Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rob Pattinson & The Invisible Beanie

Have you ever been home lying around reading fanfic and looking at Rob Porn on Twitter cleaning, baking homemade cookies for your church bake sale, and knitting scarves for the needy when suddenly, you realize that you need to go grab a gallon of milk or run to the post office for a stamp and don’t necessarily want to take on the full two hour hair and makeup routine for the quick two minute errand?

Don’t lie! We’ve all been there! When these moments arise, you know you do the exact same thing I do…you just whip out the “invisible sunglasses”.

Ladies, you know exactly what I’m talking about, right?
It is amazing how a single pair of sunglasses can hide the fact that you look like something from Zombie Land without makeup, have a sloppy half-ass bun in your hair and you’re wearing sweatpants with flip flops. I know Bostongirl and I cannot be the only chicks out there that couldn’t live without our “invisible sunglasses”.
 Am I right?

Well, last week, I was chatting on the phone with Bostongirl about fanfiction and RobPorn on Twitter world issues and that state of the economy. We both just happened to be online (total coincidence) when pictures of Rob at the UK Remember Me Premier mysteriously popped up on our laptop screens. (weird right?)

Anyway, as we both kept accidentally clicking the button that allowed us to scroll through all 141 papz pics of Rob leaving the Remember Me after party, we giggled a bit about how much Rob had apparently enjoyed the soiree and the fabulous bartending service that they must provide at these shindigs!

Suddenly, it occurred to us that Rob was wearing the same black beanie that he was wearing when he left the NY Remember Me after party, which happens to be the same one he had on in the airport, and coincidentally is the exact one he wore when he was out shopping for underwear in London with his bff TomStu (quickly puts this back into the “FILE OF DENIAL”)

Could it be that Rob has… “INVISIBLE BEANIE”????

Is it possible that Rob thinks that wearing this WORLD FAMOUS black beanie, that millions of women from all over the world could spot a hundred yards away, across a crowd of thousands of screaming fans, would honestly hide that fact that he is indeed THE ROB PATTINSON? That it will hide that luscious sex hair, the masculine square jaw, those hypnotic eyes and those lickable lips? Or maybe he just believes the beanie makes him look less drunk…I don’t know! But whatever the case maybe, the fact remains…Rob definitely has an “invisible beanie”!

But why not, right? I mean if we are stupid enough to believe that a pair of dark tint Coach shades suddenly makes me look less like a freakin’ lazy unkempt bum. Maybe Rob really does believe that the fuzzy, lint covered ripped, stretched out beanie actual makes him look less like the fucking sex on fire celeb that he really is.

Who am I to judge? Whatever the case may be, let me just say that as much as I love that hair…(you all know how much I LOVE that damn hair)…the beanie is fuckhawt too!

Thanks to My Rob Addiction for the airport beanie pics...go figure she would have all the yummy beanie pics! Rob in a beanie is pretty high up on her "unhealthy addiction"list! LOL! Go check out her blog she is always has the best stuff over there!

Other Pics from JustJared and PopSugar


~*savanablue*~ said...

Love the hair...hate the beanie with a passion...ugh I wish that thing would get lost with someones luggage :( I do enjoy how it mysteriously appears everywhere Rob happens to be. Hm I would love to find the secret compartment in his pants {the hiding spot I'm sure} and get rid of it *smirks* Good times :)

nextstopsf said...

LOL! Before I comment- I must mention that to remain happy on my Isle of Denial, I really need the Tomstu pics and stories to remain on a very limited basis- pleeeez-that goodness you put that Tomstu stuff back in your file of denial quickly!!
Also kind of surprise a hair h00r such as yourself can find an attraction to the beanie- impressive- it speaks to the power of The Rob and his hawtness - no doubt!! some of his sexiest pics have the beanie present! I too love his hair but also love the idea of ripping the beanie off to get to it!!

Bostongirl1212 said...

Bwhahahahah YOU KNOW I LOVE MY “Invisible Sunglass” I use them at least ONCE a week LOL They work out very well for me maybe Rob would want to come borrow mine? I mean the Beannie and his sunglass are not working in fact they are used as tracking devices now days LOL Loved this post so glad you did it bestieee because it made me LMFAO when we first talked about it and even more now!!
Luv ya bestieee !!

Sabrina said...

So here is my question..... Where the hell does he keep the beanie? Unlike sunglass which can be kept in a purse or car. Or hairband around ones wrist or car gear shift. ( i know i am not the only one who does that) Its to big for his back pocket. Maybe one of the bodyguards holds it until he is in need of it. Or maybe Kstew holds it in her purse or Tomstu holds it in his manbag for him! BAWAHAHAHAHA

I want this job. I wanna have the title of "Rob's Beanie Holder" *grins* I could have a special cellphone that only had Rob's number in it, a special ringtone that would be Rob's voice saying "Brina I am in need of my Beanie, please bring it to me now or you will be spanked!" and I would rush to his side to place side fuckhot beanie on his sexyass head of hair. LOL ya that is my dream job. To bad you didn't think of it 1st!!


Sabrina said...

New job title "Rob's Beanie Bitch"


Love you and your blog

Bouncy72 said...

Hey "Rob's Beanie Bitch" I don't suppose you could let me know why nextstopsf & Krys don't want Tomstu mentioned...Did I miss a step? *grin*

Loved the post hon, was freakin're brilliant!

*Stoli_Princess* said...

wow im really slackin on the posts! this shit is HILARIOUS!!! yall and your *file of denial* TFF, i think its cute that they are Besties!!! i wonder how many other fans/stalkers have thaught about the *invisible beanie* wondering that same question, were the fuck does it come from? LOL only my besties would! LMAOOO xoxxoxoxo LOVE YOU BB!

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