Saturday, February 13, 2010

Details Magazine Video ~ HAAAAWWWWTTT!!!!

POST UPDATE as of FEB 17, 2010 ~
YouTube sux hairy bees ass and removed the original video that I had up here. But I swiped this new video from Robsessed Blog (you all know I'd lick ROBSESSED BLOGS toe jam if she asked me to b/c I worship her shipp-ness...yeah but anyway, here's is a really hot Rob vid to replace the one YOUTUBE REMOVED *gives youtube the finger*

This video is hotter than the Sahara fuckin' Desert

Yeah, I'm still not sure about that whole "I hate vjay-jays" statement, but like I said,
I'll place it securely in my FILE OF DENIAL for now.

I'm just not willing to give up the fuckhawt fantasies I have about this
That's just all there is to it!

Source: ROBSESSED BLOG ~ For those of you that aren't already hooked, Robsessed Blog is like CRACK COCAINE. If you aren't clicking that site at least 50 times of day you better start because it's THE best Rob site on the internet...well, that one AND.....

RANDOM ACTS OF ROB (a.k.a.RAOR). RAOR is an awesome site. The ladies over there have me LMAO every single day. And let us not forget TWISMUT SUNDAYS when she rec's her favorite FANFICS...and gives the readers a chance to comment on their favorites as well. THE READERS over there are AMAZING! And I'm not just saying that because they do an awesome job pimping out my bestie, BOSTONGIRL1212's story ALWAYS & NEVER (but I do love them for that too)


nextstopsf said...

Woohoo Sister!! You can file your 'file of denial' on my Isle of Denial - It is a BEAUTIFUL place here where my Rob and all the Lick-a-licious, Happy Trail fantasies are safe and the Stoli flows 24/7 and there is not a TomStu in sight (or a Kstew for that matter) on my Isle at least ;) !!

Brina said...

OH SHIT T is to damn FUNNY!!!!!

I don't think I am on the Isle of Denial but after reading what T just wrote I am bookin the next flight or ship or fuck I'll swim there if it gets me to "Lick-a-licious, Happy Trail fantasies are safe and the Stoli flows 24/7" I am Fucking there.

Rob gives great face. If you know what I mean. He just puts it on and in those shots and in this video he's is givin it 100%.

And if he is gay, well my buzzed drunk thoughts on that are that he just aint met the right freak as hoor to out the pussy on him like he needs it put on him. and then "vagina allery"? BE GONE......... BAWHAHAHAHA

*Stoli_Princess* said...

bwhahaha all yall r crazy and thats why i lova yall! but i do NOOTTTT think that hes gay, the interview is TOTAL ROb being a #drunk ass, and that he loves to talk crazy! like the part where he wants to but the harness thing to get a rise out of everyone! TOTAL Rob! and that is what i think he was meaning of the whole Alergic to vajajys!! but he is British, and with them you never know! LOL either way i love that man, and will until hes time is up! LOL XOXOXOX

Bouncy72 said...

Don't send the hate...but I really didn't like the Details shoot! Yes, I'm weird I know...however Biel did an EXCELLENT job with this vid & actually managed to redeem some of the pics.

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