Thursday, February 18, 2010

Always & Never Chapter 13 Edward Interview

Always Silver ~ Never Black

It’s been a pretty busy week for Edward. In between going car shopping with Bella and shoe shopping with me *naughty grin*, he had to take care of B-Girl who has been sick for days. He spent days with her, nursing her back to health. He is such a sweetheart …and incidentally, a really, really, talented shoe shopper *closes eyes and bites bottom lip*

After all his selfless acts this week, I guess I should give the poor guy a break and not torture him unnecessarily but…*lifts foot, swiveling it from side to side, admiring the sexy, red Christian Dior FMP, with the beautiful silver rose detailing up the heel*…like I said, he is a incredibly amazing shoe shopper. RAWR!

Krysti: *gasps in shock when she looks up to find Edward standing in the doorway leaning against the frame watching her* Uh…hello. How long have you been standing there? *grins, slightly embarrassed*

Edward: *licks lips, wags eyebrows* Long enough, Krys’

Krysti: *tucking her feet safely under desk* I think you need to start wearing those swishy pants when you come in for your interviews. The ones that you play basketball in, so I can hear you coming…*and so I can get more peeks at the happy trail, giggles devilishly* So, what’s new, Sweety? 

Edward: *sits down in the chair, raking both hands through his hair* A lot of fucking shit happened this week. Where do you want to start?

Krysti: *Raises her eyebrow* You seem a bit tense today. I thought things were going a better for you this week. I heard the car shopping with Bella went well. Is that right?

Edward: *smirks* The car shopping went fan-fucking-tastic. It felt really good that Bella took my advice. You know I’m trying really hard here, Krys’. I’m doing everything I can here to try to win her back. It felt really fucking great to finally spend some time alone with her.

Krysti: Weren’t you all supposed to do the car shopping thing together as a group? What do you think everyone is going to say when they find out that the two of you went, alone.

Edward: *cocks eyebrow* You mean what the fuck do I think Riley is going to say about it?

Krysti: *grins* That exactly what I’m asking. Don’t you think he is going to be a little pissed for being left out?

Edward: *tightens jaw, clenches fists* I really don’t give a fuck what he thinks and certainly don’t give a fuck how he feels *shrugs* If he has something to say about it, he better take it up with me and not Bella, because that will be his last fucking mistake. I can guarantee you that.

Krysti: *grins* Down boy. You’re so cute when you get all protective and confrontational. *shakes head* Ok, let’s move on. Let’s talk about…Lauren. *quirks eyebrow* Did you seriously go out with her Friday? Well, I heard you were in pretty early so is it safe to assume it was just a quick cum and go or what?

Edward: *narrows eyes at Krysti* Real fucking funny, Krys’. *rubs both hands over face roughly* That night really fucking sucked. I had to apologize to her about the party. I feel really fucking sorry for the girl. She’s going through a lot of shit with Tyler.

Krysti: *crosses arms* I’m kind of surprised that you didn’t go bowling with everyone, just to keep and eye on Bella and to make sure Riley didn’t try to anything.

Edward: *closes eyes briefly, bites bottom lip* I just can’t Krys’. I just can’t sit there and watch her be with him. You’ve seen how hard I’ve been struggling to keep JMF at bay. I’ve been slipping up a lot and I just don’t know if I can control myself. *smiles sadly*

Krysti: *pouts bottom lip* I know baby. I know. *takes a deep breath* So, where do we go from here? Now that the car thing is done, what’s next? Do you have anything up your sleeve?

Edward: *smirks* Of course I do, Krys’. I always fucking do.

Krysti: *smiles wide* Oh, I almost forgot to ask you about the chick at the car dealership. Were you really trying to dazzle her with your smile, as Bella put it?

Edward: *rolls eyes, sighs* Not this shit again, Krys’. I think I made it pretty fucking clear to her that I wasn’t interested. I really don’t understand what the fuck Bella meant by dazzling. I was only trying to be polite. *smiles*

Krysti: *points at him* That! That is exactly what Bella is talking about. You can try to lie and say you don’t do that shit on purpose, but that panty dropper smile doesn’t happen by accident. *laughs, gets up and walks to front of desk* Speaking of panty droppers, what do you think of my new shoes?

Edward: *stands up, licks lips, adjusts self* Now those *points at shoes* those are fucking hot. But they would look better right here *taps shoulders* I gotta’ go B-Girl is still fucking sick.

Krysti: *laughs, shaking head* Wow, way to get a girl going and leave her hangin’. *frown with a loud sigh* Well, if you can get her to pass out on Nyquil, you know where to find me. *leans back her desk, sliding her foot up the side of his calf* I’d hate to let these shoes go to waste today.

Edward: *Stares at Krysti’s shoes, bites lip, shakes head* Fuck Krys’, I really gotta’ get the fuck out of here. If it wasn’t for B-Girl being sick…*adjusts self* Krys’ you’re going to get me in trouble, again. I gotta’ leave…NOW! *turns to leave*

Krysti: *grins shrugging* Ok, but like I said…you know where to find me. *giggles*

*pulls out phone, snaps picture of her shoes* I think I just might have to send a couple texts of my own tonight. *laughs, letting head fall back on her neck* Damn, I'm so evil.

Ugh, what is wrong with me? I don’t know what it is about that boy that makes me act like a sex crazed maniac. No, that’s a lie. I know exactly what it is. *grins, shakes head, biting bottom lip* Yeah, that will be my little secret though. I don’t any of the rest of your hoors trying to any harder to get in his pants than you already are. LOL!! Sorry, but I’m an only child. I don’t share well.

A few special shoutouts today…first to the fabulous ROBMUSEMENT for the gorgeous banners. She has an awesome blog. Please go check it out and leave her some love. Make sure you go check her steamy one shots too. “The Waiting Game” , “Just for You” and “Telling the Truth” 

I would also like to send a HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to @HungryVampire who is not only a great friend but also the woman that saves me and my blog from the techtardness that I am cursed with. Thank you so much sweety for all that you do and for always being you! Go check out her blog A HungryVampire and give her some birthday love.

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Robmusement made two banners this week.
They were both so good, we couldn't let either one go unused!


*Stoli_Princess* said...

bwhahah K u and Edward r TFF!!! LMAOOO hehe one day its gonna get a lil too crazy and i think them FMPs will end up on his shoulder! HEHEHEH but when it does itll be out lil secret, but u musttt kiss and tell cause inquiring minds need to know! XOXOXO ~Stoli~

savanablue said...

Way to be gentle with him. I'm soooo proud of Edward for keeping JMF in line. Although it would have been nice to see him. He's right though, those fucking shoes are sexy:)

itsjustme1217 said...

Wonderful interview and chapter as always ladies. Thanks so much mentioning my one shots.

Brina said...

I can't believe he pointed to his shoulder. E is a FREAK!!!! Guess that is why we LOVE him so. And I am with my Twin. You need to SPILL already. Cause I just wanna know if you would do what I would do.......Naaaaah cause I am a WAY BIGGER FREAK then you. hahahahaha
I love ya and your blog. Krys, you the bestest!! *mwah*

Lyta7 said...

great interview (and chapter, of course). Love the line about the shoes on the shoulders!

arden8283 said...

Great interview as always! I loved that you brought up how Riley was going to feel about the two of them car shopping together and Edward got a little territorial. I loved it! Thanks!

Bouncy72 said...

Have to admit, I'd like to know too. Come on Krys, I'll try & reign in MY inner JMF :P
*sigh* I didn't think of Riley's reaction to them shopping together...She just needs to put him & Edward out of their misery & break up with him....Meh I'm not in a very funny mood today.
Thanks for the post bb :)

stephanie said...

great interview!!Edward is trying so hard to keep JMF under control!! Love the shoe comment!

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