I believe everyone is allowed to have an opinion...please tell me yours!
Hugs & Kisses! ~ Krystih


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