Friday, February 19, 2010

Remember Me Trailer Day

Today is an Unofficial Remember Me Trailer Day

Please post Remeber Me trailer on your blog, website, twitter, myspace and facebook accounts to show your support for Rob and the movie.

You have no idea how much I wish I was Emile De Ravin!!


nextstopsf said...

I so love me some Tybert!!! OMG!!! I am sooo excited for that movie where Rob is able to be wild and have attitude and reckless and drink and swear and get fights and drag a chick into the shower...OMG!! Is it March yet??????

Bouncy72 said...

*snort* Krys you can't even come close to me wishing to be Emile...
Meh..The things I've thought up to switch places....*shakes head*
Eek the shower...the bed... AHHHHHHHHHHHH, lol
Well I guess my head will have to do :P
Not to much longer now till it releases, yay

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