Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Always & Never ~ Edward's Post Interview Chapter 7

I can’t believe that Edward is late again. This is getting really ridiculous. So much for Mr. Fucking Punctual. At this point, everyone but Edward knows that Bella is on her way home. I think he is going to shit himself when he finds out. I wonder if he’ll drop that skanky hoor Lauren when he finds out Bella’s back. Wouldn’t you love to see Bella beat that bitch’s ass? Hell Yeah! I love a good cat fight! Especially when a skank is getting her nasty ass beat! Oh shit, I better stop talking about his new piece of ass…I hear him coming down the hall.

Krysti: Dammit, Edward. I thought you promised not to be late anymore. This is going to have to be quick. I have another appointment and now I’m running late.

Edward: *gives an apologetic shrug* Fuck, Krys. I’m sorry. I totally lost track of time. *gives Krysti a questioning look* Another appointment?

Krysti: *glares at him with hands on hips* For your information, I do I have real life that doesn’t revolve around you, Edward. So, lets get on with this. What’s the deal with Lauren, is she your girlfriend or what?

Edward: *chuckles at Krysti* I don’t fucking do girlfriends. In fact I haven’t even fucked her yet.

Krysti: Seems like she has your ass jumping through a lot of hoops to not be your girlfriend? Shopping with her and running errands like picking up her car from the shop?
Edward: I only said we were going to pick up her fucking car because I didn’t want to sound like a pussy and say I had to go shopping for fucking costumes. I didn’t even want to go but fuck that, I wasn’t going to let her go pick shit out on her own. Who knows what the fuck she would try to dress me in.

Krysti: *smirks, thinking of Edward dressed in something that requires tights* Speaking of costumes, what did you think of Bella’s costume?

Edward: *licks lips and discreetly adjusts himself* That was really fucking hot. I wish I was going to be there...*clears throat* you know, incase some stupid mother fucker tries to fucking put his hands on her *mumbles something under his breath*

Krysti: *leans forward trying to hear him* I’m sorry? I didn’t quite hear that, did you say…mine?

Edward: *glares at Krysti*

Krysti: One last questions before I I have to leave for my appointment. What exactly were you doing all that time, after Bella sent you the pic. She waited a long time for you to respond. What took you so long?

Edward: Fuck Krysti, I just went over this shit with Bostongirl I’m not going to rehash this shit again. You can just read about it next week with everyone else.

Krysti: *rolls eyes and takes a deep breath trying to control her temper* Well, Edward I appreciate you taking the fucking time to come to my office and for being so willing to share your feelings with me. *rolls again and gives him a sarcastic smile then looks at her watch* And now thanks to you, I’m running late for my date…uh…I mean…appointment. so I’ll just see you next week. *waves hand impatiently towards the door motioning him to leave*

Edward: *looks at Krysti a bit surprised* Date? Ok, well I guess I will see you next week. *walks towards door* Oh yeah, Krys?  I heard you and B-Girl were going shoe shopping this weekend. Make sure you buy something sexy *winks at Krysti while running his hand slowly through his hair* …and I‘ll expect you to have them on when I come in next week. *turns and walks out the door with a smirk on his face*

It would be so much easier to hate that asshole if he wasn’t so damn sexy. The worst part is, HE KNOWS IT! He knows that he has this power over women. Ugh! Maybe I should try to enlist in that boot camp that Alice and Rose are making Bella go through. Yeah, I don't see B-Girl letting that happen.

So, what do you think? What is Edward going to do when he finds out Bella is back? Do you think he is going to freak out when she goes to the dance with their new friend? Tell me what you think. I love your comments…they are almost as great as touching Edward’s hair…ALMOST!


diamondblack said...

lol, that was a great interview :P Didn't you see he had a coffee stain down the front of his shirt?? That's why he was late :P Unless of course he changed his shirt first, which of course, I would have killed to see... ;)

AnotherJenny said...

Well that's the million dollar question isn't it! I can see it going down 1 of 3 ways - and realize that you have a much better plan :D Either he'll get the hell out of there when he sees her (after his jaw drops open!), he'll get angry, or I'd prefer - He can't hang out and see her w/ his new nameless friend, he avoids her - eventually telling her they have to talk - they leave together and he fesses up how he actually feels! *sigh* Regardless to how it goes down, I am VERY much looking fwd to it!

*Stoli_Princess* said...

oh im sure the jmf will be showin up really soon! LOL *swoon* love him!

Brina said...

YAY!! I have a computer at home now. Sadly not a laptop but a CP i will share with my mom. Good for now!!

I just love reading these interviews you have with Edward. He so wants to lick your come fuck me heels. *grins*

And if you buy new shoes I want pics!!!

And Edward aka Textward, I know what you were doing when you got that pic of Bella in her "angel" costume. He got hard and you rubbed one out!! Tell me you did!!!

Bouncy72 said...

Hey Krys I thought you were wearing the Christian Louboutin’s this week, lol & maybe a push up bra and a super short skirt????
Gosh I actually cheated a bit *blush* I read the chapter & had to come here straight away, even before leaving a review, (don't worry I'll go back) I just needed to see Edwards thoughts, well at least the ones he tells you.
Hmm interesting that he's not fucking Lauren, I thought with that long suspious car trip he was definatly getting some.
Yeh he's totally gonna freak out with Bella going to the dance with ?..Peter..??? (just a guess). He'll be jealous, & I guess feel (correctly so) that the others have been scheming behind his back, or how would Bella have got a date with ???
I hope it's not gonna push him to take things further with Lauren, to try & make Bella jealous...eek.
@Robmusement, love the picture for the chapter this week
Thanks ladies :)

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