Monday, December 7, 2009

Rob vs. Papz ~ This Blogger Bitch's Opinion

I love this Rob and I want him back!!

It's sad to say but I will probably lose followers as soon as I post this blog. I love all my followers on the blog and on twitter and truly hope none of you leave me over this but I have to get this shit off my chest. I would hope that you would all RESPECT the fact that I am entitled to have my opinion just as you are entitled to have yours! Yeah...yeah...opinions and assholes...I know the saying but this is MY fucking blog! LMAO!!

*DEEP BREATH* It is MY honest opinion that celebrities know beyond a shadow of a doubt that fame comes with paparazzi and with paparazzi comes having your pic taken WHILE OUT IN PUBLIC . Actors are not PAID MILLIONS of dollars to play make believe in front of a video camera. They are paid millions to essentially GIVE UP all right to ANONYMITY. Part of being famous means that when you go out to a club, restaurant or any PUBLIC place you are fair game for photogs and fans alike

That being said, I do not believe that papz have the right to film or photog celebrities in the privacy of their own homes or even INSIDE restaurants while they are eating, etc. But I’m sorry, to and from the door, you are OUT IN a PUBLIC place and should expect to have your picture taken. But I DO NOT BELIEVE ANYONE SHOULD EVER BE ALLOWED TO PUT THEIR HANDS ON ANYONE or ever be in anyone’s PERSONAL SPACE, celeb or not. So, I do think some kind of ‘Paparazzi 20 feet Law’ should be passed to ensure the safety of the celebs and their families. They all have huge lens that can still get pics of the individual nose hairs up each nostril if they so desire from even 100 feet away or more so seriously, 20 feet should be no big deal.

But, I also think that if a celeb would STOP FOR 10 SECONDS and let the papz get their money shot, it won’t be a free for all, where papz are trying to crawl on the fucking ground between your legs to get pics of you, while you're trying to look down and hide your face. Look at the difference in the scene when celebs stop or when celebs run and hide their faces. It’s totally night and day. It won’t kill ANY celeb INCLUDING ROB FUCKING PATTINSON to wave at the camera and then continue on their way. I guess it’s better to hide your face or bury your head because that certainly doesn’t send the papz into a balls out frenzy or anything. I AGREE that what the papz do is RUDE and DISGUSTING. Is it right, NO! Is it a reality, YES!

Agree or not, but celebs NEED the papz. Celebs have to stay in the public eye. The papz actually help build a celebrities BANKABILITY. The studios want the celebs that are hot and will draw in fans and that means being WANTED which means PAPZ following you. If the papz STOP following you that means YOUR 15 MINUTES IS OVER and you might as well hang it up. So, if you are a celebrity and you can’t or won’t deal with the FAME and ALL that comes with it, including the PAPZ then get the FUCK OUT OF ‘HOLLYWOOD’ and go find a new career. I’m sure there are dozens of people in line ready and willing to take your place in the middle of that spotlight even when that SPOTLIGHT is made up of PAPZ CAMERA FLASHES!

As far as this “Respect Rob” campaign is concerned, if you feel like the papz are making Rob truly distressed and emotionally distraught then by all means STAND UP FOR YOUR BELIEFS. But if you are going to do it, you have to do it ALL THE WAY. Don’t be a HYPOCRITE. You absolutely cannot say RESPECT ROB then tweet or blog the PAPZ pics that you think are “acceptable”. You can’t post a pic of “ROBSTEN KISSING AT THE KOL concert one day then scream RESPECT ROB the next. You can’t post pics of them holding hands in Paris or them arriving at the airport together. If you posted the pictures of Rob on the beach during the filming of Remember Me or in the park wearing the blue hoody YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE. You can’t pick and chose which paparazzi pics are acceptable and which are not. It’s all or none. If you post any single pic of him that is not OFFICIALLY RELEASED BY THE STUDIO, PRESS JUNKET OR PHOTO SHOOT, you will be a HYPOCRITE.

I am curious to see what would happen tomorrow if Rob just happened to step out in that coveted STOLI SHIRT? If the Papz are the ones that get the shot of him wearing that bitch…and he was smiling and waving…every one would post that pic RIGHT FUCKING NOW!! You can lie to me and yourself but deep down you know it’s true! Same goes with Robsten. If the paps got a pic of Robsten standing under the mistletoe playing tonsil hockey you would totally post it. ALL OR NONE! It has to be all or none.

The sad part is, those very same pics that everyone is screaming about from Friday night might could have been viewed as acceptable if it wasn’t for Rob’s reaction. If Rob would have stood there with Bobby and Marcus and smiled and joked, or whistled…LIKE HE NORMALLY DOES, those pics would have been “acceptable” and this whole thing would be a non-issue. But because Rob was having a bad day, or wasn’t in the mood, or was a little more WASTED then he should have been, he got all bitchy about the papz this ONE TIME and everyone decided to go all “PROTECT ROB” or hell what I know…maybe all the fame has finally gone to Rob’s head and maybe he has finally been convinced that he is TOO GOOD TO BE PHOTOG’d and does want to be “saved”. I honestly don’t know. But the fact that he is laughing his ass off in the back seat of this car kind of makes me think he wasn't ready to have an emotional break down anytime soon. When he hides his face against the wall, while waiting for them to open the door, he seriously looks DRUNK, not emotionally distraught. And BTW the voice saying "Please...guys" is NOT ROB''s Bobby!

Think about it people. This is the same guy that uses his middle finger to scratch his forehead when the papz take his pic. This is the same guy that laughs and makes confused silly faces not understanding why they even want his pic to begin with. The only time he acts like this is usually when he’s with Kristen and seriously that’s more about Kristen then Rob. She always run when alone. HE NEVER RUNS when he’s alone. Furthermore, I hate to be the one to tell you this but 99.9% of actors are NARCISSISTS and GET OFF ON the ATTENTION. You don’t have to believe me, but it’s true.

So, that’s the gist of my opinion. I have a lot more to add about Rob himself but it will have to wait for another day. I’m just too pissed to get into all of that right now. But, I guess if you can’t deal with the fact that this is my OPINION and want to “unfollow” me then…FUCK YOU and BYE-BYE because I really only want followers that have opinions of their own too. Be strong and stand up for what you REALLY believe in, not what I tell you to believe or what anyone else wants you to believe. Do what you feel is right for YOU! And don't fucking look at me all shocked right now either, because you all know I'm a rude, wordy, opinionated bitch. This isn't NEWS!

Over the next few days I will be posting letters regarding this issue from followers that have opinions on both sides of this issue. If you want to have your opinion heard you can email your letters to me at and I might post it on this blog. Please specify if you want your letters to be confidential or not. I can't guarantee all letters will be posted, but I WILL post letters on both sides of the issue.


Anonymous said...

From Saphire1231: At the risk of appearing to agree with you, (& I do have my own opinions even if they are similar to your own)- (lol) May I say... well done!... You have espoused almost every point I had made myself in various blogs on various sites. It is a fact of life that with fame comes a price... that price is no anonymity... I do think the Photogs overstep the mark on many occasions but I believe they do a job and we all benefit in our way. Far worse in my humble opinion are the Tabloids/mags/rags who publish downright, fabrications and bare-faced lies just to sell their crappy little edifications... There are fic sites available for those who want to play make believe with Robert and Kristen... but to insult the intelligence of the average fan by selling the story as absolute fact gets my dander up every time. Keep fighting the good fight... enjoy life and all its opportunities... Cheers Saphire1231

HungryVampire said...

Very well said! You are absolute correct! I do think it's sad that we get this bullshit from Rob & papz... As you stated one or the other should have bent a little so that this whole mofo bullshit wouldn't have hit the fan.

I do agree that there should be a 20 ft off limits zone... No touchy clause... I also think that if you hire on to do bodyguard work then you'd better fucking do your job! Those bodyguards could have done a hell of a lot better too!!

Also, when Rob decided to go out, he knew what he'd be up against. It's not like he's gone out in the past year and NEVER had his pic taken. He should have planned better. AND of fuck now I'm on my soapbox... AND his handlers should have a plan in place for when HE DECIDES to do something on a whim like get shit faced.

Keep posting your opinion! I love it.

Anonymous said... thoughts exactly!! It's like we have a share brain when it comes to this do believe there should be laws to protect celebs ...more like a 40 feet Pappz do stalk them and ask the stupidest would be hard not to Hate the PAPPZ, U wouldnt want them to get a good pic just for that reason

Eclipseisbest said...

AMEN! Keep up the good work!!! Im glad to see not everyones a chicken shit about voicing their opinion! And for the record I AGREE!!!

*Stoli_Princess* said...

i loveee this post!! i LMAO, its soo true! im sure zach effron would love to have his ass plasters on everything that Rob has! LMAOO and it can happen sooo fast!

Jackie said...

You know I agree w/ you 100% bestieeee!!! BROVO!! WELL SAID!! Rob is laughing his ass off in that video he is drunk and doesn't want anymore "Drunk Rob" pictures on the Internet LOL I'm sure if the pics were him and Kstew kissing or him w/ the stoli shirt on we wouldn't be having this talk at all!! BTW STOLI- LMAO @ the Zack Effron reference!! LMAO!!!! Love you girls!

CMGeek said...

*kisses you on the cheek* well said my dear! Very well said.

Bouncy72 said...

Lol - that pic of him scratching his head is one of my favs (see my avi).
Ouch you seem REALLY pissed off. I'd heard of the infamous pictures, but had no idea what they were of (I'm guessing they were taken at the same time as the YT vid you posted?)
My opinion is more middle of the road I'm afraid. I like seeing him out & about, but (don't kill me) I do think the papz could show a bit more respect & just give him a bit more space. Your 20ft space seems like a great idea. Also I have to say it would be nice for him to have the occational bit of privacy going out...I mean it is kinda in his job description to have pics taken all the time..but everyone has leave from their job at some point or other. But I guess you can't pick & choose what times you want some off time from the lightbulbs...
Hmm I think I've probably just confused the fuck outta anyone reading this post, but hey...
To summarize I guess, I'd just say fine, take the pics...we all love them, but maybe take a step back & give him a bit of breathing room. Camera's DO have zoom lens on now a days :P

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