Monday, February 8, 2010

Rob Spotted Shopping for Socks and Manties in London!

I couldn't help my self. I had to do it....This is making my LMFAO!!

Sooo...does this mean Bel Ami isn't supplying Rob with socks and underwear to steal from the set?

Those underwear look a like manty panties...eeeks...I'm more of a boxer brief girl myself but I'll take manties if that's what you want Rob. Whatever holds your junk comfortably totally works for me, baby!

Thanks a bunch to Robert Pattinson Life for the pics


Brina said...

lets hope he wasn't buying the stripe ones. they look a lil on the girlie said. LOL I wonder he is ever goes "Comando" HMMMMMM not there's a thought......

*Stoli_Princess* said...

i think he does go commando sometimes*in my dreams he does at least*!! im just so suprised he was out doin these things! LOL he just knew us fangirls would take it more extreme! i mean come on baby you can buy them online, and et any color you want! LOL

Bouncy72 said...

LMAO @ Stoli_Princess & Brina's comments. Grin...yeah why waste any of that massive fortune on mundane things like underwear, when we'd ALL be so much happier with commando Rob...hehe I'm trying to feel guilty about objectifying the poor boy, but really CAN't help it :P

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