Saturday, February 27, 2010

Freshly Finger Fucked Rating

After the BAFTA Hair Fail of 2010, I was sooo nervous about what Rob's hair would look like today.

Then the airport pic's about killed me.
It was as if the beanie "was just there to tease me"
(hehe sorry had to use a RM line...but it's fitting today, right?)

I really don't care as much about what he says or wears in these press junkets, as I do about how his BEAUTIFUL TRESSES look. Although him saying that the wardrobe dept didn't have a modesty patch for him during sex scenes and then describing how they "had to use half a bra to create a "ball sack" for him and how they had to wrap it around his leg and into his ass crack to hold it in place" was one the funniest things I've ever heard in my life.

Anyway, after watching the vids and then rewatching them, and watching them again, and again, and again.. I am finally ready to share my feelings about the look of today's locks...

Here is the points break down:

Cleanliness                    -65 (def needs a good shampooing)
Height                           -10 (not totally flat but not quite as ERECT as I prefer)
Touch Count                 +75 (seeing him touch his hair...almost as good as seeing him touch OTHER places)
Total =                         undecided


Compared to:         
Rome Hair                   -10
Mark Segul                  -20
GQ                              -10
BAFTA                       +110




~*savanablue*~ said...

Ummm, I think that rating is a bit high. If it's not sex's total fail. He is NOT allowed to change his hair ever. OK for a movie yes, outside of a film no way :)

HungryVampire said...

Girl...I love how you talk about Rob's hair... *grin*

Bouncy72 said...

LMFAO, Krys I don't know how you come up with yr comments & stuff, but you never seem to fail to give me a good laugh!
"ERECT as I prefer" - me too ;)
"Touch Count -------- +75 (seeing him touch his hair...almost as good as seeing him touch OTHER places)" - Mhmmmm

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