Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Someone Please Tell Rob that the Bill Compton Look is BAD!

Rob you are NOT Bill Compton!

Why Rob?

Why you would ever want to mimic the look of the old geezer dude on True Blood is beyond me!

Why would you forsake the S.O.F. SEX HAIR to look like this nasty creeper?

We definitely know it isn't to get a little piece of Sookie cookie because we all know
(Woot! Woot! Total win for me and my choco brown tresses!)

B-Girl suggested that maybe you were trying to keep your options open

for a future spot on another popular vamp show, with all the recent Breaking Dawn back and forth.

I guess listing TWILIGHT on your resume, when applying for a Vamp TV gig,
would probably give you a slight edge in casting, huh?

Not too mention how incredibly sexy you probably look lying on a casting couch...RAWR!
 If I was a casting director, you'd defintiely be getting a call back! *unf*

But honestly, this look just ain't your thing babe!
So, please do us all a favor and show up in NY next week
looking like the lick-a-licious, Rob we all know and love and ruin expensive panties over!

Because seriously, I would take freshly finger fucked hair in frankenpants and an ugly, dirty, sweaty, borrowed plaid shirt over the Bill Compton, greasy forehead, Curly Q do in a tux, any day of the week!
(P.S. thank you @PurpleBrina17 for my favorite new Rob hair description "freshly finger fucked"! I love it!)

Incase you interested,
below is the real life story about my hubby how this Rob/Bill Compton hair fial post came to be.
I thought it was kind of funny!

I have to tell you that my hilarious hubby is really the one that pointed out that our beloved Rob resembled Bill Compton at the BAFTA's Sunday. I was sitting next to him on the couch, laptop in tow, scrolling through the BAFTA pics, practically in tears. Hubby, witnessing my obvious distress, leans over and says "Uh oh, which fanfic are you reading, Potward or OCDward?"
Yes, hubby really does know that Edward from How to Save a Life is Potward and Edward from High Anxiety is OCDward and that these are the two fanfics that always make me cry...Yes, he is an awesome hubby and actually pays attention to what I tell him...well 99% of the time anyway.
So, anywoo, I show him the pic of Rob with the greasy, flat, fail, hair do nightmare. Of course, hubby knows that I have a hair fetish sickness (which is odd since hubby's head is shaved as slick as a babies bottom) but anyway, he immediatley goes into consolation mode. With his arm around my shoulder, he pulled me into him. Speaking in a soft voice he says, "It's ok baby, rob is allowed to have bad hair days. It happens to everyone." Wiping the tear off my cheek he continues, "Sweety, it isn't that bad. He kind of looks like the Bill guy on True blood. Some girls like that, right?"
Immediately, I'm LMAO and had to call B-Girl back (you know we had already been on the phone all morning bitching and whining about the hair fuckery) to tell her that hubby actually said Rob looked like Bill from True Blood. I'm not sure what part was funnier...the fact that my hubby consoled me through a Rob hair fetish breakdown or the fact that he knew comparing rob to Bill was the most laughable thing on the planet...because we all know Rob is soooo much hotter than Bill...even with fucked up hair! My hubby is awesome!


*Stoli_Princess* said...

OMFGGGG *TEARS* yours and Bgirls Hubbies are the funniest!! yes the hair was #FAIL, and omg he does resemble the Bill vamp! LAMOOOO FML i DO NOT want to vision this when im readin #FUCKHAWT FF!!! i must erase this image b4 i read anymore! LMAOOOOO xoxox

Brina said...

1st off I am honored that I was given credit for the new Rob hair description "the 3F's" Freshly Finger Fucked. I find it hard to believe that no one ever thought of it before. Cause it he ALWAYS doing that to his hair. ALWAYS!!

2ndly, I had to read this to my mom, she is a HUGE Trueblood fan and a HUGE Bill Compton fan. She is also a hairdresser. She thinks that Rob had some sorta "product failure". LOL She said that whatever he used that night didn't work with the weather and that is why the "MAJOR GREASEY MELTDOWN" (her words not mine) I tried to tell her that he doesn't use "product" and her reply was "well he did that night" BAWAHAHA

And 3rdly, I just love that your Hubby is Bald and you have a hair fetish. BTW, my mom said that is very common. *grins* So do you rub his head? do you ever lick it? His head UPSTAIRS not his head DOWNSTAIRS, you dirty lil hair hoor!!! ROTFLMAO
I LOVE YOU BESTIE and you blog *MWAH*

Brina said...

OOPS, i almost forgot, WTF is "consolation mode" doesn't that mean like a prize for 2nd place? BAWAHAHAHAHA just fuckin with ya

~*savanablue*~ said...

That was too fucking funny. Love Bill...however the hair fucking fail is minor...I'm falling back on the logic that he had to work and he didn't have time to get back to normal :) YES..SEX HAIR ON ROB IS NORMAL...he knows better. Still I think he sould fire his effin stylist, publicist and any other "cist" he has because as of late he is uber fail with everything :)

Bouncy72 said...

Lol, @ Brina, love the 3F's :)
& yeah he does look like Bill, eww. NOT A GOOD LOOK (sorry to you TB fans, but seriously....?)
Lol, have a good day ladies ;)
@ ~*savanablue*~ yeah I'm with ya, all the 'cists should get the boot (grin the very few he has...maybe that's the problem...he needs more)

stephanie said...

first I have to say I love the phrase "freshly finger fucked" about the hair. I agree Rob's hair in that pic is yuck!! His hair is so sexy why hid he have to and change it? You do have a nice Hubby, too.

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