Sunday, March 21, 2010

Always & Never ~ Edward Post Chapter Interview

It seems like it’s been weeks since I have spent any time with Edward. He has been so busy car shopping and trying to keep Bella’s schedule Riley free, I never get a chance to see him.
I even called and offered him an evening of…shoe shopping. I couldn’t believe he passed on an night of crazy, hot…shoe shopping. I mean who turns down…shoe shopping? Especially if you aren’t getting any…shoe shopping from anyone else. Am I right? *sighs*

What is wrong with that boy? Not to worry…I think we are going to get the answer to that question in about two seconds. *takes a deep inhale through her nose* Yep, I can smell the Marlboro’s and cinnamon drifting toward me.

Krysti: Well, hello stranger *peeks up at him with sad puppy dog eyes while trying to keep the grin off her face*

Edward: *smirks, winks* Hello yourself, Krys’. Did you miss me?

Krysti: *sighs* Of course I missed you, handsome. *peeks up at him from under her lashes* I was getting worried you were going to stand me up for this interview.

Edward: *snuffs out cigarette in ashtray, runs hands through hair, flops down in chair, frowns brow* I would never stand you up Krys’. I’ve just been really fucking busy between keeping Bella busy and B-Girls been occupying the rest of my time trying to get these last few chapters written. Can you believe last night she made me watch this stupid fucking movie with her, called New Moon? What the fuck was that shit about?

Krysti: *laughs* Yeah, I’ve seen that movie. This really hot actor with amazing sex hair plays a vampire. He could bite me anytime. *pulls bottom lip between her teeth*

Edward:*rolls eyes* If you fucking say so. B-Girl said that same shit too. I didn’t pay to much attention though. I was too busy texting Bella. It was just another fucking chick flick to me. 

Krysti: Speaking of Bella…*evil grin* I couldn’t help but notice how much you seemed to REALLY enjoy watching Bella do her little kitchen sink dance the other day. I had no idea you were so into watching. *waggles eyes at him* Should we add voyeur to your list of personality traits or what?

Edward:: *grins, adjusts crotch* Don’t make me sound like some fucking pervert, Krys. Any guy with a dick would have watched. But if I would have caught someone else watching, I would have smashed his fucking face in. 

Krysti: *shakes head at him and rolls eyes* Well, it looks like things are going well with you’re “win back Bella” plan. Do you have any concerns that Jake being in town is going to throw a wrench into any Thanksgiving plans you had for her?

Edward: *sighs heavily, fits both hands in hair* Fuck yeah I do. Him showing up already throws a wrench in my plans. Let’s just hope that’s the only fucking problem I have to deal with while he’s here. But with my fucking luck I’m guessing not.

Krysti: *nods* Yeah, I have to admit you have pretty shitty luck baby. By the way what the hell was up with Riley? Things got pretty heated between you two. Was that the end of it or do you think that was just the beginning?

Edward: *tightens jaw, clenches fists* I was ready to rip his fucking throat out. Who the fuck does he think he is to threaten me? It’s definitely just the beginning Krys. Hopefully once I talk to Bella I can come clean, then that fucker won’t have anything to hold over me. I still don’t know how much he knows or who fucking told him but it’s time for me to come clean to Bella anyway. I haven’t been honest with her for so long.

Krysti: *looks concerned* So, this thing that you have to talk to Bella about, this secret that apparently Riley seems to know abiut, should we be worried about this, Edward? I mean, is this something serious? Is this a potential deal breaker with Bella? What did you do Edward? *eyes widen and mouth falls open* You aren’t… gay, are you?

Edward: *leans forward, narrows eyes* Are you fucking kidding me Krysti. Are you really fucking asking me if I’m gay? Please tell me you’re joking. *rolls eyes, sits back, crosses arms over chest* I think we have been on enough “shoe shopping” trips together, *rolls eyes* since that’s what you’re calling it now, that I don’t even have to dignify that with an answer. *runs hands through hair nervously* As for the rest of it, B-Girl told me I had to stay tight lipped about that. Let’s just say it’s what brought me to Forks and brought me and my family a whole shit storm of drama and it was all my fault.

Krysti: *narrows eyes* Hmmm? That’s sounds pretty serious. As much as I would love to drag it out of you, I’m sure B-Girl has a good reason for wanting you to keep it under wraps for now. I am a little pissed that even I can’t know what the secret is but…whatever *rolls eyes*

Edward: *shrugs* I’m sure I could have talked to you about it, off the record *gives mischievous smirk* but since you asked me if I’m gay... forget it.

Krysti: *shrugs* Well, the last few times I asked you to do some “shoe shopping”, you turned me down *frowns sadly* and I know how much you enjoy our shoe shopping trips *grins at him* …and from what I hear, you aren’t shoe shopping with Bella right now. I don’t know about you, but I just can’t go more than a couple days without shoe shopping. *stands and walks to the front of her desk, leans against it in front of him and motions to his feet* I don’t know how your shoes are feeling these days, but I think could definitely go for a shopping trip to get new ones *raises an eyebrow at him*

Edward: *smirks, stands up closing the distance between them, whispers* Krys, you know I would love to go fucking shoe shopping. You know how much I love shoe shopping with you. *gently sweeps hair back and runs nose softly along her jaw* You don’t know how much I have missed …*lightly kisses neck* our shoe shopping. *fists hand in the back Krysti’s hair* tell me Krysti, do you wanna’ go shoe shopping tonight?

Krysti: *breathes heavily and half moans* Mmm Hmm!

Edward: *leans back slightly meeting her eyes* Sorry, but I’ve gotta’ go. *steps back from Krysti, smirking* B-Girl wants me to come *does air quotes with his fingers* “watch a movie with her”. Maybe next time Krys. *turns and walks out of office laughing*

Krysti: *throws hands on her hips and lets her head fall back, staring at ceiling, yells* Very fucking funny Edward. *growls in frustration*

What an asshole! BTW, what the fuck is up the damn air quotes when he said “watching a movie” with B-Girl? Didn’t they “watch a movie” last night? Ugh! Whatever! I don’t need him to…go shoe shopping. I bought my copy of New Moon at the Adult Store so it came with a sparkle peen. So…haha Textward…I don’t need your ass. I’ll just go home alone, and watch New Moon...alone, and go shoe shopping...alone…Ugh! Fucking B-Girl…sometimes I really hate that lucky bitch!
So, do you have any guesses about what you think Edward's secret is? Eeeks?? I want to know what you think. When you're leaving me some love in the comments (which I KNOW you were planning on doing, right?) Let me know your best guess about what you think Edward's been hiding!

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~*savanablue*~ said...
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~*savanablue*~ said...

Edward *narrows eyes* about fucking time you showed up. As to what the hell he did not even going to venture a guess. JMF is a bad influence on him so it could be anything. And that shoe shopping thing...well that's cruel and so not cool :( And it makes me wonder..he's texting B while "watching a movie" with BGirl...I find that hard to believe *smirks* So there may be some validity to the "are you gay" comment *laughs*

Brina said...

About freakin time Bestie!!

OH GEEEZZ, I almost forgot what this blog page looked like. it's been so freakin long!! LMFAO

So Edward is a "P.T. aka Pussy Tease", He seems to like to get a girl all wet and and then leave her drippin. *grins* What a dickhead!!

Just so you know my birthday is coming up next month and need some new "shoes". So if Edward isn't to busy maybe he could take me "shoeshopping" BAWAHAHAHAHAHA I am just saying, a girl can dream can't she.

Love ya Bestie.

itsjustme1217 said...

Love the blinkie. It is so awesome.

nextstopsf said...

Well now--- Bgirl must be written her on side story.... can't blame her!!! Oh and BTW if Textward is gay then I am first in line to be the his hag!!! js
Love the banner!! Love the blog!!! Love the story!! Love my besties!!!

nextstopsf said...

P.S. I don't have a beta sorry about on that should have said own... ugh!

Krystih said...

Dear @nextstop ~ Its quite alright! I AM THE BETA and I always have typos. LOL!

Lyta7 said...

Honestly, I haven't any clue what Edward's hiding in his past. Usually, I have some idea, but not with this story.

Love the blinkie, and as always, great interview!

*Stoli_Princess* said...

Thanks for not updating the blog till i got back in town! LMAOOO JK
damn Edward he is def a P.T. lmaooo i was getting teased too just reading it! *fucker* LOL im really intrigues to find out what he did, cant we have a teaser???
Love the new banner, super cute for spring! and the blinkie is adorable!!!! XOXOXO

Bouncy72 said...

Hi Krys & the rest of you ladies :)
I've been having issues with my computer, but I think it's sorted, so here I am!!!
Great banner, & AWESOME blinkie, thanks to both of you talented ladies.
Krys, that was a dastardly thing for E to do to you. Hmmm I think he needs to be punished....*smirk*

*looks contemplative* - Now what is in Edwards past... He was dating an older woman & JMF visisted & he murdered her with a new pair of heels. *evil,manical laugh*
just kidding, just kidding!
...Um drugs? I have no idea...

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